RHONJ Burned bodies shot execution style found in car owned by Kim DePaola


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim DePaola has updated fans since it was revealed that her car was involved in a gruesome double murder.

ABC7 out of New York reports that police in New Jersey are searching for who shot two people in the head and left their bodies to burn inside DePaola’s Audi. The car was found in flames early Friday morning on the streets of Patterson.

Chris Camiscioli, the son of DePaola, was using the car and was dropped off at an airport on Wednesday by his friend Aaron Anderson. Anderson’s mom believes that her son was one of the victims. “They found a wire in the driver’s mouth, in his jaws, and my son has a wire in his jaw,” she told ABC.


NBC reported that the bodies were burned so badly that investigators were not able to immediately ascertain the race or sex of the victims.

DePaola posted to Instagram Sunday indicating that she and her son were safe. “I am humbled by the outpour of love and support during this very difficult time. My son and I are both safe. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims’ families of this truly horrific tragedy,” she wrote.

Thank you to everyone for your support!!!!

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NBC reports that the police are looking into whether or not drugs were involved.


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