Amber Portwood launches Forever Haute makeup line, video tutorial coming soon

Amber Portwood makeup Forever Haute

Amber Portwood is continuing to diversify her Teen Momtrepreneurial resume as she is adding a line of makeup to her Forever Haute brand!

Amber has been teasing the makeup for a while now, but today she posted the first photo of some of the products to be included:

Amber Portwood makeup line Forever Haute

“I’m so excited to introduce my new #FoeverHaute make-up line!!” Amber captioned the photo. “It’s amazing quality and yes I use it myself?” As testament to the fact that she actually uses the makeup, here is a photo Amber posted way back in January:

Amber Portwood makeup line sample

“Wearing my Forever Haute make-up line coming soon!!” Amber wrote at the time.

In addition to the new product line, Amber will apparently be sharing videos demonstrating how to apply the makeup as well. “I’ll have a tutorial video up within the next couple weeks!!” Amber added to today’s photo caption.

As of today, the makeup is not available on her website, but I assume that will be changing soon.

So what do you think of Amber’s new venture? Will you be grabbing some Forever Haute cosmetics?

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  • barbinop

    I do like that shade of lipstick she’s wearing. I wonder who does her make up for her. Looks like a professional did it

  • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

    Why would anyone buy makeup from someone with janky eyebrows like hers

    • Adi Nu

      Why do they all want to release makeup lines? Chelsea too, the pounds of make up she wears has deceived Cole. Leah should release a line of how she stays skinny and buff while collecting child support from two men.

      • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

        Leah has always been skinny and she has like zero body fat, so that’s why I think she looks buff. My 10 year old son is skinny and muscular like Leah as well. I chalk it up to low body fat. Farrah was also a stick figure but she put on some weight over the last 2 years or so, personally, I think the extra weight looks healthy and good on Farrah.

      • Courtney

        These moms think that because there’s millions of viewers then they have fans who would want anything they sell. In reality the millions of viewers aren’t all fans of every girl and not necessarily admirers but rather people who love to watch to laugh at their train wreck moments. Seriously, who would really buy makeup from Amber?!? Even if you put her makeup in a basket that said, “Free Makeup, Take Some”, that basket would still be full a year later!

      • savannah

        I always love Chelsea’s hair, and style (when she’s not wearing boy clothes)…but her makeup always makes me cringe. She’s So beautiful, but she cakes on that liquid liner like she’s going to play football. I don’t get it?

  • Tamtam

    With so many filters, how do we know the makeup isn’t crappy? All her selfies are so heavily edited it’s becoming a joke.

    • tina

      I hope its not all filters she looks like a drag queen since her mommy make over

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    I really hope there’s a lipstick named “Leather Couch Brown”

    • Courtney

      Or pee stain yellow color correct! Lol

    • savannah

      Or “Canned Green Beans” eyeshadow & Eau De Prison Toilette perfume! 😉

  • Guest

    Forever Haute? Ain’t nothing classy about her.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    She’s not someone I would take makeup tips from.

    • savannah

      Or life tips…maybe prison tips, that I could see.

  • Mia Winters

    Is their a reason she has her lipstick way above her top lip?

  • Mia Winters

    Also does her boyfriend or fiance even work?

  • Regina

    No thank you.

  • Ashley

    Uh, Amber saying she uses the makeup herself as a testament to it’s quality sounds like a joke…