Ashley Salazar applies for Teen Mom 4, will other 16 & Pregnant moms follow suit?

Ashley Salazar Teen Mom 4

As we reported last month, MTV is currently casting for a brand new season of Teen Mom, and this time around they are looking for young mothers who have children between the ages of 4 and 7. One young mom who has tossed her hat in the ring is no stranger to MTV viewers as she was featured in the hour-and-a-half season finale of 16 & Pregnant Season 2!

Ashley Salazar, who placed her daughter Callie for adoption with relatives in one of the most emotional 16 & Pregnant episodes ever, revealed on Twitter that she has applied to be on the show and says that it is “looking good so far.”

“So I applied to the new seasons of Teen Mom” Ashley wrote, “and I think it’s looking good so far?” she tentatively added. “Who knows. Either way I feel I’ve come a long way,” Ashley said. There looks to have been a second part to Ashley’s tweet, but it (and the original) were quickly deleted.

As we mentioned in our article about MTV’s casting call, we believe the new Teen Mom series (which we assume will be called Teen Mom 4, but that is not official) is looking to correct the built-in fallacy of their original Teen Mom “reality” series, which is that all of the moms became extremely wealthy because they were on the show, so their lives were not exactly an accurate representation of what most young women who had a child as a teenager have experienced. If this is the network’s motivation, then it makes a lot of sense to approach the mothers featured on 16 & Pregnant because they received very little in the form of financial compensation, and if anything, their appearances on the show made their lives even more of a struggle given the negativity they faced online and in their communities.

Ashley is certainly no exception! In case you missed it, Ashley has led a very storied life since her appearance on 16 & Pregnant, including giving birth to her son Phoenix earlier this year.

Phoenix’s dad is Justin Lane, who is also the father of Ashley’s daughter Callie, and it looked as though the couple had finally worked through their differences on their way to a happily ever after. But, while Ashley was pregnant, the two had a HUGE falling out and they are currently not together. The result is that Ashley is struggling as a single mother — which seems to be exactly what MTV is looking for. And I think Ashley’s story is especially attractive because MTV viewers will get to see the result of an open adoption with a family member in which visitations are a rather common occurrence — unlike Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship with their birth daughter Carly.

Here are some of Ashley’s recent tweets that illustrate some of the difficulties she is currently experiencing trying to raise Phoenix:

Ashley Salazar son Phoenix tweets

Wouldn't trade every day of exhaustion with this boy for the world ?

A post shared by Ashley Salazar (@ashleyslzr) on

Fans will also be able to catch up on some of Ashley’s other struggles and triumphs over the last few years, which includes suffering a miscarriage, graduating college, attending an eight-week program to address a very serious drinking problem, and losing an ex-boyfriend in a car accident.

We have been very outspoken about our admiration for Ashley, dating all the way back to her blog entries prior to her appearance on 16 & Pregnant, and we would love to be able to follow her life on screen again. We also hope that MTV is considering other 16 & Pregnant moms for the show — if they are willing.

So what do you think? Would you be excited to see Ashley return for a new Teen Mom series?

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  • FR

    They all get pregnant so much. Suffering a miscarriage. Giving up the first for adoption. Having this one and losing sleep. How about this terribly unusual story line…
    Taking her birth control pills, using a condom so she doesn’t get Hepatitis and liver cancer/HIV/HPV & cervical cancer/every other STI & STD, no unplanned pregnancies, a little self respect, a completed education, a lot less drama.

    • Natalie Katzman

      I love it! However, America loves drama since they “obviously” don’t have enough of it in their own lives! lol

    • Mia Winters

      Liver cancer?! You know anyone can get cancer anywhere at any time even babies and kids. We need a cure!

      • FR

        The cure is simple: be responsible!! Use protection (not just birth control but condoms for safe sex) or keep your legs closed!

        Hepatitis (usually B & C) causes primary liver cancer. Even worse, people who are coinfected with HIV and hepatitis are at extremely high risk.

        All the hype about infections like hep and HIV being controllable like a flu is just hype. Unless you practice safe sex, hepatitis and other diseases like HPV can and do cause deadly cancers. Ask your doctor or healthcare provider as this is true and factual. Unfortunately it is not discussed as it is far more profitable to sell drugs for HIV, hep, etc

    • savannah

      Slow clap…leading to standing ovation. So. Much. THIS!

  • Guest

    Why did they break up? It was sweet that they got back together.

  • Jenn

    No. Just no.

  • jeff

    How about some actual teen moms? Ones not in the show before. That’s what MTV is looking for, they want real teen moms, not former fame wh0res.

    • MsRickie

      I wouldn’t mind seeing ones that have been on the show, just hold their money in a trust for the kids. Give them a salary in line with what a typical teen makes and then once the show is over they have something to fall back on.

  • TA

    Well, now we don’t need to see her on TV because her whole life since appearing on 16&Pregnant was just given above.
    If they must do a new show, let’s meet some new girls. Some that have gotten an education and haven’t gotten pregnant again and again. And bounced from one relationship to another. That have managed to stay clean and sober, and work for a living to support themselves and their child. Millions of single Moms out there that could be an inspiration to other young girls.
    Ashely isn’t one of them.

  • TrashTV

    No surprise here. She has been looking for attention, fame and money all these years. The worst thing MTV could do is give even more to her. This is one of those girls who won’t be able to handle it.

  • twelfthnight

    Maybe instead of continuing this circus, which has veered far off the original track of showing real teen mothers struggling, they should produce a weekly sex ed, drug info and relationships show. All the stuff teens ACTUALLY need to know.

    This show doesn’t teach you how to use birth control, it just shows what happens when you continually refuse to. And it shows you how to stay in crappy relationships that are unhealthy and how to make bad choices in every aspect of your life.

  • Bri

    Imagine how pissed her parents are. They basically pushed adoption because they didnt want her attached to a loser baby daddy for life so what does she do, has another baby with him. I seriously feel like her daughter will have resentment towards her someday. Especially with comments like “i wouldnt trade him and these sleepless nights” okay, but you gave your baby girl back because of that. Granted she was much much younger. As far as the boyfriend passing away, he was an ez and she was a major brat after that. Didnt even aknowledge him passing at first and then had only mean things to say after.

  • Blue

    1.) Just those tweets alone doesn’t show that she’s a struggling single mom. It’s a newborn, of course she isn’t going to sleep a lot.
    2.) You would think having a child young, and giving them up for adoption(open or closed), would give her a new perspective on safer sex and how raising a child is hard so you don’t accidentally have one again.
    3.) How about we cancel Teen Mom and all affiliated shows? That would be the smartest thing MTV could do to redeem themselves.

  • Mimi

    But she’s not the mother of a 4-7 year old…

  • savannah

    This girl needs to go on a therapy show, not a show that will induce more therapy needs…her whole episode of 16 & Pregnant was one of the hardest to watch, flip-flopping back and forth between adoption, and keeping the baby, when clearly she wsn’t ready to make either choice…now she’s onto another baby, with huge struggles ahead, its nice to know her priorities are getting back on TV…try getting a job and making a normal life for your son.