SPOILERS LHHNY Reunion 2017: All-out brawling, shoe missiles, a surprise proposal, and an admission of guilt

LHHNY Reunion 2017 1

Thanks to copious leaks from audience members who attended the filming, we’ve now got all the LHHNY Reunion 2017 tea you could ever want to sip. We reported on the first wave of reunion spoilers back in January, shortly after the mid-month filming of the two-part special. Among the unverified gossip at the time: Yandy and Judy get into it something fierce with Samantha and Erika, and an audience member actually starts a brawl with Sam; Drewski pops the question to Sky Landish; and Cardi B, making her final appearances on Love & Hip Hop New York leaves her fans with a classic Cardi look by belting Asia with her shoe.

The newest LHHNY Reunion 2017 spoilers remain unverified, but the report from Real Cool Nation corroborates some of the initial details, while adding others. Regarding Yandy, their sources say she “did not get into a physical fight with” either Samantha or Erika, but that Yandy’s cousin Keisha ran up from the audience and tried to smack Sam across the face. She settled for some fierce hair-pulling, and actually managed to yank Samantha off the couch. At that point, several other people–including Yandy’s hairstylist!–got involved, before security stepped in.

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LHHNY Reunion 2017 2

That led into an ugly shouting match, with Yandy, Judy, Kimbella, and Mendeecees’ sister on the one side, and Erika, Sam, and Sam’s mom Kim. The argument culminated in Kimbella throwing her shoe at Erika’s head. (Kimbella’s is the first of two shoe missiles in the special; the second allegedly does indeed belong to Cardi, who tried to hit Asia with hers. No word on whether the shoe reached its target.)

And even though Mendeecees remains incarcerated, he managed to be present thanks to a “prerecorded statement” intended for all three of his baby mamas. In it, Mendeecees “claimed he met Erika while Sam was pregnant. He denied traveling all over the world with Erika (although he admits going on some trips with her), and said they had sex one time, unprotected, and Erika got pregnant with their son Aasim.”

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LHHNY Reunion 2017 4

And it appears that DJ Drewski did indeed ask Sky Landish to marry him at the reunion–and she did say yes. The two have made sly reference to their engagement on social media over the past few weeks, and Sky even shared what she wanted her ideal wedding and reception to look like. (Click here for our report on their sneaky engagement.) Officially, there’s been no word one way or the other. Given the number of times that this rumor has come up over the last few weeks, though, it seems a safe bet that the two are actually engaged.

Finally, it seems that Mariahlynn finally managed to provoke the a showdown between Rich Dollaz and Cisco. The plug apparently got pulled before the two came to blows, but it seems the Season 7 Creep Squad reunion falls completely apart during the LHHNY Reunion 2017 proper.

No word yet on what goes down with Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly. We know all three were at the reunion–and Amina recently said that the episodes are likely her last for the show–so it’s possible that something major happened between the three of them, against all odds.

Love & Hip Hop New Yorki’s two-part Season 7 reunion is currently scheduled to air on February 20 and 27 at 8 PM on VH1.

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(Photo credits: LHHNY Reunion 2017 via Instagram)

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    • Margaret Renice Wilson ‘Hooker

      LoLo wtf are you talking about? I totally disagree with you! Before these two BMs came on the seen All the children were living with Yandy and there father! These hoes got the problem, I know woman just like them! Neither one of them made since and never proved why they hate the woman who looked out for their children! I’m going to assume you are a angry baby mama.

    • Mochasexy

      You’re wrong they are married how ever she did the right thing by not changing her name with the government, if she would have then his debt to society would have been hers as well. That marriage license was signed by a minster do in the eyes of God they are a union. Please know and understand your facts . I’ve been married for over 30 years and never changed my birth name. Why should she have to pay for his mistakes. To add samatha never had a voice until Ericka came into the picture. They are just jealous because he never gave them a real chance a love, so they should be mad at him they fell for the Bullshit. Ericka and Samantha ladies know your worth.

  • LoLo

    I used to think Yandy was a bit above the others in the class department. Nope, she’s just as messy & immature as the rest. I am so over her pointing to her ring, calling him her husband & calling his mother her mother-in-law. They are not married so he’s your boyfriend, period. I am also disgusted with how she refers to his other children as “break baby’s” & “his past crimes” but then claims to love them as her own. If you called my child that, you would not be in his life. She keeps making it about the women wanting Mendeecees, when it’s clearly not that. You call the women the “bitter baby mama club” when it’s Yandy who is bitter & jealous. This has NEVER been about the kids, it’s about him sleeping with other women.

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    • Lett Lett

      If they applied for a marriage license, had an legal officiant in the state of NY sign that license within the time frame allotted by the state (in most states I think it’s 60 days), along with any witnesses, then they are technically married. The fact that she didn’t mail the signed documents to the state in order for it to be recorded with the “register of wills” (yes wills, that’s not a typo) only means that it hasn’t been filed yet, but it’s still legal. Think of it this way……if God-forbid one of them died today and the other mailed the license after the death, the date on the license is their marriage date and would take legal precedent over all else.

      • LoLo

        I’ve never heard of having to mail in the license yourself. So, if it’s still legal then what would be the point of not mailing it in? If they wanted to try to go after her for her money like she claims, they still could. Just like her changing the locks on the apartment when the other woman’s name is on the lease. That could have been a major legal issue for her. Even if she is his power of attorney, if another person is on the lease she can’t do that.

        • Lett Lett

          According to the show, Yandy chose not to have the license filed to protect herself from his debts. Here’s where she’s wrong. Any of Mendecees debts prior to their marriage isn’t hers. If the court mandated he pay back thousands of dollars after their wedding date then they go after her. All in all a good lawyer could protect her assets. As for mailing the license, you’re right, normally the judge or pastor presiding over the wedding does that.

          • LoLo

            That’s what I thought. She’s full of it. She’s making this all about who does Mendeecees love when I have not heard the women mention wanting him. She called his kids a “past crime”. Kids she supposedly loves. I would not let my kids near her. He can see them when he gets out, they don’t need to be around someone who called them a crime.

  • Majorette

    Hiting someone with a shoe. Lord. That shoe is a weapon. Asia needs to press charges against Cardi. She needs to go to jail. Although she is cute, her behavior makes her so ugly. Yes she has had a hard life but that is no excuse to act like a wild animal. God is blessing her and she is repaying him by her continued disrespect of others. Swift was too nice and good for her. Actually, she needs therapy. She admitted to being a stalker. She is just sad. What kind of example is she setting for her sister. Another point, Yandy, u r always saying u went to Howard; your behavior is not scholarly at all. U r worth 15 million dollars. Why r u entertaining those 250,000.00 baby mamas. Check yourself and your image. You can take people out of the projects but no matter how much money they make, some u cannot get that project mentality out of them.