Amber Portwood’s brother Shawn reacts to Matt Baier having so many kids

Amber Portwood's brother Shawn Portwood

Teen Mom OG fans who know Amber Portwood’s story know that she has spent most of her life surrounded be people that didn’t seem to have her best interest at heart. One clear exception is her older brother, Shawn Portwood, who has been defending Amber against those who might harm her — including herself — for years.

I’m guessing many of the show’s fans (like myself) have been extremely curious to know Shawn’s opinion of Amber’s controversial fiance Matt Baier, who has a history of horrible relationships that have resulted in numerous children by almost as many women.

As you might imagine, Shawn has been inundated on social media with folks trying to tell him about Matt’s past, especially the number of children he has. “I just want to stay for the record that I do not care about how many kids [Matt] has,” Shawn tweeted. “I do not care about any of the drama,” he added.

Amber Portwood brother Shawn Portwood throwback photo

Shawn (seen with Amber in the AMAZING throwback couch photo above) then goes on to explain that it’s impossible to know just how much of what people are saying is true and how much is not true. “I work in a prison and I believe 10% of what I hear and 25% of what I see. There is nothing that anybody has brought me to date that cannot be explained or proven wrong. At the end of the day it’s my sister’s decision not any of your decisions. You do not dictate what [Amber] does. She is a big girl I am here for her for support and guidance if she needs it.”

A seemingly exasperated Shawn adds, “Please quit blowing up my Twitter with your nonsense because I could truthfully give a crap less.” Of course, Shawn’s plea had little effect.

Here’s a series of tweets directed at Shawn:

Your sister needs help. Matt is going to drain her dry. She sleeps all day and looks comatose when she isnt. Something is wrong. Amber is lazy. Shes been in the bed or couch since 16 & pregnant and she gets men like matt who are lazy as well who ise her & its disgustin And as a brother and a man you sit back and watch this man drain her on his kids is pathetic. The only thing Matt is interested in is making sure he looks good to the cameras. He does absolutely nothing to make Amber look good.

“You don’t know a damn word about what you were talking about,” Shawn responded. “You don’t live a day in anybody’s life. You just see what’s put on TV and you act like you know everything about everyone’s life.”

Rarely would I take the side of persistent Internet taunters, but I feel it is important to point out that most all of the criticism about Matt is based on what we DON’T see on TV. I hope Shawn is right, but I’m worried that he might have reason to have a change of heart as more information about Matt’s past (including his time with Amber) continues to surface.

* I wrote a bunch about the off-screen Matt, but realized this isn’t really the place for that. This is about Shawn’s take on his future brother-in-law, and that message has been relayed. Clearly, if Shawn ever feels that Matt is a danger to Amber, he will speak out — if not to the public, then to Amber.

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  • jeff

    Jesus, dude looks stoned AF in that picture.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      sure does

  • LoLo

    I don’t have a problem with dating, marrying someone with kids, even 5 kids. But, if that person has 5 kids with multiple women I would not feel the same way. One baby mama or daddy is ok, things don’t always work out. It’s when you get into more than 1 that you need to rethink your choices.

    I’m not talking about my opinions on him as a person just the kids/mother factors.

  • Amanda Halladay

    That’s a super cozy photo..

  • TrashTV

    I love your optimism LoLo, just five abandoned kids? ;-).
    Guess the schools and neighborhoods were not well around the Portwood house? They all seem to have a very limited and foul vocabulary.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    what is being based on what is going on off camera? It is everything that is on Teen Mom OG & public records

  • Lacy

    Clearly he can’t do anything to change Amber’s views of Matt, and trying would only damage their relationship. There are always people who are dead set on the path they’re going down, and nobody can change their mind, they just have to learning by screwing up. I’ve seen this happen a lot, mostly by people who are desperate for an end goal (having a kid, getting married, owning a house, etc.) and they ignore all the red flags to get to that end goal. I mean everybody around them sees the train wreck coming, but they get so pissed at anybody that tries to warn them so you just got to let then screw up and be there for them through the fall out.

  • barbinop

    So much for her brother huh? I thought he was the only stable one in that family.

    • Alisson Leech

      If he says how he really feels, he loses his sister.

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  • realitycheck

    Why these folks on internet care so much about these girls lives..for pete’s about YOUR own lives guys..moreover it is for the most part created drama and only 10 minutes of their lives before some cameras..You don’t know these guys..wake up..and if it is so hard for you..euh..DON’T WATCH. eyeroll.