TEEN MOM 2 Adam Lind fails drug test for meth, is still driving dangerously, etc.

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer’s ex Adam Lind has reportedly lost unsupervised visitation rights with his daughter Paislee after failing a court mandated drug test — twice.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the news earlier today, revealing that Adam was ordered to take the drug test after Chelsea and Adam’s other ex, Taylor Halbur, repeatedly expressed to the judge their suspicions that Adam was using. After failing his first test, Adam reportedly claimed that the test was faulty. His sample was tested again — and came back positive again. (Can’t blame MTV editing for that!)

So what drugs did Adam Lind test positive for? According to The Ashley, “The test results revealed that Adam had over 300 ng/ml of amphetamine detected in his system, as well as over 800 ng/ml of methamphetamine!”

In addition to reportedly losing him his rights to unsupervised visits with Paislee, the failed drug test means Adam’s hopes of ever getting unsupervised visits with Aubree have been seriously diminished.

And, in addition to the reported drug use, it appears that Adam is back to his Fast ‘N’ Furious ways behind the wheel as well. The multi-DUI offender pleaded guilty to a charge of exhibition driving earlier this month.

As far as negative headlines for Adam go, things had been surprisingly quiet over the last few months, and he fell to a distant second place behind Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier in the competition for the Teen Mom franchise’s dadbeatest dad. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I had become cautiously optimistic about him maturing a bit, but my hopeless pessimism was lessened just a smidge. Not so much now.

Any and all joking aside, inserting meth into any equation is a recipe for disaster — a much larger disaster than Adam has already proven to be. We continue to wish him nothing but the best, and we hope that his wake up call will not be accompanied by others getting seriously hurt.

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  • kiki

    Others have already been seriously hurt… an elderly couple in one of his driving accidents. And he still didn’t wise up

    • TrashTV

      And his daughters’ feelings.

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  • Sunquest


  • Guest

    Meth? Wow. Poor Aubree and Paislee.

  • theStevieJBus

    Damn I was rooting for Adam too. If he is still into bodybuilding he needs to steer clear of the meth.

  • Brie Mode

    Not surprised. That’s probably why he didn’t want MTV cameras around. He was too tweaked and paranoid to film.

    So gross. He needs to just sign away his parental rights to Aubree and give it up already. He already shows zero interest in taking care of either of his kids, no need to keep on breaking their hearts unnecessarily.

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      Im not knowledgeable about drugs but when they say meth they mean METH? as in crystal meth? That $hit that messes up your face?

      • Brie Mode

        Yes. THAT meth.

        It doesn’t fluck everyone up. Some people get lucky. Like me. I got strung out on it hardcore thanks to my brother and my first boyfriend (I was young and dumb and like 20/21), but you’d never know unless I say something like I’m doing now.

        My brother and his wife and a bunch of other people I’ve seen on the other hand….

        • It’s poison no matter how you word it.

          • Blue

            Well obviously, yeah. I’m just saying not everyone winds up with methface and mouth like that.

      • FYO

        Not necessarily crystal meth, no. Various psychostimulants may be prescribed by a doctor to treat legitimate medical issues. If that’s the case, he would test positive but have a legitimate reason for methamphetamines being in his system. The article doesn’t address whether or not that’s the case here, and medical records aren’t publicly available to check.

  • Che

    Take away his license

  • discoatnine

    Can’t wait til his vehicle is wrapped around a tree and then the rest of the world can be safe.

  • Lauren

    Damn. Can’t blame MTV for this one Adam. Chelsea is way more lenient than I ever would be. I would be petitioning to strip him of his parental rights especially since he’s never wanted to be a father to Aubree. Taylor would be wise to keep Paislee away from him. Dude obviously doesn’t give a crud about his kids.

  • I’m sorry to hear this, lets hope Adam pulls out of it before the real destruction begins. I wish him well.