Alleged Matt Baier abuse photos surface online

Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier talking

The day after the Teen Mom OG season premiere, some rather disturbing photos have surfaced online of Amber Portwood’s controversial fiance Matt Baier-in which he appears to have a black eye and bloody scratches on his cheek.

UPDATE – Matt has finally responded to the photos officially with his usual perfectly good explanation.

The graphic photos were originally posted by Smarty Jones on Twitter, but it is unclear exactly when they were taken. Here are Smarty’s tweets:

We reached out to Smarty for some clarification on the origins of the photos, but she was a little less than receptive to our request:

Smarty Jones Starcasm tweet

Smarty previously tweeted that she was talking with some of Matt’s “side chicks,” and it is assumed that he sent the photos to one or more of those women. “So now 3 of your side chicks have come to us @mattbEPT,” Smarty tweeted. “You’ve threatened them & they’re scared, but we’re not. #GettingDeep #TheyreTalking.”

Meanwhile, another screen shot has surfaced online allegedly featuring a conversation with Matt in which he laughs off the abuse photos and claims at least one of the pictures is five years old:

It’s unclear who the original “ME” is in the conversation.

UPDATE – It took all of one hot minute for the Teen Mom True Detectives to match up the photo in the background of one of Matt’s picture to a photo Amber posted back in April of last year:

UPDATE – Another picture and LOTS more information on the photos have surfaced! Plus, Gary Shirley responds to the pictures.

Matt hasn’t responded to the pictures on social media, unless his most recent Snapchat pic is his response:

Matt Baier stupid

Hmmmm…those do look like Matt’s glasses in the photos, unlike these from very early on in his relationship with Amber:

Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier


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  • melinehclassy

    He’s so ugly! Wow!!!


    Based on Amber’s history, I’m inclined to believe that she did it. I wonder when Biggie Shirley is going to chime in. ?

    I also often wonder why there’s NEVER any footage of Ambers recovery process. They literally just show her sitting on the couch and/or eating. Idk maybe that is part of her recovery ?

    • APlusStatus85

      Great point! They’ve NEVER show or mention her recovery journey. Instead they just show her acting like a lazy cow who’s either on the couch all day or in the bed. I like Amber she came a long way but she’s a vulnerable recovering addict who’s just being used by that douche bag Matt. There’s a million red flags about Matt that Amber pretends to be totally oblivious about?

  • KatieKat

    I doubt Amber got off the couch.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Her and Caitlyn have the hardest working couches I’ve ever seen lol

      • APlusStatus85

        Bhahahaha EXACTLY! Their asses are flat like pancakes from all the 24hr work they put in on those couches! ??

  • Just me!

    I’d like to knock some sense into him too! ??

  • Scarlett

    There is an old cliche’ – lay down w/ dogs, wake up w/ fleas (or something like that). It really is a shame that Amber squandered her chances to have a good life and instead hooked up w/ this asshat. Speaking of fleas – time to have the couch bombed by a good exterminator!!