VIDEOS Being Matt Baier previews with son Andrew, plus Matt’s book angers MTV lawyers

Being Matt Baier's son Andrew

It was revealed last month that Amber Portwood’s controversial fiance Matthew Baier would be the subject of MTV’s newest Teen Mom “Being…” special, and now we have the first preview clip in which we get to meet another of Matt’s many children, his son Andrew.

“So, I’m not trying to put you guys on the spot,” says Teen Mom OG producer Kerthy as she puts Matt and Andrew on the spot, “but Matt and I talked and there’s some things that you want to heal with doing this and recording this.” Andrew seems ready to say what he wants to say, but Kerthy continues her preamble: “There’s some hurt that has been done. So, I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but if there’s anything you want to say to your dad now about what you want from your relationship with him…”

“I forgave you a long time ago,” Andrew says to Matt, “because I feel like I understood pretty quickly that everyone has their issues, you know? There were some moments where it wasn’t great, and most of the moments were amazing,” he admits. “On some level I just kind of assumed that’s how all dads acted.”

Andrew the points out that he doesn’t think his dad is a bad person, and Matt totally agrees. “You are a really good person, like, you really are, and –”

“That’s true,” Matt interrupts.

UPDATE – Matt replied to our post on Twitter and pointed out that he didn’t say “That’s true,” but instead he said “Thanks Droo,” which is his nickname for his son.

“Even if you didn’t always do things correctly,” Andrew continues, “at least you were trying, and that would mean the world to me.”

Matt then points out for everyone that he texts with Andrew every night at 9 o’clock, and mentions that Andrew texted him once at the designated time even though they had just hugged in person.

“Being Matt” airs tomorrow night on MTV. (It’s unclear from the network’s posts exactly what time it airs.)

UPDATE – Here’s another preview clip:

Meanwhile, Matt is apparently in a bit of hot water with MTV after they objected to some of the content in the leaked excerpts from Matt’s forthcoming book, You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life. (The excerpts that Matt said were fake.)

Page Six got the scoop on MTV’s disgruntlement and reports that “Viacom ­attorneys pounced and demanded that its publisher slash around 15,000 words.”

Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier book cover

The Ashley points out that Matt is currently under contract with MTV (just like the other Teen Mom stars) and that contract allows the network to edit book content. From The Ashley:

All of the girls are also required, per their MTV contract, to allow the network’s execs to see the copy before it goes to print. They do NOT have a choice in this. They are required to remove anything the network asks them to. If they do not remove the content, they can be sued for breach of contract.

The cast can NOT talk badly about MTV in their books, blog posts, etc. Matt knew this going in, so it should come as no surprise to him that MTV is squashing the content about the network. The only way someone can write a true “tell-all” book about the show is for that person to not be under contract with MTV.

This lines up with what the sources for Page Six had to say:

Sources say that most of the offending copy — which accounted for some 20 percent of the original manuscript — was about the network itself and Portwood’s nemesis, fellow cast member and sometime porn star Farrah Abraham.

Matt alleges in the leaked portions of the book that MTV producers encouraged him and Amber to “do their research” on Simon Saran. Matt then found out that Simon had “got into a lot of trouble for ­assaulting his ex-girlfriend.”

Matt also alleges that Farrah’s family threatened other cast members to control stories in the media. He also claims that MTV security suspiciously disappeared just prior to the now infamous altercation between Amber Portwood and Farrah at the Reunion. Matt co-wrote about the day of the Reunion: “security — who had followed us around all day long — suddenly was nowhere to be found. Not to get into any conspiracy theories, but it was almost as if they wanted there to be an altercation.”

So it seems that the “truth” in Matt’s book will be just like he is on the cover — not naked at all, but partially covered up.

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  • Ali.P

    I wonder how much he pays his children to say these things? Or are these paid actors? He isn’t an involved, misunderstood dad. He’s scum.

    • Courtney

      And he will pay them off using Amber’s money after he manipulates her into offering to pay. Matt is a classic scumbag narcissistic loser!

      • Bruja

        Though this likely very true, I have no sympathy for Amber or anyone else that puts pen!s- especially one belonging to this a$$hat, before their child.

        • Courtney

          No sympathy for Amber here either! It really bugs me that Amber ALWAYS has to have Matt by her side 24/7. She can’t even drive to pick up her daughter alone to spend some one on one time with her! I feel bad for Leah because I imagine she wants to spend time with just Amber and not sitting on the couch. I was a little older than Leah when my parents divorced and my mom and I were like best friends and we did everything together. When my mom was dating someone she would invite him (after knowing him like at least 4 months) to things that my mom and I were doing. My mom always asked if it would be OK to invite him and she didn’t make it where I was tagging along with them. Amber is the opposite and while I know she loves Leah, I know she chooses Matt first every time. It’s pathetic!

    • sysmjp

      That’s what I thought about the other son. These have to be actors!

  • Just me!

    This is going to be matt trying to “steer” his kids in right direction, trying to be a “good” dad…blah blah…he’s a deadbeat teen mom super creepy fan! Hope it shows that! 😂

  • Thoughts

    Please no one watch this.. it’s so sad…. ambers segments should b about her and Leah! He takes up all of her airtime ugh. As soon as filming is over he’s gonna leave her and try writing a tell all

    • Sassue

      And try to hook up with Ferret again……

      • Thoughts


        • Sassue

          Farrah ferret

          • Thoughts

            Ew yea he’s obsessed with her.. I don’t see why Amber is okay with her man giving that much energy into a woman he “hates”

  • Bruja

    Maybe it’s just me.. but doesn’t anyone think it odd that MTV “lawyers” are supposedly “angered” over the whole “leaked” book excerpts, but then they’re gonna put this smegma encrusted knob on the air in his own little ad for the successful scam he’s running on Amber? Lawls.

    This whole thing reeks as bad as Matt’s mouth likely does.

    • Pearl

      Laughing my a$$ off! Very true!

  • Scarlett

    I’m still waiting for the check – I sued that POS after the sight of his book cover burned my eyes….I have watched all this teen mom crap since the beginning. Between Jenelle, Farrah, and this asshat, I’ve finally said NO MORE. I’ll still read this stuff, but (hopefully) I’ll get over this, too!!


    I’m sure that we all wanted to know what it’s like being Matt Baier 🙄

  • Regina

    Why does he only have hair covering his one boob?

  • sysmjp

    Simon assaulted an ex-girlfriend? Please, please, please assault the sh*t out of Farrah!