LHHATL Mimi Faust restraining order against ‘complete a$$hole’ Joseline Hernandez

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She may have just revealed baby Bonnie Bella to the whole world, but Joseline Hernandez is absolved of nothing in Mimi Faust’s eyes. The LHHATL star filed a petition for a restraining order against Joseline this week, on behalf of Eva, the seven-year-old daughter Mimi and Stevie J share.

According to Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mimi has been alarmed about Joseline’s proximity to Eva ever since, beginning late last year, she “noticed that Stevie…was softening his stance toward Joseline with the upcoming baby.” The report further pointed out that she warned Stevie she was thinking about a Mimi Faust restraining order on Eva’s behalf.

This week, Mimi “followed through” on her plan. She’s petitioned for a court order to keep Joseline at least 200 yards away from Eva at all times.

“I’m not angry,” Mimi said, in response to some of the social media backlash she’s faced since news of the petition went public. “I’m not jealous. People think this is a f*cking joke. This is for real. This is my real life. I don’t give a f*ck about the show or what was said on it. There are things I can’t even speak about on the show.”

Mimi pointed out that the “unfounded craziness” of Joseline accusing Stevie J of molesting Eva “led to child services coming to their home” and further convinced her that a restraining order was necessary. In addition to those accusations, Mimi’s petition notes that Joseline “attacked Mimi physically twice,” “threatened more violence multiple times,” and “used illegal drugs openly at [Joseline’s] residence.”

In sum, Mimi told the AJC “I don’t want my daughter around anyone of that nature.”

However, there’s no love lost between the two LHHATL cast members, and Mimi didn’t exactly stop there. She also called Joseline a “complete a$$hole” and said it’s “BS” that Bonnie Bella’s birth has changed Joseline’s character. (This is only a slight escalation from the child molestation fallout of last summer, when Mimi called Joseline “backstabbing trash.”)

Finally, Mimi said she has no problem with Eva being around Bonnie Bella, and wouldn’t object in the future if the two became friends–so long as Stevie figures out a way to bring the girls together without involving Joseline.

Joseline, who may be contemplating a switch to the upcoming Love & Hip Hop Miami, did not comment to the AJC, and has remained quiet on social media.

(Photo credits: Mimi Faust restraining order via Instagram)

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  • Yup, I said it

    Mimi is butt hurt that Bonnie Bella is the apple of Stebbies eyes. She is a doll. Mimi needs to get some business,go make another sex tape and quit trying to act morally superior.

    • Tasha Angelle

      You got to be sick to stand up for Joseline this has nothing to do about if Bonnie is a doll or not but about the allegations.

      • Yup, I said it

        Ok whatever you say Mimi. I’m sure those veins are popping out,of,you forehead as you type SICK. That what happens when you say it you ole hard talking ##***÷÷*$!

        • Tasha Angelle

          Just stay on your needs and pray

  • I said this

    When you say that Stevie j molest his daughter who is on the care of her mother it’s no if ands or buts you file for a stay away order regardless it’s more about the child than the parents

  • Natasha Asden

    Who cares about Mimi sex tape she is an adult and lets not act like other porn stars dont exsist. But when you start talking about the father molesting his own child thats when lines have been crossed. Stevie J so hell bent on being with Joseline and he stupid for wanting to do so for her to go so low to say some mess like that and child protective services showed up. Oh hell no I would of filed to. This is not about jealousy cause Mimi and Stevie have been co parenting for the longest and Eva aint going no where this is about the immaturity of a so called grown ass women who seem like she could get mad enough to accuse Stevie J of doing some foul shit just cause she mad at him….thats some unstable shit….. who knows she could possibly hurt her own child just cause she mad. I want to know why the hell she said that from the get go? What in her sick mind told her that was ok.

    • SharewLove

      People love to place blame on the messenger BUT it was the NANNY who got into the DETAILS, that’s why CPS went to Mimi’s house. Joseline alone has no credibility due to the show BUT when someone like a NANNY has so much to say “Well”….

      • Stephanie Taylor

        Regardless if it was the nanny why repeat it? She should of told mimi or stevie in private. Or better yet kept her mouth shout cause thats a serious accusation. And then she stay mad at him and tgen running back. So what was the point? Unsteady of being a mature adult she does what she usually do act like an ass.

  • Lykbein Lonerfor Lyfe

    Ahaaaaa. I don’t like mimi I never have she always seemed sneaky to me. Joseline does it openly so if someone has something to say they can address her. Mimi is a gold digger she was ok when she was licking on joselines kitty. I’m sure they were all doing dirt. She is mad she doesnt have Stevie j’s last baby girl. She may never even admit it to herself but she has always been jealous of what Joseline can get from Stevie whether attention or cash

    • pcofwork

      Mimi was with Stevie when he didn’t even have a car. She has had her own business for years. How anyone can even defend Joseline after what she did is astounding to me.

      • PB

        Right. And was worth a couple of million from her cleaning service long before LHHATL.

  • Che

    How did joseline backstab mimi ?

  • Adi Nu

    Her writing is just like the way she talks smh. She’s disgusting I’m sorry.

  • PB

    IMO, Mimi doing a sex tape is not even in the same category with Joseline’s antics. Mimi hurt herself by doing the sex tape. Joseline gets off on trying to hurt other women emotionally and is so out of control that she’s violent. Making false allegations of sexual abuse and subjecting Eva to a Child Protective Services Investigation is as low as it gets. I don’t think Joseline capable of empathy or sympathy, Poor Baby Bonnie.