PHOTOS Jenelle Evans shows off her completed home and hints at a wedding date

Jenelle Evans new house

“Home sweet home,” Jenelle happily announced standing in her soon-to-be front yard.

“After about 8 months of hard work clearing land, getting stung by bees, blistering up our hands, etc. our #ForeverHome is finally here!” Jenelle gushed on Instagram.

According to Evans, the house isn’t move-in ready just yet but that isn’t stopping her from celebrating this major milestone.

“Still a lot more work to do on the inside and out but glad we decided to make this big decision and couldn’t be any happier!” she explained.

David echoed Jenelle’s sentiments saying, “Im so happy to finally be home with my family!”

No word yet on when the interior will be complete or when Jenelle and David are set to move in.

In the meantime, the couple is busy planning their wedding. Jenelle announced their nuptials will take place later this year!

With all the drama surrounding Jace and Nathan, it’s easy to forget about the happy events in Jenelle’s life. She’s recently engaged with a baby daughter and new house– all exciting reasons to celebrate!

Congrats to Jenelle and David on the completion of their new home!

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  • Karina

    Imagine all the fights, yelling, child abuse and terrifying violence these walls will see! :) Lovely, really.

    • twelfthnight

      It’s true and so sad. This will not be a happy home. Jenelle is abusive and even if she did seek help for it, which she won’t, the men in her life reinforce her bad behavior and playing the victim. She is a spiral that only goes downwards.

    • TA

      Imagine all of that happening out in the woods somewhere with nobody around to witness or hear it. That terrifies me knowing there’s kids in the house. 😕

      • barbinop

        I was thinking the same thing too

      • Courtney

        I think that’s why David wanted to move out there! He is seriously scary and I wouldn’t want to be alone for even a second in the same room as him!

        • Bruja

          This dude is surely related to Jason Voorhees.


        • NJJuls

          He just makes my skin crawl! I don’t know why, but he just reminds me of a psychopath who put on a fake calm face, but has “dead eyes”. And one day just goes “postal” & kills all those around him.

          • savannah

            I hate to be judgey just based on a feeling, or how someone looks, but I totally agree with you. The dead eyes, and calm, calm, calm, FREAK OUT! Like he did at the reunion when he jumped out of that SUV…no doubt only stopping because there were cameras around. He just gives me vibes that he is a bad dude! DUUUDE! (Jenelle’s fave word).

  • twelfthnight

    You’re gonna get married in fall of this year? Girl it’s approaching summer. Most people book weddings a year in advance, and we all know you won’t have a quiet backyard ceremony. You gotta get that tabloid money.

    I’ll bet the “Time to set a divorce date” tweet will be followed with #Fall2018.

    • YourMom

      Not sticking up for Jenelle, but I got engaged in June & married in Dec. It can be done. And if you have $$ like these goons, it can def be done.

      • Chicana

        She’ll be in jail before the “big day” comes.

        • sysmjp

          I would die if they end up with his and her mugshots on the wedding date.

    • Kail’s Fake Ass

      I’m getting married in October (engaged last October) and we have had a hard time with this as well, but they have they’ll be fine🙄 Now I just pray Jenelle doesn’t get married the same day as me🤞🏼🤞🏼

      • Steven Crawford

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  • Donna

    Nothing is forever w Janelle.

    • Che

      Except life long torture and torment and possible being assaulted

  • barbinop

    Cha-ching $$$$. David’s got himself a sugar momma. No matter what happens with him and,Janelle he’ll always have an MTV paycheck 🤑🤑🤑
    Who paid for this mobile home???? Janelle??? He’s a leech just like Nathan and mooching Matt. I hope Babs gets permanent custody of Jace

  • Courtney

    I see a pattern with ALL the teen moms… They all seem to date for a husband and only feel complete when they have a husband and father figure under the same roof. Then they need to have a baby with the current guy in order to feel like that relationship is at least equal or better than what they had with their ex. (meaning they can’t just marry the guy they have to create a kid too) I think that’s why most teen moms go on to have more kids… because they have to create life with the new guy. It’s sad that they mostly make a baby before they even get married though. Those are all wrong and selfish reasons to bring a baby into the world but that’s their immaturity showing.

  • Brie Mode

    Bruja go cast a spell on me pls

    …. I’m happy for her. Is she a dramatic piece of shit that always victimizes herself ? Yes. But I think her behavior isn’t entirely her fault. It’s obvious she acts out like that in order to get attention from anyone and everyone she possibly can- whether it’s good or bad. Which means she was likely neglected and/or abused as a child. I think that in her case with how she picks her men, Jenelle probably watched Babs go through similar situations with men, picked it from her, and now this is what Jenelle’s life is.

    I’m not saying Jenelle is entirely innocent by any means and she has a lot of growing up to do, I just think that there’s a lot more to her story than what people are seeing.

    • Courtney

      But… It’s up to that person how they are going to use their past. Are they going to use it as an excuse for why they act out or are they going to use it as a reason why they won’t act out. Jenelle is just selfish, plain and simple. She will always put what she wants first and use any excuse she can to get her way. If you grew up with a deadbeat dad are you going to blame that as the reason you pick horrible guys or are you going to use the fact that you had a deadbeat dad to make sure you never put your child or yourself in that kind of situation? That’s just a random example but you and only you can choose how you let your past affect your future.

      • Brie Mode

        I agree with you entirely. I’m not saying that Jenelle is entirely innocent by any means, but I don’t think she’s totally at fault either.

        I have a strong feeling that Jenelle watched Babs date POSes and that’s where she learned that habit from. I think that -something- happened in her life (aside from Jace’s dad abandoning him) to cause her to spiral out of control and make the choices she’s made. I think that she acts out the way she does because Babs put men first over her when she was little and she was neglected because of it. I really believe that there’s a lot that we don’t know and MTV would rather continue to let Jenelle make bad decisions and look like the bad guy in the situation instead of getting to the bottom of the whole story and airing -that-. Yanno, because ratings.

    • Bruja

      *casts spell* Snap out of it!

      I’m kiddin’.

      I see what you’re saying and yes, I think that’s her means of getting attention. For someone like Jenelle, that probably is her unconscious way of garnering attention, but.. I gotta say, as someone who went through the ringer as a kid myself, I agree with Courtney. At some point, you gotta take responsibility for you. She didn’t before, or anytime soon after having her first child.. somewhat understandable, she was 16’ish, but 2nd.. now 3rd (with a guy she barely knows, and who called her son a little bitch!)? She can only play the victim for so long. At some point, she has got to get her shit together, if not for her sake, for her children.

      The fact that she keeps playing with Jace’s head the way she does.. the peni (multi-peen!) jumping constantly.. the violence.. the continuing drama with her mother.. zero phucks given for the plight of this chick. Maybe when she ties her tubes and gets some therapy for herself and her kids, I’ll find a smidge of compassion for her.

      Sorry. I still lub you though! :)

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        Agreed!!!! I feel for her but it’s time she start taking responsibility for her actions.

      • Brie Mode

        I agree with all of that, definitely.

        I’m just saying that Jenelle’s life must have been pretty hard for her growing up for her to act like this- EVEN THOUGH she should be taking responsibility for a good chunk of her actions at this point.

        My point is, I don’t think Jenelle is entirely guilty in all of this and Babs isn’t entirely innocent. There’s a lot that isn’t being brought up and talked about on camera and it’s very blatantly obvious that the production team either just doesn’t care to get to the bottom of it and show the whole story or they’re too invested in making Jenelle out to be the train wreck we’ve all come to know her as for ratings, but it’s likely both.

        • Mimi

          I grew up very f-ed up. Dead beat dad, alcoholic mom, slew of men until she met my drug addicted step dad who beat her (and occasionally me if he was high enough). Literally turned out the opposite of Jenelle. Divorced yes. But my kids all have the same father. We are wonderful co-parents. Neither of us do drugs and rarely drink. So, while there may be underlying issues, at some point you have to be an adult and grow up and learn to deal.

          • Courtney

            Exactly my point and I’m sorry to hear what you went through as a child but congrats for making your life better! That’s true strength! I really admire that!!!

          • FYO

            How wonderful for you that you think your situation turned out just fine. But how ignorant of you to compare yourself to Jenelle. She’s not you and her experience obviously has affected he differently than yours affected you. That doesn’t make you right and her wrong, or you good and her bad. You’re no better than anyone, including Jenelle.

            • savannah

              I think the tough part for me, is she has every resource available to her, if she were to just ask. She’s got the funding for some really good therapy, go to a treatment facility, anything like that. Where every day people would not…with having kids looking up to her, and trying to create a family life…which at the end of the day I think Jenelle really wants…she needs to get herself on track.

              • FYO

                I would argue that she’s done well getting herself on track so far. While I still think she has more work to do, she’s not drugged out. She’s not stealing. She’s not homeless or bouncing around anymore. She’s not in trouble with the law anymore. She’s come a long way from where she was. All things considered, she deserves some credit for that because it’s certainly not easy to do what she’s already done. So, … instead of relentlessly dragging her through the mud, I’m going to applaud her accomplishments thus far and encourage her to keep growing. That’s what decent people should be doing.

            • Courtney

              Jenelle has never even tried though. She just can’t see that SHE needs to make changes. Jenelle constantly blames others and never acknowledges that she should change how she does things.

              • FYO

                Jenelle is no where near where she was. It’s insane to deny that regardless if she still has work to do or not.

              • Sandra

                I agree, her bad attitude and overwhelming sickening self centered, hateful, careless, demeanor still shines through as bright as ever!!! She temporarily has some things contained right now but i dont think it will be long until she is fully back to herself again.

          • Brie Mode

            Different things affect people in different ways.

          • Brie Mode

            I’ve been through a lot of jacked up shit too. I had/have the best parents (my mom died 3 years ago, but Im super close to my dad) & I was spoiled rotten, but I still went through a lot of shit growing up and even in my adult life.

            People react to and handle and process things differently. I’m not saying Jenelle is blameless and I DO think that she needs to step up and take more responsibility. But like I’ve said a million times, there’s most likely a lot we don’t know about with both her past and her present, so maybe we should all be a little less judgey about it- as fun as that may be.

  • Che

    Cookie cutter .

    • YourMom

      Yup. Nice trailer though. Lol

  • DeeDeDee

    I mean… at least she is finally spending her money on a potential permanent home for her children? That’s always a plus.

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly. Hopefully the house is in her name only.

      • BFG

        According to the CheckUpw/Dr.D pt. 2 finale, someone mentioned she put the house in his name.

        • FYO

          No, she did not put the house in his name. According to that show the house is in both their names.

          • Kail’s Fake Ass

            Still an extremely stupid decision on her part.

            • savannah

              Right? She’s the only one with an income, the guy doesn’t work. I can’t see the show lasting much past one more season, what is she gonna do when he has claim to the house and she has no paycheque anymore? Sure hope she’s investing her money, in something other than new cars and horrible tattoos…

  • Ali.P

    But, does it have enough rooms for all of the kids these morons keep having with all different people? I imagine a few more baby moms and baby dads in their future.

  • Sherry Nestleroad

    Of subject, did Jenelle get a Boob job? I just saw her on unseen moments and she’s huge. .is it just the pregnancy?

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      She got a boob job back when she was like 18.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    At least she finally did something fairly smart and bought a home and land. Maybe being out and away from everything will adjust her attitude, probably not but one can hope.

  • FYO

    Jenelle seems happy with David. She seems to be doing well with sobriety. She did finish school. While she is still young and still has a lot to learn, she’s clearly much more mature today than she was in the past. Instead of bash her for every little thing, I’m going to say congratulations. She’s not the same girl who was always high on meth, various other drugs, stealing, etc. She’s come a long way and anyone who can’t acknowledge that has some growing up of their own to do.

  • Regina

    Are those happy events?

  • momsford

    Congrats on the completion of their new home? They didn’t build it. I came in on two semi’s in two seperate pieces…it’s a doublewide trailer. They built nothing.

    • Sandra

      Its a pier and beam house, true enough…but they didnt build it themselves and i doubt they even had a hand in clearing the lot. Its not a cute house to me at all. It needs a big nice open front porch so when he throws her and her s?it out it can land there instead of killing the grass…..if it ever gets planted.

  • Brittany

    Everyone rooting for Jenelle, don’t. There is a blind item that got posted (the link is in the comments under a TM2 news thread on Modern Topics) that follows, to the T, Jenelle’s trips to LA and her odd behavior regarding the TM2 reunion shows. She is back on drugs for sure and she and David fight. That black eye she posted on Snap was real. They are addicts. It is Kieffer all over again except this guy is abusive and manipulative…way worse than kieffer. So sad that Kieffer was probably the best BF this girl had.

  • Sandra

    White Trash….that house will have used pampers , fast food sacks, dr. Pepper bottles, toys, car parts, and all kinds of trash around it before long..