Sherien Almufti fawns over ‘misunderstood’ fiance Apollo Nida on Instagram

Sherien Almufti Apollo Nida photo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Prison Fiancées of Atlanta star Sherien Almufti is making sure everyone knows how much she loves her fiance Apollo Nida! The RHOA drama catalyst took to Instagram earlier today and shared a photo of Apollo along with the following message about his awesomeness and misunderstooditude:

My baby!! Miss you so much, praying for you daily. You have been misunderstood, judged and ridiculed but you never allowed it to bring you down. The strength you have gives me life. Your such an amazing person inside and out. One day the world will see that! In the meantime, stay prayed up, stay strong and keep pushing. Love you so much, can’t wait for the day we reunite, it’s going to be magical!! @apollonida03 ❤️😍😘 #freeap #teamapolloandsherien #loveyourself #positivity #blessed #love #strength

The Apoll-ode is just the latest PDA from Sherien on Instagram, and as you might expect, it inspired more than a few judgmental comments. On a previous photo of a shirtless Apollo posted by Sherien, one of her supporters clapped back at a “hater” by pointing out “Some people just don’t understand what being a prison wife entails. #IMakeItLookEasy You’re doing something right you got people hating on you for no reason.”

Sherien agreed. “Ugh!! They don’t understand what wife, prison or love is, It’s actually sad to see how many people are lacking love 😔” Sherien wrote. “Stay sweet and thank you for the support,” she added; “its greatly appreciated 💋❤️”

Sherien isn’t alone in the Instawoo game as Apollo Nida — or at least his instagram account — has been expressing his admiration for Sherien fairly consistently as well. “My baby @queensherien is so beautiful,loving,kindhearted and amazing,” one caption for a photo of Sherien reads. “Thanks for all the support. Your drive is what keeps me strong and i love you for that. #thenidateam #freeapollo”

Sherien Almufti Real Housewives of Atlanta

Meanwhile, Sherien’s other passionate relationship (with reality television) looks like it may be the real thing too. That relationship also takes work and dedication, and Sherien seems very up to the task. Here she is schmoozing with Mama Joyce, the nemesis of Apollo’s estranged wife Phaedra Parks:

#Mamajoyce was very nice!! #suchagoodtime #rhoa 💋❤️

A post shared by Sherien 👑💋💎 (@queensherien) on

That is straight from page one of Sun Tzu’s The Art of Drama right there! Something tells me Apollo and Sherien (Apollerien? Sherollo?) are going to be together for quite a while. It will be interesting to see how Bravo handles her status on the series — whether or not they will be willing to make “the other woman” an official “Friend of the Housewives” or even a full-fledged Real Housewife! Stay tuned…

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  • Alisson Leech

    She doesn’t love him! Lol. And why is she kissing a photo of Phaedra??

    • Nelope Jones

      I can’t! Can this chick possibly be serious? Apollo is as poor as a peanut and she is acting like she’s engaged to Elon Musk! I know this scenario if just as fake as The Real Housewives of Atlanta is. They are clever about keeping them in the news, however.

      • Maurice Mcneill

        Just more dumb s***Housewives of Atlanta bringing more drama

      • Jeanne Jordan Glover

        Please tell me why are they glamorizing this convict and his very desperate and thirsty girlfriend. Now everyone wants to talk about Phaedra, how can Apollo be engaged and still technically married. And no one sees anything wrong with that. WTF

    • Bruja

      I saw that and was like, “the phuck..?

      Maybe she’s the new “Frick” to Phaedra’s “Frack“.. ?

      Either way, that picture kissing pose is creepy as hell.

  • Nelope Jones

    Because that’s her paycheck!

  • LoLo

    I can’t even read the article after looking at the headline & her pics. Why is she kissing a pic of the ladies? I have no respect for a woman who knowingly dates a married man & then takes her child to prison to visit the man.

  • DelawareLdy

    Misunderstood? He’s a thief and he is in jail because of it. There is no misunderstanding. He made a choice now he is paying the consequences. Obviously there is something wrong with this woman.

  • Bruja

    So many up-votes up in here. 😻