Scott Disick is done with Kourtney Kardashian after she rejected his latest marriage proposal

Scott and Kourtney not getting back together 1

Thanks to Kourtney’s rejection of his latest proposal–and yet another new girl on his arm–Scott and Kourtney are not getting back together. The acrimonious split between Disick and Kardashian came just days after he was kicked off of a family trip to Costa Rica for smuggling a side piece down with him. Once he got the boot, Scott headed up to Miami to camp out in a $13,000-per-night hotel suite and pose for paparazzi while frolicking on the beach with anonymous models and a Nerf football.

It seems Scott pulled such a high-profile dick move because a) he also apparently thinks that Kourtney can’t get enough of his high-profile dick and b) he expected that the bold, romantic gesture of an unexpected marriage proposal a few days before would sweep her off her feet. Us Weekly is reporting that Scott actually proposed while still in Costa Rica with Kourtney (and E!’s cameras, which were rolling the whole time). “Not with a ring. Let’s just get married” was Scott’s alleged proposal. Kourtney’s response may or may not have been something along the lines of “Fun as it would be to serve you with divorce papers the next time you need to dry out for a month, I think the three children we share ensure enough of your presence in my life.”

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So, after that sting, Scott is said to be “done” trying to win Kourtney back. Which is actually kind of a shame, since his public embarrassment and party boy reaction might be obscuring the actual reason Kourtney is said to have turned him down. According to an insider, it’s less the fact that Scott is maybe possibly not totally 100% faithful to Kourtney and more the fact that he is an aging party stereotype: “Kourtney hasn’t been happy with Scott for weeks. It has nothing to do with what he is doing in Miami right now. She just doesn’t like when he parties. He is an irresponsible dad when he parties.”

The insider then doubled down on Kourtney’s supposed rationale, adding, “She allowed him to come to Costa Rica for a couple of days so he could have fun with the kids. Partying and making out with different girls publicly isn’t exactly the best behavior when you are a dad.”

As the above reports emerged, Scott took to Instagram to express himself:

Threw it like a quarter back and he caught that like rice @davideinhorn

A video posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

Travel time #fml

A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

On a related note, the identity of the third woman he’s been partying with has been revealed. She’s a 20-year-old Calvin Klein model named Bella Banos:

Sweet dreams🌙✨🐯

A photo posted by Baby Bells♊️ (@bellabanos) on

Mirror mirror on the wall😏 #BTS #CalvinKlein #MyCalvins #HiMiami 🌞✈️🌞✈️

A photo posted by Baby Bells♊️ (@bellabanos) on


A photo posted by Baby Bells♊️ (@bellabanos) on

(Photo credits: Scott and Kourtney not getting back together via Instagram)

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  • barbinop

    His latest fling has no boobs!

    • BooBooBaby

      Hahhaha! I posted that too before I read your Post! Lolz!

    • Alisson Leech

      Awe come on, she looks good. Big boobs are overrated.

  • Noxy

    As long as Scott is spending time with and paying attention to his kids during the day and not introducing these girls to them, then what’s the actual problem?

    Kourtney is probably the most tolerable/likeable of the sisters (with Kendall being a very close second if not on the same level… She doesn’t seem nearly as full of herself as Kim, Kylie, and ESPECIALLY Kylie), but it seems like she’s just been stringing Scott along the entire time after their initial “breakup” at this point.


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  • BooBooBaby

    She has a body like a boy…..she has NO Boobies!!! Omg! Hahaha!!

  • Carol Saves

    Hmmm, let’s see. He’s not a hands-on dad, cheats on her constantly, is crass and immature, and he obviously has some substance abuse problems. And yet he’s disappointed she doesn’t want to marry him? Scott needs to grow up, get some serious counseling and deal with his problems before bringing them into someone else’s household. There isn’t a prenup in the world long enough for that sort of disaster.

  • Alisson Leech

    Scott is hot and no one wants Kourtney.

  • Joan Jensen Davenport

    she will be calling him back as soon as she decides she wants another baby. that seems to be all he is good for.

  • Carmella Barber

    Yeah! Now we can all sleep better at night knowing Scottie and Kourtney are kaput.