TEEN MOM 2 Nathan Griffith went off on ‘dumb*ss’ David Eason over b*tch comment


Nathan Griffith has responded to David Eason calling him a b*tch during a recent airing of Teen Mom 2.

The swole ex of Jenelle Evans took to Twitter to air grievances over the following scene in which Jenelle’s current beau, David Eason, labeled him a b*tch:

In the clip, Jenelle and David are seen in route to drop Kaiser off with. David asks Jenelle if Nathan is out partying because he isn’t at the designated drop off location. When Evans conjectures that Nathan isn’t there because he probably doesn’t want to see either of them, Eason says of Nathan, “Haaaa, little b*tch.”

Even though Eason immediately apologized, Griffith was having none of it as he shared a lengthy note on his thoughts about the exchange.

Among the accusations Nathan levied against David:

Nathan suggests that Eason and/or Evans left a 2-week-old baby alone with a woman rumored to have AIDS.

Nathan said that David sought out his help to try and overturn the restraining order David’s ex and mother of his son Kaden, Olivia Leedham, has filed.

Nathan said that he had to be escorted out of the reunion show because David was talking s**t.

Nathan said David interferes with he and Jenelle’s attempts to co-parent out of insecurity and a “constant need to control” Evans.

GriffithTweet1 NathanTweetPart2

A fan tweeted out at Evans suggesting that she and David not discuss personal stuff in front of the kids and she replied, “I know! David and I discussed this last night and didn’t realize we did that! I hope everyone learns from that mistake I made.”


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  • You r all high-high-high

    LOL, I hope everyone learns from what? Sorry I can’t hear you, could you maybe get of the high horse your highness?
    OMG, I don’t want to live in a world where JE, let alone Uncle Bad Touch, would really be an example to many.

    • LoLo

      I have heard him referred to Uncle Bad Touch before but I never knew why. What happened?

      • SadDawson

        On one of those after shows the host ask them what their porn name would be and he said uncle dave and he said it so fast and creepy and it turned to uncle bad touch! :) so that’s what people call him now.

        • LoLo

          Thank you. I thought he touched a child or something. Has it ever been stated as to why he doesn’t have custody of his oldest child? I wonder how the mother of his daughter feels after seeing the show. So he has 3 kids with 3 moms & Jenelle has 3 kids with 3 dads. So messed up for kids to have to go through.

          • TinaBelchersGroan

            In the last episode or the one before that, Jenelle said something along the lines of the kids (including Maryssa) are living with their grandparents and they should be with their parents which leads me to believe that neither David nor his ex have custody of her. So if that’s true, out of the five children that are between these two, the only children that they have custody of are Kaiser and Ensley (she’s only like a month old though so I’m sure they’ll change) and neither are on the right track in getting custody of the others.

            • LoLo

              OMG. I am so disgusted. I was a very young mom, I could never imagine choose anyone or anything of my kids. I was scared to even go on a ride at the fair in case something happened to me. She doesn’t have any mother instincts. Every time she doesn’t get in trouble for a month she says “I’ve been doing good”. Yeah, good means give me 3 years without an incident. Don’t get pregnant by another guy, be involved with your kids. Then we can talk. She’s let so much time go buy with Jace that removing him from Barb now could be harmful & then moving him in with David is even worse. I get such a creepy vibe from both him & Nathan. I feel really bad for Keiser.

              • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

                I don’t get creeper vibes from Nate believe it or not. He’s a meathead but I don’t see him as a danger to kids. He makes more sense than Chinelle and UBT at times. You are absolutely right. I feel the same way regarding Jace. He’s been with Barb so long, it would be harmful to remove him from her at this point. I just wonder how Babs is gonna handle a teenager when she’s in her 70’s. I doubt it but I hope Jace shows her nothing but love and respect in her life and will always love and be there for Babs like she was for him.

                • savannah

                  I just hope that Babs goes a different route this time, than she did with her children. Jenelle and her sister are absolute disasters. Hopefully she’s got him in therapy, he will need it likely throughout the rest of his life to deal with the confusion caused by all the fighting all the time. And the rollercoaster relationships his Mom involves him in.

                • LoLo

                  I don’t get a creepy vibe as in he touches kids. I get the vibe as an all around creep. From him posting pics in his tiny red underwear or how he thinks every girl wants him.

                  • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

                    Yea I can see that as creep territory. Don’t forget the cut off shirts.

              • TinaBelchersGroan

                I will never understand how people can defend her. She’s repeating the same bullshit season after season and the only difference is the amount of children involved and how well she hides it all on social media (sorta).

                • LoLo

                  I feel the same way. I feel bad for Barb. She loves her daughter, that’s clear & has to put up with her crap. It has to be an embarrassment. When she was telling Jenelle how she felt bad that people at her job had to tell her Jenelle was pregnant & that she was hurt it didn’t come from Jenelle, I felt her pain. Jenelle & that douchebag’s response was “we didn’t tell anyone but just posted it on social media”. They didn’t get that family should know before that. Jenelle treats people like they are disposable. I wonder how she would feel if anything every happened to Barb. Somehow she would probably complain about that too.

                  • TinaBelchersGroan

                    I think it was in the last week that Jace finally met Ensly. I saw the picture on Tumblr and instantly noticed how sad his eyes were.

                    • TNC

                      Do you remember his sad rainbow song? That freakin broke my heart.

                    • LoLo

                      His little brain probably can’t even understand why his mom continues to have kids but did nothing to work on herself to get him back. She’s in for a rude awakening when he gets older.

                    • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

                      Jace is probably numb to all of it, sadly. The odds aren’t in his favor.

          • TNC

            It’s because he posted an EXTREMELY inappropriate picture of Kaiser on SM and made a repulsive comment trying to be funny. He did come up with the porn name Uncle Dave but it was because of the SM posting it turned to Uncle Bad Touch.

          • TNC

            The Uncle Bad Touch nickname came from an EXTREMELY inappropriate picture he posted of Kaiser and the disgusting comment he made with it on SM. He dubbed his porn nickname as Uncle Dave, but the Uncle Bad Touch was because of the SM post.

            ETA: I don’t know why my why my original post didn’t go where I posted it?

            • LoLo

              What was the picture of? I am disgusted by everything about this guy.

              • TNC

                It was Kaiser with his hand down his diaper and David made a comment about him learning it from him. Most blogs didn’t post the picture when they did the story but one did. Kaiser was being a normal little boy and David made that comment. Whichever site he posted it on took it down but plenty of people got screenshots.

                • LoLo

                  How disgusting. Jenelle can sure pick them, not that she’s a prize.

          • Tchele


          • Tchele

            Argh – he doesn’t have contact with his son because of a restraining order involving abuse. His most recent sentence of 60 days in jail was because he ran into the child in a store and had contact with him after the boys grandmother(I think) told him to leave the boy alone he was violating an order of protection. Police were called and because he was violating he was sentenced to 60 days. I think he is fighting it because he doesn’t think he should have to abide by the order of protection.

            • LoLo

              What a winner. So just like Jenelle, instead of working on the kids you have & getting them back they create a new child. I swear a part of their brain is missing, the one that contains common sense.

  • savannah

    The world has been learning from your mistakes since f’ing 2009. Its pretty bad when Nathan is actually able to scold you on how you’re acting in front of kids…I fear for these children in the care of such blatantly terrible parents. David may actually be the guy to beat the crap out of her, and hopefully her many fake calls to cops doesn’t work against her.

    • Natalie

      I hope he does in this case only.

    • LoLo

      I can only imagine how they really talk & behave when the cameras are not there. This is them on their best behavior. You can actually see their wheels turning before they speak because they are trying to portray things are good. Jenelle is acting & you can see that. She’s trying to choose her words so carefully.

  • LoLo

    I’m not buying this new act Jenelle is portraying. I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt but even when she’s trying to play mommy, she still talks in front of the kids, can’t stay off her phone & puts Barb down. I feel really bad for Jace but now I feel worse for Keiser. He’s stuck with these losers & has no escape (other than daycare). Jenelle has always thought as long as she was clean or didn’t get arrested she’s doing great. She never has changed the way she acts or talks to or about people. I wish the judge could watch & see what we’ve seen before granting her custody. How she was asked to keep her child for a week & she said no because she had to go to Spring Break & that wasn’t too long ago. I hope the judges also finds out why David doesn’t have custody of his first child.

    • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

      That cracked me up. She’s a “mom” in her mid 20’s who isn’t even in college. So what was she on Spring Break for? lol

      • Lauren Barr

        The horrible mother and child collector was doing a promo event for something on South Padre Island, which is in my home state of TX.

      • LoLo

        Right!?!? If she really wanted her child she would cancel anything to be with him, especially for a week. There were a few times when she was pregnant with Keiser & she was talking to Barb about getting Jace back & Barb seemed to be really considering it. They were talking about his school & schedule etc. Then Barb said we can start slow, a few days a week or something like that & then Jenelle said no. She wanted to wait until after the baby was born. Again, another opportunity to be involved but she didn’t really want him. It’s like the dieter or smoker who says they will start their diet or quit smoking tomorrow but they really don’t mean it.

        • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

          She just isn’t maternal, especially towards Jace. There is no bond there. They are more like little brother and older sister. Her interactions with him seem forced and unnatural. My son and I are more like Chelsea and Aubree. Leah is lazy and a poor excuse for a mother but you can tell she has a bond with her kids.

          • savannah

            Leah is a mess, but I have never doubted that she loves her kids. And, when she tries, it really does seem like she’s trying.

            • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

              Right. I think they all love their kids, except Jenelle. Jenelle just doesn’t have it in her. Ive been around kids my whole life so Ive always had that maternal chip inside me, and when I became a mom, I was in this! I love my son with everything in me and couldn’t imagine not being there for him. Last summer he was up late playing his video game and a thunderstorm struck. I was asleep and heard the loudest thunder Ive ever heard in my entire life. The first thing I did was jump up and check to see if my son was okay. I couldn’t imagine someone else taking my place and not being there for moments like that when he is afraid.

          • LoLo

            I am the same with my 3 sons. I could not imagine going 1 day without seeing them or talking to them. I could never let random people around them or leave them with them like Jenelle does. I feel bad for Jace. She bates him into agreeing with her & he has to feel the pull. I pray he doesn’t turn out to be so full of anger that Barb can’t control him. It’s going to be hard for him once he reaches a certain age & the other kids push his buttons with how his mother was/is.

  • SadDawson

    Does anyone else find it completely strange how Jenelle doesn’t say a word or even seem to look at Marissa? When she’s in the car or walking around with them i have never noticed her pay her a bit of attention. She doesn’t seem to react when she speaks either.

    • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Chinelle is jealous that she isn’t the only little lady in UBT’s life. I can see her also resenting her own daughter one day.

    • It’s me

      I never realized that but now that you mention it…i cant think of 1 time she held her hand while David carries Kaiser or any other interaction

    • FYO

      Maybe it’s just due to show editing. Maybe it’s actually intentional editing just to create the illusion of conflict, which is afterall, one of the main reasons people watch this show.

  • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

    Never thought Id say this but Nate is completely in the right here. He does seem to want to be involved in Kaiser’s life but UBT stonewalls that. He has no right interferring in their co parenting. I think Chinelle is afraid of him to be honest. He comes over super abusive and controlling, like he wants no other males around her, not even ones she’s related to or have kids with. My only gripe is that Nate should have been speaking up and kicking ass when UBT called Kaiser a bitch. He would have caught a tire iron across the face if I were Nathan.

    • savannah

      When you partner up with someone who has children from previous relationships, you automatically start dating your partner, and their ex’s. They will be around, and in your life for as long as you choose to be with the person with kids. How people don’t understand this, is beyond. Nathan should be begging MTV to help him pay for a lawyer, because at the end of the day, I still think he’s more capable of raising children than Chinelle is.

      • jamorgan6

        As scary as that comment is, you’re absolutely correct.

  • bambiglanville

    Uhmm… they always talk terribly in front of their children. Who is she trying to kid with “I hope everyone learns from that mistake I did” how about ALL the other mistakes she made?…

  • cali

    Jenelle is only a parent bc the Nathan wants to be a dad to kaiser and bc David wants to be a dad to his daughter Marissa and Ensley. I guarantee you that she wouldn’t stick around if the dads decided they didn’t want to be around for their kids. She would have abandoned them like she did Jace when his dad didn’t want to be in the pic. It seems to me like she’s just playing a “mom” for tv. She doesn’t seem very maternal.

  • Anna

    I’ve never seen someone have such a meltdown over being called a b–tch. Whatever Nathan, you do the exact same sh-t they do, so I have a hard time feeling sorry for you.

  • Cat

    You know it’s a sad, sad state of affairs when the better life choice is Nathan.

    I’m not a fan of any of them of course, but when Nathan is the most reasonable and best parent of the three there are problems. Where is child services!?

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Nate can really step up in more than one way & not just calling them out on their BS on social media. He could go to AA & sober up, stop getting arrested for things he can control like domestic violence, get a j-o-b & provide a loving, safe & stable enviornment for his kids

    • savannah

      Exactly, that’s the most annoying thing about all of this is that neither of them actually care ENOUGH to really fight for their kids. Social media is not the place to deal with custody, although I agree with his argument. Fighting with each other, isn’t fighting or advocating for your kids. They seem to not understand that.

    • Adi Nu

      I think the same thing. They are both calling the kettle black, the only thing is that David has the upper hand.

  • Barb

    Oh man…this guy is super posessive and manipulative..he wants Janelle and nobody else should talk to her..and when he gets what he wants he will leave. Then she will see the selfish person who is after her cash

  • aimsless

    This girl will never learn from her mistakes, especially if she keeps having kids with them.

  • Kari

    Did Nathan speak up when UBT called Kaiser that?

  • theStevieJBus

    Nathan is far from father of the year but think he is right this time. Janelle has made mistake #889,897 by getting with David

  • Sondra Cherry

    I feel bad for all of these children. The only stable adult they have is Barbara. Nathan is bipolar and suffers from severe depression and has been suicidal many times. Jenelle is just Jenelle. And David seems to be extremely pushy, and bossy about what Jenelle needs to do. I noticed he seemed awful controlling, but I’m watching season 7 over again, and he is EXTREMELY CONTROLLING. I see him as a woman beater. He strikes me as the type. I’ve been in an abusive relationship before and a lot of what he does seems all too familiar.