VIDEO The Jenelle Evans Laboraide commercial is finally here!

Jenelle Evans David Eason commercial

Back in February, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter that she would be starring in a commercial for Laboraide, which is an oral device that “is clinically proven to reduce risks of C-section or vacuum in childbirth.” After nearly two months of anticipation, the commercial is finally here!

Check out Jenelle and David’s mad silent acting skills:

From the commercial:

You are pregnant. You are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. And you are smart.

You are aware of the serious risks associated with childbirth. Risks that can be life threatening to you and your baby during birth, but you’ve prepared for this moment. And going forward, you trust your body, those around you, and a unique product that will help bring your child safely into this world.

Jenelle Evans Laboraide commercial

The product that will help reduce the risk of complications during child birth. Introducing Laboraide. Ladoraide is a natural and drug-free oral device used during the pushing stages of delivery…

As you can tell from the video, it was produced while Jenelle was pregnant with Ensley. According to social media posts, it appears as though she filmed it while in New York City in September. (I’m not sure whose baby that is?)

UPDATE – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared the video and reveals that “Jenelle scored about $90,000 for being in this commercial (and all of the promo work that will come with it.)” ?

Fast forward a few months…

The day after Ensley was born, Jenelle took to Instagram to sing the praises of Laboraide:

However, Jenelle’s experience after giving birth to Ensley wasn’t all smooth sailing, as evidenced by this tweet in March:

Laboraide is currently available in two packs (perhaps one is for practice?) on for a discounted price of $49.99 with free shipping!

We will send you off with another cap of Jenelle and David:

Jenelle Evans David Eason Laboraide commercial

H/T @Anon_Mafioso

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  • DoogieHowser

    Wow that is an expensive and stupid product aimed at scared soon to be first time moms. I can’t blame Janelle for doing the ad for 90k though. A salary made in a day isn’t bad at all.

  • twelfthnight

    “Newmommy”? I guess when you haven’t had custody of your kid and never see the one you do have custody of… maybe…

    She will truly shill anything.

  • Victoria

    That money is going to buy David a new boat

    • FLmom

      Right! We all know that’s the only reason most of these men date these women.


    Lmao ??⚰️⚰️

  • Seriously?

    HAHAHAHAHA!! They lost all credibility when they chose Jenelle as their spokesperson.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Is this sh- approved by the FDA? Or is it available in the ‘As Seen on TV’ junk aisle at CVS?

  • bambiglanville

    Anything she endorses, I would never purchase.

  • Ali.P

    Why do companies put such little thought into who endorses their products? It’s nothing but a joke to me because of those two. David is so creepy.

  • Liza

    “You are smart” ……….. ?

  • Jenn

    Her lips are too big for her tiny head.

  • Liz

    Are people seriously considering this product?

  • TA

    If this product works, why did she need an epidural?

  • LOL

    We’ve all seen Jenelle’s lady bits, she doesn’t need to push, her babies just slip right out.

  • Truth

    I see a lawsuit coming on due to Jenelle’s claims of back/nerve pain. Good to see her skimming in laws are teaching her well.

  • Jean

    SAFTLEY is not a word. How embarrassing.

    • Jean

      Saftely. Either way…..wrong.

  • Pattipandi

    They honestly couldn’t give a respectable new mom or even a struggling actress the part in this commercial? I’m really offended.

    • Nelle911

      I wonder if they know their high paid actors including the baby was actually “HIGH” during the birth and had CPS involved because of it.
      Wouldn’t want that endorsing my birth plan