Myers Jackson adds an auctioneer’s mirth to the Texas Flip & Move cast

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One of the most popular and prominent members of the Texas Flip & Move cast is a man who hardly ever appears on the show beyond one brief segment–but he’s responsible for helping move the whole concept along. Myers Jackson, the auctioneer responsible for some of the show’s more entertaining clips, has an outsized personality befitting his profession, though the many members of Texas Flip & Move‘s cast mean he often doesn’t get an abundance of screen time.

So first of all, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, here’s an extended video clip of Myers doing his thing:

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In fact, Myers Jackson is a licensed auctioneer of no mean repute in two states: in addition to Texas, Myers can often be found helping sell off assorted real estate down Florida way. His manner may cause you to think otherwise, but the man’s official bio explains that he “holds a Certified Estate Specialist Designation,” is an “Auction Technology Specialist,” and “is also a member of the Certified Auctioneer Institute.”

Furthermore, Myers won the prestigious Chuck Cumberlin Sportsmanship Award at the 2016 International Auctioneer Championship. Check out the video in the link for an example of Myers speaking as slowly as he is quickly in the clip above–that is, until he’s asked to sell something as a part of his victory speech 😉

And, as the woman who presented Myers with his award noted, he’s also won acclaim for his photography–which, it should be noted, helps the properties he sells look even more impressive than they might otherwise. Myers’ Instagram page is private, but his Facebook page still boasts some beautiful shots:

You can also follow Myers on Twitter here.

As for his importance to the show helping him make his name? Myers was right there alongside the rest of the cast and crew when the mayor of Fort Worth TX declared February 27th to be “Texas Flip & Move Day” in the city:

Texas Flip & Move airs Friday nights, marathon-style, on DIY.

(Photo credits: Are the Texas Flip & Move auctions real via Facebook)

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  • saseblon

    I love this show! If they didn’t talk/act, it would be MUCH better though!

  • BarryG

    Too much going on with their personal saga’s that’s pulling away from this show, including it’s off from HGTV and on DIY which hardly anyone watches.

  • Warren Blum

    Paige is hot. Has that Sara Palin look. I love women who look great in jeans wearing tool belts. Raf ur a lucky guy. Be good to her. And good luck

  • Kimberly Johnson Caldwell

    I cant understand them removing brick from the houses. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE, to have a brick home!

    • Sherry Porter

      A brick facing can’t stand up to the motion and vibration involved in moving a structure – it cracks, loosens and falls off onto the roadway. It would also add an enormous amount of weight.

  • dk1xley

    How do these contractors acquire these homes? I live in Pennsylvania , and most homes like these would be demolished.
    We noticed that in Texas, most homes are built on concrete slabs, and as long as the framing is sturdy they can be safely moved. These homes are being repurposed for those who are looking for an excellent home.
    God bless you guys! That is a entertaining show to watch! Truly, you all are good craftsman.