Kris Jenner is pushing Kylie Jenner and Drake together (though someone should really tell Drake)

Kylie Jenner and Drake 2

Now that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are officially probably on at least pause, it seems that Kylie’s mom is eager for her youngest daughter to get out there and start dating older men again. Just one week after the 19-year-old Instagram sales clerk and her 27-year-old boyfriend appeared to call it quits for the seventh or eighth time in the past year, a new report claims that Kris Jenner is trying to set up Kylie Jenner and Drake.

That’s the latest from In Touch, which does say explicitly that they’re “not sure how Drake feels about the youngest Kardashian sister” before sharing an alleged insider’s take on the pseudo-relationship. “Kris thinks Kylie should give Drake a chance,” according to the source. “She wants to see [Kylie] happy and get out there and start dating.”

Apparently, Drake, 30, does in fact know the youngest Jenner–”Kylie and Drake are friends,” the source reassures–”[and] she’s cool with him.” And if that’s not the warmest possible endorsement, what is? But if you come away from the article feeling like those are some seriously wishy-washy insider quotes, you’ll want to note that it seems Kris might have forgotten to tell Drake about her plan. A separate Sun article published shortly after In Touch’s take suggests that Drake actually has someone completely different in mind: singer Jorja Smith, with whom he just finished a collaboration.

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Drake is “secretly hooking up” with the British singer and keeping alive what their source called his “reputation for hooking up with his female collaborators.” He’s been spotted around her hometown of Walsall of late and “brought her out on stage at his UK gigs,” which reportedly led to Jorja “confessing to friends” that a romance had begun “brewing.”

Of course, Jorja is also 19, so it’s possible that the sources just got their wires crossed. Either that or Kylie’s been back in the studio working on new tracks (did you forget that she had old tracks?) in an effort at getting Drake’s attention.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and Drake via Instagram)

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  • Brie Mode

    I highly doubt Drake would ever subject himself to the so-called “Kardashian Kurse”, but then again Bieber hooked up with Kourtney, sooooo…. I guess anything’s possible.

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  • savannah

    Drake is not a hungry Tyger. There’s NO WAY he would touch this.