Heidi Pratt is pregnant! Heidi and Spencer are expecting their first child together

Heidi Montag Pregnant

After nine years of marriage, Heidi and Spencer Pratt are going to be parents! The couple announced their pregnancy on the cover of Us Weekly’s upcoming issue.

“I thought I was ready in my twenties, but with everything we had going on, it just wouldn’t have been a good situation for us,” Heidi explained. “It might never be the perfect time, so we said, Let’s move forward. We had all these conversations. We’re older, we have more life experience. Nothing is holding us back.”

“Heidi has wanted to be a mom since the day I met her,” Spencer revealed. “She has planned for and thought about this.”

Heidi is currently 12 weeks along and due October 19th. No word yet if they are having a boy or a girl but Heidi admits she would love to welcome a bouncing baby boy. “I’m hoping for a boy. I’ve always wanted a boy first. … I’d love to have a son and for the Pratt name to continue.”

Despite years of mounting criticism and backlash against them, Heidi and Spencer’s relationship has certainly withstood the test of time, and the pair have each matured since their rebellious twenties.

Congrats Speidi!!


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  • cali

    I know they’re not people’s
    favorite but in a way they’re relationship goals. A lot of people didn’t want them to be together but they remained together anyway. They went through rough times finacially but still managed to stay together. So many people talked trash about them yet they’re still together lol good for them!

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      I always felt like they were a real couple. I never believed it was just for the show. To be honest, they have outlasted almost all of these other reality show couples. Both Lauren and Audriana have dated multiple guys over the years and Heidi and Spencer have been together 11 years and married for 9. They annoyed the hell out of me on The Hills but I think they finally learned their lesson about reality tv. From what they said, they were paid HUGE amounts of money to play the villains on The Hills. They talked about scenes they were made to fake.

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    • Cat

      I’m not gonna lie, i started reading your comment and kind of snorted, because it’s Heidi and Spencer. But by the time i finished reading, you kinda made some sense. Besides the fact that I still think Heidi’s staggering amount of plastic surgery in one day was a pretty sad stunt indicative of a deeper issue, they’ve really been no more or less ridiculous than other celebrity couples that make it into the tabloids.

      And nine years of marriage in Hollywood is like twenty in the real world.

      Good comment, and I agree with you. Hopefully they’ll be wonderful parents!

      • cali

        Lol I know it sounds crazy right?!

        I hope so too! 👶🏻

  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    That was my son’s due date and he was actually born that day. Congrats to them.

  • TA

    I’m not sure which couple has the bigger co-dependency issue… Heidi and Spencer, or Catelynn and Tyler.

    Relationship “goals” they definitely are not.


    A LITTLE SPEIDI!😍😆😁😵🤗🙃

  • Alisson Leech

    Sweet!! They are perfect for each other.