TEEN MOM PEEKS Farrah flames Debra, Gary makes Amber cry


The next season of Teen Mom is almost here and we’ve got sneak peeks for each mom!


Amber Portwood gets a text from Gary Shirley informing her that he has decided to pick their daughter up because it’s a school night. Amber tears up as she explains to Matt and her friends that Gary has gone back on his word and that he wasn’t following their agreement in regards to being flexible.


Tyler Baltierra flops down on the couch and talks over his therapy session with wife Catelynn. He explains how the troubles with his dad Butch is causing him to become depressed again and he asks if she’s noticed. Catelynn’s unsure and then they agree that she often jumps to the worst possible conclusions with this kind of news and that her tendencies keep Tyler from wanting to share where he’s at.


Maci, Taylor, Bentley, Maverick, Jayde, Larry and Jen are all dressed up for Halloween but Ryan Edwards is running late. Ryan’s mom explains to Bentley that his dad’s stuck in traffic and he responds by saying, “he’s always late.”


Debra Danielsen takes a break from her rap career to discuss what her daughter’s plans are for therapy. Farrah Abraham, who’s perched like a queen bee in her backyard wicker thingy, is having none of it as she launches into a tirade about how everybody needs to work on themselves.

Teen Mom Season 6B premieres Monday night at 9/8c on MTV.


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  • Molly

    Amber is whiny and disordered. Twisting everything as usual. Poor me! Matt thinks his shiz don’t stink when really his old man underpants smell like week old skid marks. Catelynn will never change. White trash, overweight, no ambition. Nice to see Tyler has left over poop on his chin from licking her butt hole on the reg. Farrah and Debra..really? Family therapy at this stage in life? Give it up! You two are so dysfunctional and have no hope. Part ways now for Sophia’s sake. Maci it’s time to cut your disgusting hair.

    • pam

      I agree with you just maybe a little too harsh!Lol!!!!!!!! Kept me laughing for a while.

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  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    Gary most definitely plays games with Amber just to see her squirm. I remember all last season he kept telling Amber she couldn’t have Leah more, it’s on camera and we see it, yet at the reunions he’s always “I tell her she can have Leah more”. Now has Amber always been there 100% no, but what she did was a long time ago, she paid for it, and she should have a more active role in her daughter’s life. I guarantee Leah will resent Gary one day. He acts like a scorned ass woman. He wants Amber to pay for what she did to them for the rest of her life and that’s not right.

    • TinaBelchersGroan

      He said she could have Leah more after she starts utilizing the time he’s already given her. Amber doesn’t care about anything but herself and Matt.

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        But it’s not about Gary. It should be about Leah having a relationship with her mom whether he thinks she utilizes what she has or not. Ive been in Gary’s shoes, hell, I am in Gary’s shoes but I had to realize whether my ex is an ahole to me or not or towards the agreement, I have to let my son have a relationship with him. Gary is also manipulative. Do you remember when Amber said he showed Leah pictures of car crashes so she would be too frightened to go on a car trip with Amber? That is next level Kate Gosselin type control and manipulation.

        • Bruja

          Amber has claimed she can’t take her kid because she “had” to go with Matt to Boston.. then she “had” to go with Matt to meet that Real Mr. Housewives guy in NY for Matt’s book… then the numerous times she was “sick” or “too depressed“.. blah, blah, blah. Sure, Amb[ien].. we believe you. Leah comes first! Really! Ugh.

          Can you imagine the disappointment and rejection that child feels every time she has been looking forward to go spend time with her mother only to have her mother cancel? I used to watch my daughter go through the same shit with her father. It broke her heart and as she got older, she started asking me why I didn’t just cut him out of her life. I always felt I didn’t want to be the cause of them not having a relationship and if she chose that route herself, then I’d support it. I wish I would have cut the phucker off because his constant flaking and selfishness did more harm in the long run.

          Is Gary childish and vindictive sometimes, yeah. Yeah he is, but Amber only cries about Leah when she has an audience for it .. be it her “neighbors” or us viewers. Leah is her cash cow, nothing more and it shows. Her #1 priority is Matt and his crusty mouth.

          • MisstheoldRH

            Absolutely agree well said! do you think for a second the Amber is doing homework with Leah or adheres to a good sleep routine for school? And she did move closer but she is still 45 minutes away from Leah’s primary residence and school, all because Amber was so obsessed with living in a fancy area. A committed mother would be as physically close to their child as possible and especially one that does not work would be at Leah’s school volunteering getting to know her teachers and being part of such an important aspect of a young child’s life. I would feel the absolute same way as Gary. It is about what is best for Leah and what she needs in the stability and responsibility that Amber has repeatedly demonstrated she doesn’t have.

        • TrashTV

          Gary did what?! That is so disturbed.
          You don’t show a 7 or 8 yr old pictures from horrible car crashes at all, never, for what purpose ever.
          This will fire back at him later, how he is treating Leah’s mother (talks about her) and Leah.
          Amber already moved closer to the school and when Gary is so sure she is not responsible enough to take Leah to school, he should not let Amber even near Leah. Yet he does so this is just a power trip. It’s not about you Gary.
          Would Christina hold a grudge against Amber, cause Gary tried to get in Amber’s panties while she was already pregnant? Would she create extra drama? Some mother to talk about responsibility, she choose Gary and filming for MTV over her children.
          Her ex took her to court to get primairy custody cause he did not want his child filmed. She agreed and gave him primairy in order to appear on MTV.
          But Gary and Christina are the golden couple and their kids have a perfect attentendance record. Sure. Probably cause the ex and court are monitoring the attentendance records for the days Christina brought her kids so Christina has to be there in time anyway.
          And responsible? They had an oopsy baby while safe sex is a responsibility to both of them.
          Let’s face it, they are not great, they are below average parents. Stop making yourself look good and pretend you fart perfume by making the other parent look worse and abuse her past and partner while yours isn’t all that either.
          And yes, Amber is below average too. Absolutely.
          Why the f are these kids still mentally abused on and for the sake of a TV show while nobody does something to protect them or other kids in the future?
          Where I live, it is not allowed to film kids this long. There is a maximum to the number of hours they are allowed to work and appear on TV.
          Child labor laws and laws to protect the child.
          Every child on this globe deserves the same rights.

          • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

            Yes, he did. Amber said it on a reunion show last season. How awful.

        • TinaBelchersGroan

          It’s not about Amber either.

    • CofCinci

      Play games? She can have her visitation but she can’t keep her overnight — so then Amber says she doesn’t even want to go pick the kid up! All-or-nothing thinking really shows what a great mother. She’s not responsible enough to get her daughter to school on time and that’s why she can’t have Leah on a school night. If she wanted to be in her daughter’s life, she could live in the same school district instead of 40-60 minutes away (depends on traffic).

    • Regina

      Amber seems to flake out on Leah all the time and then cry about how it’s not her fault – she puts being lazy and Matt above everything, even her daughter. I have zero sympathy for Amber.

  • shebee

    So basically new season, same $hit. Nothing new to see here.


    Ha! How cute are Maci’s children?😊

  • Brie Mode

    I swear, if I talked to my parents and treated them the way Farrah does hers, my dad would take my head off in a heartbeat and disown me- ESPECIALLY if I were to do it to my mom. She’s in such huge denial over the fact that she’s certifiably insane and it absolutely blows my mind that in all of the “therapy” shows she’s been on, the “doctors” just cater to and enable her further instead of putting their damn feet down and telling her she needs to stop being such a bitch and treat people with respect and learn to humble herself and not be so goddamb delusional and narcissistic. Not gonna lie, I do plan to watch them on that “Family Bootcamp” whatever show she’s doing with Deb, though… Just to see if the miserable Frankenstein actually manages to make any progress or not.

    I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten her ass beat yet by anyone, though, honestly. She’s long overdue for it.

    • Guest

      No parent should hit their child no matter how badly they behave. It damages the child psychologically and it doesn’t solve shit.

  • Aussie cathie

    Poor Amber …. Her vagina has only known tiny peens
    Farah wishes her butt hole only had tiny peens
    Cate is too damn busy rolling around on the floor in her hoody
    Macy’s doing okay
    Deborah is a silly old fruit loop
    Matt is still a grifting old fart
    Tyler is still up himself
    Nothing’s changed …..

  • tina

    sorry have to say last few times I’ve seen Amber she looks like she is on drugs again on the reunion on matt’s show

  • tina

    did they have to go to rent a friend to get amber and matt’s friends

  • Guest

    It’s the same thing every season. Amber whines, Caitlynn bites her nails, Ryan’s mental problems gets exploited by Maci and Farrah is a bitch towards everyone around her. BORING.

  • Regina

    Ugh I’m already exasperated with these people and the season hasn’t even started.