VIDEO The Basketball Wives Season 6 supertrailer turns the brawling up to 11 and promises to go higher

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VH1 has finally dropped the Basketball Wives Season 6 supertrailer, in advance of the season premiere on April 17th. Expectations are sky-high thanks to the news that Evelyn Lozada is coming back (after getting fired at the end of Season 4), along with Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo (who teased their possible departures at the end of Season 5).

In fact, Shaunie O’Neal decided to do something clever with the new season to revive the show’s fortunes. Though Basketball Wives hasn’t been on the air since 2013, she still owned the rights to it, so she simply combined the two shows and what remained of their casts and removed the “LA” from the name. Thus, since Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn were all main cast members for BBW, and Jackie, Malaysia and Brandi made their names on BBWLA, the sixth season of what’s technically Basketball Wives LA (but is now called just “Basketball Wives“) is being billed as a clash between LA and Miami.

And it will be a clash! Here’s the Basketball Wives Season 6 supertrailer, in all its high-volume glory:

If you’re thinking that that clip is a little short to be a supertrailer for a show VH1’s been hyping for weeks, you’re not wrong. Noticeably absent from the Basketball Wives Season 6 supertrailer is any mention–and almost any appearance–of the whole crew of new cast members Shaunie brought in. Foremost among the six (!) new Basketball Wives cast members are Aja Metoyer–better known as the mother of the so-called “break baby” Dwyane Wade had when he was away from Gabrielle Union–and her two sisters, Melissa and Cristen.

Aja is actually a pretty big get for the show. It’s been long rumored that Shaunie wanted to add Aja to the cast, but that she couldn’t thanks to Gabrielle putting a “No reality TV” clause into Aja and Dwyane’s paternity arrangement. And, since that arrangement apparently comes out to a cool $50,000 per month–or $600,000 per year–Aja’s had plenty of reason to turn down any offer Shaunie may have made.

Of course, those are only rumors; we have no idea if they’re based in reality, or what might have changed from 2013 to now to convince Aja and her sisters that appearing on the show is a good idea. Likewise, we don’t know if Dwyane Wade and Aja Metoyer’s son Xavier will appear on the show. You might be inclined to believe that he won’t, but it’s not as if Wade insists he be kept out of the public eye–he appears in Aja’s Instagram feed on the regular:

We are on our way! ????

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MY BABY X!!! ?❤️ I love that smile !! The bestest munchkin in the world! The terrific 2's. Lol@

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These two?

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Basketball Wives Season 6 premieres Monday, April 17th at 9 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: Aja Metoyer’s son via Instagram)

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  • Alisson Leech

    The trash comes and goes (Draya, the Angels, Russia or whatever her name was).


    I am so glad that as a woman in my 30’s that I DO NOT act like these girls. Well now that that’s out of the way, I can’t wait to see this ?Show. “Wolf P**sy coat” ??⚰️??

  • pmo

    I liked the teaser of tami telling evil lyn she ef fed her way thru 3 player assns.

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