Javi Marroquin auditions for Are You The One? Ellie Puckett wants to have his baby

Javi Marroquin Are You the One

Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has been going through a very tumultuous and very public split from wife Kail Lowry, but now it appears he is ready to move on with a new woman — and a new MTV show!

This week’s episode of Are You The One? Aftermatch featured an audition video from Javi in which he reveals that he wants to be a cast member next season! Here’s what Javi had to say in the clip:

Hey, what’s going on everybody? This is Javi. Most of you probably know me from Teen Mom 2 — got my little koozie here. So if you do, you probably know my story — what happened to me — and you know I love to love. I’m out here looking for love. I just can’t find it. It’s not in the DMs, it’s not anywhere. I can’t find it. So if you do know about me, you know I got a three-year-old little boy. He means everything to me. And, yeah, I’m just trying to figure out who’s the one, trying to take somebody out on a date.

Javi Marroquin Are You The One audition

Aftermatch host Terrence J notices that his guest, Are You The One? Season 2 star Ellie Puckett, appeared particularly fond of Javi’s audition. “You seem to like that Ellie.”

“Um, yeah,” Ellie says. “I love him! But he said it wasn’t in the DMs and I already sent him a DM.”

Terrence asks here is she is for real, and Ellie assures him it is. “I said — you don’t wanna know,” Ellie says laughing. “I said, ‘It’s on my bucket list, I’m having your baby.'” (I think Ellie should start calling it her “Puckett List” instead.)

“Wow!” exclaims Terrence. “What did he say?”

“He’s down,” Ellie reveals.

“Ok,” Terrence smiles, “So maybe he doesn’t need to be on the show.”

“He don’t need to be on the show!” Ellie concurs. “He’s got me already.”

Javi later tweeted about his appearance and hinted at being open to appearing on the VH1 series Famously Single, which has a pretty good track record as far as hooking up male MTV reality stars goes:

Oddly, Kail didn’t seem to even so much as subtweet about Javi’s “audition.” Perhaps that’s because she is looking to star in Season 1 of 24 and Pregnant and Famously Single?

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  • Alisson Leech

    Grab a canteen for Mr. Thirsty!

  • Bruja

    Can any of these people not handle being single for one phucking minute?

    Lame. Cause the last TV romance went so well.

    • Che

      Right ! He should be preparing for the he’ll kailyn will put him through

      • Bruja

        Right? Though he is making it quite easy for her to nail his ass to the wall with his antics. The basement crap was over the top and makes him look really creepy and desperate.

        Poor Isaac, being in the middle of these two dolts.

        • Mia Winters

          It’s still his house though he didn’t even have to give her the key! The cops said they can do nothing because it’s STILL HIS HOUSE! In most divorces the house is split also I’m sure he wanted to know who has been living there with his son he has the right to know. Also who has been sleeping in his marital bed and probably using some of his things while he was gone! What he did going into his own house was NOT against the law or he would have been arrested d the cops didn’t make him leave. If he was violent like she claims they would have made him leave! She just dosn’t want him going in the house seeing her new boo who she was cheating with probably the one before he deployed

          • Lauren

            I agree but the way he went about is extremely immature & petty. You know something else is going on when your first baby daddy is stepping in especially if Javi is scaring Isaac with that behaviour.

          • Bruja

            Holy shit, what’s with all the “!” ? Perspective. Get some.

            I don’t care if he “owns” the house. If he feels he has a right to be there, he shouldn’t have given the keys back as that implies he is fine with not having anytime access to the home. Slinking and being freaky just makes him look like an attention seeking stalker who has serious letting go issues.

            They are both pieces of shit in the whole scheme of things and the only ones suffering are the kids.


    • savannah

      Dollar signs. That’s what this is all about. They get paid to be on reality TV, and then they can’t get used to working real jobs ever again. Look at the career reality stars…Kendra Wilkinson for one? That chick will put her family in financial RUIN before she ever gets a “real” job. If we think we’ve seen the last of these people once Teen Mom invevitably gets cancelled, very mistaken. They will grasp on to every shred of fame they can before they disappear.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Javi get away from the cameras. You’re the baby-daddy of a D-lister….you’re no one. Concentrate on your son.

  • melinehclassy

    Hes just trying to piss Kail off. good for him

  • TA

    Apparently Javi didn’t learn his lesson that you probably won’t find true love on TV.

  • Courtney

    I think Javi isn’t truly serious about going on another tv show. I take it more as he’s just jokingly exaggerating how hard it is to find someone. I could be wrong though. 🙂 I think Javi needs to stop looking and trying to make it happen and then he will meet a good person who lives near him. I worry that he seems to only feel complete if he has a wife. That’s no way to start a relationship. Javi, just do you, do what makes you happy and bond with the boys. Don’t compare who’s happier or who won between you and Kail based on who finds their soulmate first!

  • Guest

    Ugh, he and Jeremy are both such fame whores.

    • Alisson Leech

      I don’t like how Jeremy told Leah he was engaged. Like she’s supposed to fall over crying or something. I’m happy she seems over him, because he sucks.

      • Lauren

        Right?! I’m glad she didn’t rise to the bait because you could tell he was only telling her to push her buttons & get a reaction out of her. And the fact that he acts like it’s all a joke shows how serious he is about this “engagement.”

      • savannah

        I guarantee that wasn’t the moment he actually told her. They recreate things all the time, that’s what I was thinking, the whole exchange seemed really weird and forced.

        • Alisson Leech

          Hadn’t even thought of that!

  • LoLo

    What woman would want to have his baby or date him knowing they would have to put up with Kail? I guess being on tv is more important than real love & creating a caring family.

  • Brie Mode

    One of my friends is buddies with Nate- Ellie’s match on whatever season they were on together.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Good Lord, stay single. There’s nothing wrong with being single. Learn who you are again and get over the witchy, psycho ex wife.

  • theStevieJBus

    I think this is just MTV’s attempt to get people to watch a lower rated show. Besides Teen Mom and Catfish MTV is really struggling.

    • Che

      You forgot the challenge … Although this season is kind soso

  • tina

    god I don’t know which trash is worse kail trying to erase javi from his own sons life or janelle and the serial killer making up shit as they go. Kail you had a baby with him because you want a divorce you can control your son and keep him away from his father pure trash. Janelle smirking with lumberjack thinking we are buying what your making up as you go alone both trash pure trash