GYPSY SISTERS Nettie’s 15-yr-old daughter Chasitie crashes car while babysitting

Nettie Stanley's daughter Chasitie car crash details

Gypsy Sisters star Nettie Stanley’s 15-year-old daughter Chasitie Collier was involved in a serious car accident in West Virginia on Friday when she lost control of the vehicle she was driving and crashed into a light pole. Two children she was babysitting were in the car at the time, one of which had to be taken to a D.C. hospital for a broken leg. Nettie’s infant granddaughter London was reportedly unharmed.

According to an online emergency response site, the accident happened on Nadenbousch Lane just before noon. Chasitie, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, let her Facebook followers know exactly what happened soon after the accident:

Everyone please say a prayer for Richard. I was driving and swerved hit a rock to the right side of the road while turning around and fixing the baby, tried to move back but the car lost control and we went 40 mph into a light pole. On the left side of the road the car moved the light pole 16-18 inches what I heard.. his right leg is shattered and they are taking him to D.C. Right now London has not a cut,bruise, or any internal hurting. Praise Jesus but Richard needs all the prayers he can get. If I haven’t text/calledyou back all day this is why…..

Richard’s mother Madge also posted on Facebook asking for prayers for her son: “My baby boy richie was in a car accident this morning with a chavie driving… Please pray that hes okay and that the muskers don’t take him from us….” (“Chavie” means “child” and “muskers” means the police.)

Chasitie later updated on Richard’s condition by revealing that his leg “was broken in 2 places,” before adding “they popped it back in place he is home now.. trying to recover.”

Dallas also asked for prayers after revealing Richard was back home recovering:

Can everyone keep my fave lil man Richie in your prayers & pray for a fast recovery! He is home and safe now but he was in an accident and had broken his leg! He’s one of the most out going little kids I know and it breaks my heart ♥

When asked about her own injuries, Chasitie wrote “My head went thru the windsheild [sic] and I have a couple cuts and bruises I have the air bag rash.” This weekend she updated her condition, saying “I’m sore from head to toe today.”

I’m sure a lot of you have a lot of questions about why a 15-year-old was driving two children without an adult present, and this is where the story gets complicated — as is almost always the case with Gypsy Sisters stories.

Chasitie was at her sister Dallas’ house and was left to babysit Richard as well as Dallas’ newborn daughter London. Dallas and Richard’s older brothers Rowdy and Billy had left, reportedly for work. (Numerous gossip sites report that Dallas and Chasitie are dating Richard’s older brothers — at least one of whom is married.) Chasitie was either headed to the store or to a friend’s house(s), according to varying sources, when she crashed into the light pole.

After news broke about the wreck, some commenters were quick to blame Chasitie for her bad decision making, but Nettie Stanley responded by pointing the finger at Dallas. She also reveals that Chasitie visited several people, none of whom called her to let her know that Chasitie was driving around without a license.

I will say this once…don’t blame My kid being left to watch other grown ass mothers kids! Keep your own kids and no one would’ve had this problem!!!! My kid has never drove never had to watch kids in her life! She was never put in a situation to have too!

Let me rephrase the previous post…my daughter chasitie has never drove and not allowed so with dallas leaving her with her daughter and kids will be kids if there’s keys and money! But she visited a few people and not 1 called me and knowing my kid isn’t allowed to drive and even worse drive with a baby and a kid! You think anyone of them would’ve made a call and this could’ve never happened and if not for me having Ritchie for the past week, he would’ve been in that car too!

That inspired the diligent Gypsy Sisters community to dig up this photo of Chasity driving with her learner’s permit:

Chasitie Collier driving

It should be pointed out that there is obviously someone in the car with Chasitie while she is driving; I assume it is an adult.

It’s unclear exactly what the legal ramifications of the accident will be Chasitie, Dallas, and the adults involved. Chasitie posted on Facebook Friday afternoon that she was told the penalty could be quite severe for her. “They said worse case scenario I will get 1-10 years in juvie/prison… but i won’t know til I get the papers served,” she wrote. She later revealed “Yeah I’ve balled my eyes out all day I’m so scared.”

It seems the fear has subsided a bit, though, because Chasitie was back on Facebook this weekend sharing memes and even a selfie in which she is seen getting mighty intimate with a fella I believe is named Billy — who is probably Richard’s older brother?

Chasitie Collier and Billy

“ThATs MiiNE ?❤️” Chasitie captioned the picture.

We certainly wish Richard a speedy recovery, and we hope Chasitie (as well as the other adults involved) have learned a valuable lesson(s) about responsibility.

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  • shebee

    As usual, when reading stories about this clan, I am confused as f$ck.

    • Maryoskelton

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    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      To many Richards, Richie, Ritchies. And to many flavors of the week.

      • LoLo

        They use so many fake names so they can avoid taxes, jail time, child support etc. We have a pretty high population of them in my area. They all use the same 3-4 last names but then use a different last name when you bill them.

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          I used to work in a town with a large rumni population but I swear the majority were not what you see on the show. There were some Stanley’s and they were bottom feeders but the other 3 families I knew were normal, respectful people.

          • LoLo

            Maybe they play it up for tv. Their behavior is just trashy & I don’t mean that all Roma or Gypsy people behave that way. I have worked with them & the women were all pleasant. The men, however were jerks. I went up to a client that we were doing work for & he told me “I will not answer you, I only answer men”.

  • Beverly E Bowers

    She is beautiful ! I hope she goes into modeling! Wish I looked like that at 15!

    • Gigi OC

      Chastity is not beautiful. It’s called filters and make up. She’s just a soulless slob.

  • Jojo

    *sigh* Juvie and prison are two very different outcomes. This chavie should know as much. Also, kiddo, you “bawled” your eyes out. Unless you really “balled” em out in which case, find yer Jesus.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    A 15 year old with no license driving around young children. She should be arrested. Whether Dallas left her with the kids or not, CHASITIE made the dumb decision to get behind the wheel. She has no license…you can’t argue your way out of that.

    • Gigi OC

      Look at the gypsy gossip page. Lots of really dumb people telling her it’s ok. She already posted that she won’t be punished. I guess it’s all a joke to her.

  • Aussie cathie

    Of all the irresponsible things in the world !!! She could have killed these baby! Throw the book at them all !!

  • Erikilla

    This story is a mess! I hope everyone involved can make some better choices moving forward.

    Chasitie’s bf has a full beard really hope he is 15 as well ?

    • Gigi OC

      No the man is 19 and married to a woman named Hanna. Chastity just ruined his marriage.

      • Erikilla

        15 and a home wrecker….words fail me.

      • EBN

        He ruined his own marriage… He made the vows and he broke them.

      • Beverly E Bowers

        She didnt ruin his marriage! He ruined his own marriage! She is only 15 and not a adult yet! He is a “adult” and responsible for his own actions!!! Nobody held a gun to his head and told him “To Cheat” on his wife!!
        And- calling a 15 yr old girl a “Souless slob” just shows where your intelligence is “NOT”!!
        BTW- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! From MY perspective, Chastie has very attractive facial features!!
        Prove to me she doesnt have Blue eyes…that it is just “filters” etc!!!

        • Teresa Weaver

          Excuse me but at 15 you know the difference between married and single. I agree he ruined his marriage, but she had as much responsibility in it as he did. The way they talk, and act is what makes them so damn ugly.

  • Gigi OC

    Chastity is a low class filthy tramp. She just stole a married man from his wife!!! She is a home wrecker! She has been messing around with this 19 year old man for a year and she is 15 years old, that’s called statutory rape. Nettie is making excuses for her trashy daughters behavior but there is something very wrong with this girl. She has no remorse and no sense of right and wrong. She almost killed two children and acts like everything is just fine. She maimed that poor child and he is in a cast. There is no telling how this will effect his future. Nettie blames everyone else and enables her awful kids to continue their destructive behavior.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      None of these slvts have a concept of right and wrong. They do what they want with no repercussions.

    • Beverly E Bowers

      Like most other states, West Virginia has provisions which allow minors below the age of consent to engage in sexual conduct with partners who are close to the same age. A person aged 11 can consent to sex with anyone aged under 14. Minors 12 or older can consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older.

      • Jojo

        I honestly did not know this. It seems odd to me, but thank you for the knowledge

    • Beverly E Bowers

      It is NOT “statutory Rape”

  • Val

    What gypsy page??

    • Karen Anderson-Wood

      gypsy gossip 2 public

  • pmo

    I thought chastie was nettie’s baby who died, and agree, wtf is a 15 yol doing driving a car?

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Destiny is the one the passed away. Thanks Google.

  • pmo

    wtf ia madge? mellie and dallas both have a son named richard.

  • TrashTV

    Maybe law inforcement should grab this opportunity to save some children from being raised wrong.
    I don’t think many 15 yr olds would think it’s okay to joyride, without a license, with infants in the car that are not wearing seat belts.
    It starts with respect, for others and for themselves.

  • Mark Mckayhan

    That story of the accident is pure BS

  • GrggX

    This story of the events leading to accident are as shady as these peoples lives!

  • Jess

    at first glance i should be shocked by this… 15.. home wrecker… could have killed those children she was illegally driving around… fighting with women over a married man she’s been “dating” for 2 weeks… then you remember that Dallas and Nettie are her examples and it all kind of makes sense.