VIDEO If Teen Mom OG was a Real Housewives show, complete with taglines!

Teen Mom OG Real Housewives parody

Over the past decade, MTV’s Teen Mom OG has become less about the struggles of teen parenthood and more about the mama drama — including tension between the moms themselves. Since last season’s dramatic reunion altercation between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham was the biggest story of the season, it only makes sense that folks are starting to compare the franchise to Bravo’s popular Real Housewives shows. MTV took the comparison one step further by actually shooting a fun promo with each of the OG moms as Real Housewives, complete with taglines!

Here’s the clip followed by each of the moms’ taglines:

Catelynn Lowell Real Housewives tagline
“We all have our battles, and today I’m ready to slay.”

Farrah Abraham Real Housewives tagline
“I’m sometimes misunderstood, but I just do a hair flip and blow it off.”

Amber Portwood Real Housewives tagline
“My mistakes are in the past. Today, I’m ready for anything.”

Maci Bookout Real Housewives tagline
“Life sometimes throws you a curveball, and when it does, make sure you hit a homerun.”

Of course, the Real Housewives/Teen Mom OG connection is nothing new — Maci and Starcasm were onto it years ago:

Teen Mom OG returns tonight at 9/8c on MTV.

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  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Please tell me I wasn’t alone in thinking those were golden dildos in their hands!

    • Sunquest

      I’m not wearing my glasses right now, what exactly are they holding?

      • Liz


      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        A golden pacifier.

    • LoLo

      Thank you, I thought the same & then thought “what is wrong with me”. On side note both Amber & Farrah look 40.

  • tina

    tonight’s show makes them all look pathetic from amber to cait. Cait and tyler need to get a job stop whining about depression only story line they have its old. Amber looks horrible and all of them cackling on the couch pathetic

  • Brie Mode

    okay who cares about this bullshit?

    Seriously, this is way more important… My “little sister” used to be Nikki Bella’s massage therapist long before the Bellas made it big in WWE (my sis and the twins are all from Phoenix- Scottsdale area for the Bellas, just south and east of there for my sister- kinda sorta close to a residential area of Camelback Mtn and mad close to ASU, Phoenix Zoo, and Skyharbor Airport.. I used to live out there). I asked her to PLEASE tell Nikki I’m -SO- stupid happy for her and John -finally- getting engaged.

    My sis messaged me later and said “Nikki said to tell you ‘Thank you so much!!! <3"


    I don't care that it's through someone else. I KNOW SOMEONE THAT KNOWS NIKKI BELLA AND SHE TOLD ME THANK YOU.

    I can't breathe.