Love & Hip Hop Atlanta wants us to be very worried about Tommie’s drinking

LHHATL Tommie drinking problem 3

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s still-young Season 6 has been pushing a dramatic new storyline for Tommie, one in sharp contrast with her freewheeling introduction throughout Season 5. From the moment the supertrailer dropped, it was clear that viewers were going to get a different, more vulnerable side of Tommie this year–and that her family’s concern over what may be a LHHATL Tommie drinking problem was the reason why.

Indeed, Tommie’s first words in the trailer are “I drink to soothe a lot of outside noise.” The line is juxtaposed with footage of Tommie being carted off to jail following last year’s fight with (and attempted running-over of) fellow castmate Joseline Hernandez.

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Elsewhere in the trailer, mentor Karen King confronts Tommie–in the bottling room for what we now know is Tommie’s wine business–and calls her out. Tommie’s response is pointed: “I drink alcohol,” she says, flatly. “I’m not an alcoholic.”

But having your own line of Chardonnay is not a good look:

And, of course, Tommie has been the brand’s #1 spokesperson over the past few weeks:


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Saturday's are for #LÈDON sippin!!!#tommieshit#GoodDrank!

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Plus, a look at some of Tommie’s highest-profile behavior over the past few years reveals that alcohol always plays a part. When VH1 interviewed Tommie after Starcasm’s article detailing her extensive criminal history and collection of 32 mugshots went wide, the topic of a 2014 car accident came up–and Tommie revealed that she’d been drinking and driving, which was part of the reason she fled the scene. She was booked for drinking and driving last summer. Her threesome with Joseline and Stevie J (hardly in the same category as drinking and driving, but we did say “highest-profile behavior”) involved a whole lot of alcohol and some smoke.

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Of course, all of these items don’t necessarily add up to full-blown alcoholism. And it’s to Tommie’s credit that she’s often willing to point out when she’s been drinking, or say, straight-up, that alcohol affected her judgment in a given situation. Plus, it looks like the arc of LHHATL Season 6 is now actively trying to trying to push Tommie away from self-destructive behavior, as a recent clip suggests. Tommie, actively trying to “upgrade her squad,” begins spending more time with Tammy Rivera–who, in turn, tries hard to play up Tommie’s various attributes:

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  • Che

    Why should i? That heffa isn’t. Her mother is terrible though. I see where she get her crazy from.

    • Alisson Leech

      Karen King isn’t her mom!

      • Che

        Her real mother was on this week’s eps. She is just as crazy as karen.

  • Wanda Standonherown

    Where do they get these cast members

  • Alisson Leech

    Tommie has always had an alcohol problem on the show.

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