PHOTOS Mimi Faust steps out with WNBA star Tamera Young, staying far away from Joseline and Stevie J

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust appears to have moved on from her flirtations with Stevie J and her beefing with Joseline in a big way: by allegedly dating WMBA star Tamera Young. The two have been seen together on the regular for several months, and, as LHHATL gets ready to drop Season 6, it looks like the two might go public, though there’s no word on whether they’ll both appear on the show. Tamera, who plays center for the Chicago Sky, was actually drafted by the Atlanta Dream and played for them for a season and a half before a trade took her north.

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Cynical LHHATL fans have noted that Mimi Faust dating a woman and going public with their relationship was her exact storyline and approach for Season 5, and have been shaking their heads at the same rollout for Season 6. A whole bunch of circumstantial evidence does suggest that the two are dating–and they definitely look very happy together–but it’s important to note that Mimi and Tamera haven’t officially gone public, whereas Mimi and Chris Gould were very public ahead of Season 5’s reveal.

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Mimi and Tamera first appeared in public and on each other’s social media feeds at the end of 2016:

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As the new year began, it looked like Mimi was starting to share more of her life with Tamera…

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…and Tamera began reaching out to Mimi for help repping her clothing line:

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Then, the two started appearing on what looked more like dates–though, again, neither one has made it official:

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They also took in the NBA All-Star Weekend together, and Tamera made it a family thing by having her brother along as well:

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And, while Mimi seems determined to keep both Stevie and Joseline out of her life, she did recently throw it all the way back to LHHATL Season 1 with this photo of herself and Stevie:

#TBT our very first L&HHATL audition #allmyhairtho #b4weave ? @hitmansteviej_1

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 premieres Monday, March 6th at 8 PM on VH1.

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    Didn’t realize Mimi was a lesbian.

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      Mimi didn’t either until she figured out being a lesbian would make her more interesting to the reality TV powers that be and figured out that Stevie was gone for good.

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