Alex Sekella addresses not being chosen for Teen Mom 2

Alex Sekella new boyfriend daughter Bella

Last month it was revealed that MTV is planning to expand the cast of Teen Mom 2 by adding Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus. As you might imagine, the decision was a polarizing ones among fans of the show.

One person who has no problem at all with MTV’s decision is Briana’s Teen Mom 3 co-star Alex Sekella, who posted her response on social media on Wednesday, admitting that her “name was probably not even mentioned because they knew that I did not want it.”

Here is Alex’s full statement:

After finishing Teen Mom 3 and being told they weren’t continuing I said there and then that I’m done with filming, I’m wiping my hands clean of this and moving forward. So I’m sure when the discussion about pulling cast members from Teen Mom 3 for Teen Mom 2 my name was probably not even mentioned because they knew that I did not want it.

Honestly though that was the best decision I could of made. I’ve been able to start a normal life and start a REAL career that will last a very long time and benefit my children. I’ve also been able to find a real relationship that won’t be picked and prodded at by the world to see. I have had a pretty drama free life since the end of Teen Mom 3 and I don’t believe that any of that would’ve happened if I had not removed myself.

Alex Sekella Teen Mom 2 quote

Alex’s post drew appreciative responses and virtual applause from numerous commenters, including Lekota McCann, who had a son with Alex’s ex (and Bella’s dad) Matt McCann last January. Here is what Lekota wrote:

Can personally tell you I’m thankful you chose that because not only have you protected you and Bellie but you’re also protecting Matty and I. I’m very thankful for that and honestly, you’re so much classier than reality TV.

[Just so you don’t get confused, when Lekota says “Matty” she is referring to her son. She and Matt Sr. split up after he relapsed on drugs.]

In case you were curious what Alex turned her back on financially, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has the inside scoop on how much MTV is paying Briana DeJesus to return. The Ashley reveals she will make a measly $20,000 for the entire season, which is WAAAAYY below the $300,000+ that the other Teen Mom 2 moms make. (My jaw dropped when I read that figure. I assumed it was a typo, but confirmed it with The Ashley.)

Alex mentions that MTV probably never even considered her because they knew she wouldn’t want to do it, and that lines up with The Ashley’s sources, which tell her that the network did consider Teen Mom 3 mom Mackenzie McKee and 16 & Pregnant mom Lindsey Nicholson (formerly Lindsey Harrison). “The producers were considering [Lindsey] for a while, but apparently her life didn’t have the high level of drama the producers were looking for,” The Ashley says. It sounds as though that was also true for Alex — which Alex is genuinely thankful for.

There’s still no word if MTV will be looking to expand the Teen Mom OG cast. Perhaps they have time to wait to see how the Briana experiment works out before making that decision. Of course, this makes me wonder if that casting call they put out recently for a new Teen Mom series might have actually been for Teen Mom OG. If you recall, 16 & Pregnant star Ashley Salazar revealed last month that she had applied and said at the time that it was “looking good so far.”

So do you think Alex made the right decision? What about Briana? I’m leaning towards yes on both — although Briana should be making a lot more than $20,000 for the season!

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  • Yup, I said it

    She looks like a character off “Hey Arnold” she had a nasty attitude and voice and she screamed too much. She won’t be missed.

    • BooBooBaby

      She is Gross….and so is her family! I am Not happy about them taking on Brianna and her Loud/Nasty/Greedy family!
      Didn’t she get pregnant again too!? Pffftt!

  • Smart Move

    Happy for her. She made the right choice for her and her daughter. She’s one with a future. Leaving drama behind and starting a career. Kudos to her.

    • BooBooBaby

      Pffftt! Ya right!!
      She is a loser!
      She is only going on the show because she was a stupid teenager! Her and her family are Gross and Greedy!
      I definitely won’t be watching that mess!
      They’re paying her Too Much!!

  • TA

    I disagree that she should make more than $20k. None of them should. They should be paid hourly minimum wage with taxes taken out. Then maybe they’d all get real jobs and think more before making rash decisions about relationships and babies.

    • BooBooBaby


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  • shebee

    Briana has the right amount of constant, manufactured drama that this show demands.

    • BooBooBaby

      Can’t stand her or her rotten/greedy family!!

      • shebee

        No I agree. I am not a fan of her either. I am saying she has the right amount of drama that this show and it’s viewers like.

  • Brie Mode

    OH don’t worry. Briana will get a pay increase for the next seasons if MTV decides to keep her. I can guarantee that.

    • BooBooBaby

      I hope they Do NOT keep Brianna!!

      • Brie Mode

        I think it’s really weird that they’re adding her, too.

        I think I remember reading that MTV wants to go back to having genuinely broke struggling moms like the TM and TM2 girls were in the very beginning. They feel that because the paychecks the original cast members get now are so big, their lives don’t really reflect the realities of having a baby as a teenager anymore since everyone’s got huge houses, no jobs (aside from Chelsea and maybe Maci- since she owns her own company now. We aren’t counting Farrah here), and largely rely on their MTV income.

  • BooBooBaby

    No one wants Brianna on the show anyhow!
    Her and her family are so annoying!
    I hope that’s ALL they paid for her! Lolz!.

    • Victoria

      Brianna will be off soon just watch

      • Guest

        One can only hope.

  • FYO

    Or maybe you weren’t asked to do Teen Mom 2 because you’re not interesting enough. MTV needs ratings, not boring stories about boring people.

    • MsRickie

      Yeah they have Chelsea and Leah for that.

  • Ali.P

    Chances are I will be skipping through Brianna’s segments of the show. Her man-hating family is so annoying and strange.

    • Guest

      I definitely will too.

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  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    No Alex, they didn’t want yippy because you’re a low budget version of Farrah. All you did was scream at everybody around you. I feel bad for her kid.

    • theStevieJBus


  • Shyla

    “After finishing Teen Mom 3 and being told they weren’t continuing I said there and then that I’m done with filming, I’m wiping my hands clean of this and moving forward.”

    So she made that decision not to film AFTER it was already made for her?? Good grief. Stop making trying to make yourself relevant.

  • Anna

    Why did they even add a new girl? The show is crowded enough as is. Plus Leah and Jenelle make sure there is no shortage of drama. We saw what Briana had to offer and apparently fricken nobody watched it. She was cancelled. Why bring back something that failed already?

  • Dreamboat Annie

    I never understood why they cancelled teen mom 3. I thought there was plenty of drama. I remember Matt taunting Alex to hit him and I remember Joey refusing to give the baby back to Katie and leaving her for another girl with a daughter the same age as theirs. The only bore was the blonde girl.

    • Alisson Leech

      I watched it and would have kept watching it.

    • mashonda Knight


  • theStevieJBus

    This girl was annoying as hell. She was like a non psycho Farrah which meant she wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the Back Door Teen Mom star.

  • AshleyBlack

    They aren’t expanding, they’re phasing out. Mark my words they’re going to drop one TM2 cast member (my guess is Chelsea). Although I guess this season they are expanding lol but I give it this last season to test the waters and if ratings increase Chelsea will be gone next season. Too bad they can’t phase out Farrah ?

    • Alisson Leech

      I hope they send Chelsea packing. I treat her segment like a commercial break.

      • MsRickie

        Me too, time to eat, wash dishes or pee.

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        Right lol. She wants to continue being paid the rate she is but isn’t showing anything. Do people want to see her taking a piss on a stick (Catelynn, yes you), no. Do we want to see her getting out of the shower before she puts on all that betty crocker cakey makeup? No. But you should show the viewers what you do all day long. Why should this b3tch be paid half a mil a year to utter the words “Adam” and “child support” and talk like an alien with Cole all day. Gtfoh

      • AshleyBlack

        I agree Chelsea is boring but I can’t fault her for it. She has her crap together. Good for her!

  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    How do you remove yourself from something you weren’t asked to be a part of anymore or that was cancelled. They did the removing for you Babe

  • Toni

    The only thing I remember about this girl was her constantly screaming in the middle of the street. Legit, did she do anything else?? And the whole “I didn’t want to be on tv anymore” is BS. They ALL got butthurt and into some lame twitter war with the current girls because they weren’t offered the show and she was (of course) the loudest, angriest one about the whole thing. Congrats, you’re STILL not interesting enough.

  • bree7702

    Is Chelsea no longer going to be on? Since she seems the most normal (and has the most boring storyline) I figured Briana was replacing a cast member.