GYPSY SISTERS Mellie Stanley changing daughter’s first & last name after break up

Mellie Stanley and daughter Divinity

Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley welcomed her third child, daughter Divinity Rose Marie Lee, in November, but she has since split from Divinity’s father, George Lee. Because of the split, Mellie plans to change Divinity’s last name to Stanley, which is common in these situations. However, Mellie announced that she also plans on changing Divinity’s first name!

Mellie revealed the name change plans with a Facebook post this week. Here’s the full announcement, which came in the form of a text graphic:

Well I get to go this week and change my girls name she will no longer be divinity and her last name will officially be Stanley

When asked why she wanted to change the first name, Mellie explained “I really didn’t want her name to be Divinity.”

Mellie Stanley George Lee and daughter Divinity

The little girl’s full name now is Divinity Rose Marie Lee, and Mellie revealed to commenters that she plans to change it to Delaney Grace Marie Stanley.

So what do you think about changing a child’s first name after a split? Is it too much? Or is it fine, given that Divinity is too young to remember?

UPDATE – Mellie contacted us to say that she was just kidding about changing Divinity’s name. “That was a joke,” she says, “my daughter’s name will not be changed.”

Mellie later added this statement, pointing out that Divinity’s father George Lee has been very supportive:

I would never take her fathers name from her he is a great father and takes very good care of his daughter I couldn’t ask for a better dad he sends money when she needs it and he calls about her all day I would never take her from him or change her name away from his

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  • beezow

    anything would be a step up from divinity


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  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    It’s her kid and the baby’s name isn’t even outrageous like some other people’s children *cough* Saint, North and Apple 😒

    Plus the child is very young, she won’t remember or care once she gets older.

    • Guest

      Plus she can change it herself when she’s older.

  • pmo

    that pic is the best mellie every looked.

    • savannah

      I was JUST thinking that!! Even the minutes after giving birth picture she looks good. She’s usually caking on that black eyeliner, these photos she actually looks really young, and pretty!

      • pmo

        yeah the photographer got her from a good angle. she looks so much better when she smiles, she usually glaring at someone.

  • Brie Mode

    My daughter’s middle name is RoseMarie :/

    First name is Parker. Cuz I’m baller at naming kids… And dogs. And cats.

    My mom’s middle name was Rose and Marie was her Catholic confirmation name and is my older sister’s middle name.

    My fiancé and I inadvertently fell into a trend of picking out P names. Our Russian Boxer puppy’s name is Penelope (Penny) Lee (I’m narcissistic and self centered so she has my middle name 🙃), and our Tibetan Mastiff puppy’s name is Porkchop after the dog from Doug…. My fiancé gave him HIS middle name tryna copy me. So he’s Porkchop Frederick and it’s lmfao

    I dream of a world where Starcasm and Us Weekly starts talking about and recapping Total Divas though. I’m super obsessed with it and it’s sooooooooooo much better than all those Love & Hip Hops, Teen Mom, and the goddamb Kardashians.

  • Tamtam

    I miss watching them on tv lol

    • pmo

      me too, I did here there is new filming going on.

  • LoLo

    They all swap names & use fake names. From a book I read Hastened to the Grave, this is part of their culture. They originally did it to confuse the law & records. Now, it’s just a part of them.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    They must be back together. Give it a few weeks and she’ll be changing the babies name again.

    • pmo

      nah, she’s out trolling for baby daddy #4.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        Shouldn’t take long to find him. I’m sure he’s in the family tree somewhere.