LHHH Masika Kalysha went full lioness following Hazel E’s response to Khari allegedly eating Xanax, but now says ‘I ain’t worried bout sh!t’

Masika Kalysha daughter update 1

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season won’t begin airing for about three months, but the show’s already back in headlines thanks to the Masika Kalysha child neglect allegations and the pointed reactions of two of Masika’s cast mates. Earlier this week, fans were faced with a report alleging that one-year-old daughter Khari had gotten into her mom’s friend’s purse and eaten a tablet of Xanax. According to that story, which has yet to be fully substantiated, Masika took Khari to the hospital, but said she didn’t want to stay the night–and the nurses called DCFS after Masika had gone.

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After the news broke, new LHHH cast member Alexis Skyy–best known for her relationship with Masika’s baby daddy Fetty Wap–and returnee Hazel E reportedly refused to film their scenes later that day. Hazel also took to Instagram with a since-deleted post to call Masika a “low life” with “priorities all the way fuqqed up.” Which was apparently the last straw for Masika, who responded like this:

Masika Kalysha baby neglect 4

Now that a few days have passed, though, it looks like Masika has calmed down. Her only updates regarding the incident came on Twitter, and only addressed the Xanax allegations peripherally. In fact, if you hadn’t seen the original report, you wouldn’t have any reason to read between the lines:

Masika Kalysha daughter update 3 Masika Kalysha daughter update 4

Though Khari is a near-constant in her Instagram feed, the LHHH star hasn’t offered a proper Masika Kalysha daughter update since the allegations broke. Here’s the most recent clip Masika’s shared of mommy and daughter:


A post shared by Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) on

However, Khari’s birthday is March 30th, which means that her first birthday tomorrow. So Masika will almost certainly give fans a reason to celebrate with her–and Hazel may very well choose to say something.

(Photo credits: Masika Kalysha daughter update via Instagram)

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  • LoLo

    This has to be one of the dumbest replies about child neglect I have ever read. What does her credit, thighgap or credit have to do with anything?

    Things happen to kids with the most perfect of parents. I have things happen with mine. The difference is I would never leave them in the hospital alone for 1 minute. I stayed, slept in a chair, didn’t leave to eat, nothing. If it’s true & she left her baby there what could be her valid reason? Maybe she needed to go home & get rid of whatever else she had in her home.

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