PHOTO Bristol Palin welcomes baby #3


Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have welcomed their new baby girl.

Bristol shared the happy news yesterday via a sweet Instagram photo of her holding the swathed newborn. She also revealed the name when she captioned the image, “welcome to the world Atlee Bay ??”

The 26-year-old and her husband made headlines with their surprising reconciliation following a bitter custody fight over their first child, Sailor.

welcome to the world Atlee Bay 🎀💕

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Little Atlee’s famous political firebrand grandma, Sarah Palin, shared her excitement in a statement to Daily Mail. “What a happy story! What a happy day! Babies are the best ingredient in our world, and we’re blessed to help welcome Atlee Bay to it,” she said, adding, “The whole family couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Atlee joins older brother Tripp and older sister Sailor Grace.


  • MakeTVGreatAgain

    Atlee? Sailor? Tripp? Bleh but cute kids.

    • Guest

      Horrible names run in the family. Her mother has two kids named Track and Trig.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I just read this to see the pitiful name she gave this one.

    • Guest

      Me too.

  • TA

    Odd names are (ironically) common in Alaska. They have nothing better to do up there, so they hunt, and come up with weird names for their kids.

  • Stacy

    Atlee….ATLEE??? That’s, just…ugh. sounds like a brand name.

  • Asha

    Atlee Bay sounds like Pig Latin for Batlee.

  • 90’s kid

    Jennifer is arguably the most popular female name in the world! – it is like the mother of all female names!

    No name can hold the candle to Jennifer.

  • savannah

    I feel like the name Atlee isn’t as bad as some of the names in the family…but Atlee Bay? It sounds like a place found on Google Maps…wth? Oh well, not my child, not my name. (Thank Goodness)

    • 90’s kid

      Just like what I said, that no female name can hold the candle to name Jennifer. It has always been the most popular female name in the world!

      Think of the names that the Millennials grew up with: Brittany and Ashley, those names weren’t uber-popular as Jennifer in the 1970’s.

      • savannah

        I went to school with a troop of Jenny’s (we called them “The Jennies”) so I was always happy to have a “different” name. I think different is good…but I’m not a huge fan of Atlee Bay. It sounds like a place you pull the boat to to go camping…LOL

        • 90’s kid

          You were born in 70’s then?

          • savannah

            80’s actually LOL, we did have quite a few Ashley’s and Brittany’s…but there was some leftover Jennifer’s that went past the 70s craze. I’m an 85 girl LOL

            • 90’s kid

              Jennifer was still #1 in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Delaware in 1985!, according to the Social Security Administration. I’m sure that the younger Jennifers today (who are under 20) are mostly minority groups like Hispanics and Asians.

              As for the Brittanys and Ashleys (regardless of the spelling variation), you can blame the Southern US for making those names reach its popularity. The oldest Ashley that everybody knows of is actress Ashley Judd, I’m sure that she isn’t the oldest Ashley in the world! While the Brittanys, I wonder who’s the oldest Brittany in the world, even older than the late actress Brittany Murphy. Well, surprisingly that name became #1 in 9 Southeastern US states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland in 1990, and that’s the only time when Brittany reached its pinnacle.

              And let’s hope that those Palin family’s weird, abnormal names (like Trig, Trip, Sailor, Track, etc.) would not reach the top 10 list somewhere in the future!