MARRIED AT 1ST SIGHT Jamie Otis pregnant again after miscarriage, announces at 10 weeks

Married at First Sight Jamie Otis pregnant again

Last July, Married at First Sight couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner announced they were expecting their first child together on the Today Show just days after a doctor recommended that Jamie terminate her pregnancy because there was “very little amniotic fluid for the baby.” Less than a week after their very public announcement, Jamie and Doug took their doctors’ advice (after getting second, third, and fourth opinions) and chose to induce a miscarriage.

After repeatedly trying to get pregnant again, the couple shared the good news yesterday that Jamie is currently 10 weeks pregnant! “Doug and I have been praying and not so patiently waiting to have our rainbow baby since we lost our first born, Johnathan Edward, in July 2016,” Jamie revealed to People. (In case you were unaware, a “rainbow baby” is a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.)

Jamie posted the announcement photo above with husband Doug on Instagram in which she has her belly painted with a rainbow and Doug is holding a chalkboard sign that reads “Hand picked for Earth by my brother in Heaven.”

“We are PREGNANT!!!” Jamie captioned the picture. “Our sweet Baby Hehner is due this August.”

Jamie says that the pregnancy was confirmed in December, on the same day that Jonathan was due. She broke the news to Doug with a framed photo and this note from their unborn child:

Dear Daddy,

My big brother, Johnny, told me today was the day he was due to be with you & mommy. He wasn’t able to be here so he sent me instead.

He doesn’t want you to be sad during the holidays without him; instead be happy because he gave me to you! I can’t wait to meet you in August!

Baby Hehner

You would think that experiencing the tragedy of losing their first child so publicly would make Jamie and Doug wary to announce this pregnancy at just ten weeks, but the public loss of their son Jonathan seems to have had the opposite effect. “If I hadn’t gone through a public loss I think I would’ve been 10 times more depressed,” Jamie tells “It was strangers reaching out to me through my blog and sharing their stories with me — some of them for the very first time because they felt like they had no one else to talk to when they had gone through their loss — that comforted me.”

But why would Jamie choose to buck tradition and announce her pregnancy before her second trimester? Especially given her prior experience? Woman’s Day sums it up well:

The risk of miscarriage drops significantly after the first trimester and the conventional wisdom is that expectant couples should wait until then to reveal the pregnancy, presumably to lessen the chance that they’ll have to double-back on the big news. But women like Jamie feel that leaving a mother to mourn in private, thereby forcing her to put on a happy face at work and around friends and family, is cruel.

And Jamie expounded in her caption for this jubilant Instagram photo:

Jamie Otis pregnant again with rainbow baby

We are 10 weeks PREGNANT!🎉Ahh, happy doesn’t even begin to describe this feeling!🤗 The moment I found out I was pregnant I began telling everyone. I wanted to share with family and friends before announcing publicly, but I knew I wasn’t waiting the socially acceptable “3 months” like I was “supposed” to. My hubby and I shared why we chose to announce our pregnancy “early” with @womansdayaus. (Link in bio.) We as women are told to wait to share you’re pregnant until you’re in the “clear” (in second trimester). This is supposed to “protect you” since your chances of loss significantly reduce once you reach your second trimester. You wouldn’t wanna announce you’re pregnant and then lose the baby, right? …So women everywhere go around keeping their pregnancy secret “just in case.” But then when they do suffer a loss (1 in 4 pregnancy ends in loss) they have to disguise the pain and pretend like nothing happened bc no one ever knew they were even pregnant. What a lonely, isolating feeling. 😞 After I had publicly lost my son – countless women reached out to me to share their story of loss. I received comfort from around the world … but a lot of these women who reached out to comfort me had never had the chance to share and/or talk about their sweet baby who lives in heaven – no one ever knew they were pregnant to begin with. Miscarriage is as taboo as it gets so you certainly don’t mention it in passing or at work or at a dinner with friends. Instead they would paste a smile on their face and wipe the tears so it wouldn’t be “awkward.” Women should not have to go through this after such a devastating loss. Where’s the support for 1 in 4 women? Furthermore, hiding anything doesn’t give you the opportunity to be EXCITED about it. I feel like it should be each woman’s choice whether they want to keep their pregnancy private or shout it from the rooftops! Who made the rule for women to have to wait “just in case?” I know I’m not the first to announce my pregnancy early and I hope I’m not the last. 💕 ….my hubby and I have squashed fear with so much love, joy, and happiness! We are THRILLED for our #rainbowbaby!💕#womensupportingwomen #preggers #overjoyed #babylove

Congratulations to Jamie and Doug!

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  • YourMom

    So she didnt technically have a miscarriage the first time. From what it sounds like, doctors told her the baby wouldnt make it, so she “induced a miscarriage”. Isn’t that the same as an abortion? Does anyone know? And I’m honestly asking, not trying to pick a fight. If so, I don’t feel as bad for her. She could have told drs to screw themselves & try to keep the baby. Sometimes drs are 100% wrong!

    • Topsy

      I think it really depends on someone’s personal opinion of the issue. Some will say yes and some will say no. It’s horrible all around though.

    • savannah

      I wouldn’t personally categorize it as an abortion, although by definition it probably is. I can’t imagine the painful decision she’d have to make after getting news like that. Oh my goodness. This is why laws surrounding abortion can be so tricky, it really is a case by case basis. Its hard to create a blanket law around something so personal. Anyways, I doubt she made the decision flippantly, but I usually listen to my doctors advice as I trust him very much.

      • kate

        “I wouldn’t personally categorize it as an abortion, although by definition it probably is.”

        It 100% is. Terminating a pregnancy is an abortion. A miscarriage is when an embryo dies naturally on its own. Interestingly, miscarriages are also called “spontaneous abortions”. That is the medical term.

    • Rstevens812 .

      Jamie is a nurse so I am pretty sure they thought about the doctor’s advice and researched what was really happening and made an informed decision.

    • kate

      Yes, that is an abortion. An abortion is anytime a pregnancy is terminated, a miscarriage is when the embryo dies naturally on its own.

      “If so, I don’t feel as bad for her”

      Wow, way to show compassion. What a disgusting reaction to what this woman has been through. People like you are every that is wrong with the world. Get off your high horse.

      • YourMom

        Yeah, thats me…no compassion. Although, I’m not the one who PURPOSELY aborted 2 babies before!! But whatever.

  • kate

    There is no such thing as an “induced miscarriage”. This is called an abortion. I think it’s irresponsible for Starcasm to call it that if
    you consider yourselves to be journalists. I’m saying this as someone who is pro-choice. When pro-life (or as I call them, pro-birth) people fight for legislation to ban abortions, they would be keeping this woman from making the heartbreaking personal decision to terminate her pregnancy because the fetus wasn’t viable.

    Pro-life people would like you to believe that “abortions” are something had by reckless women running around having sex with lots of people without protection and go, “oh well, if I get pregnant, I’ll get an abortion.” There may be some of those women, but they are in the minority. A lot of the pregnancies terminated are done so because the fetus has major medical problems that will cause pain and suffering throughout it’s life, or will cause it to die shortly after birth. Would you deny a woman like this access to an abortion just to make sure some woman elsewhere wasn’t using it as birth control?

    It is important to remind people that abortions are very personal, happen for a variety of reasons, and should be up to the
    pregnant woman and her partner (if she chooses). Don’t make people think that “induced miscarriages” are something that will be able to happen if anti-abortion legislation is passed!! Pro-life people: no one is forcing or encouraging abortions! but if you are ever in this woman’s shoes, shouldn’t you have the option to “induce miscarriage”?


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    • Amanda_56

      I’ve read before it was 97%, I’ve also read 95%… So for arguments sake, 95% of all abortions are from non-sexual abuse and health related issues. So of the 1,050,000 abortions last year in USA, 997,500 abortions were from people having unsafe sex and saying ‘oh well, I’ll get an abortion’. With a small portion of that doing gender selection. Peope aren’t outraged about the 5%, it’s the 95% that is preventable and due to irresponsibility.

      • OhRly

        This is such a gross generalisation of the choice 997,500 women made. You have absolutely zero clue whether they treated it with such frivolity or whether it was a decision they came to after much thought and heartache. America truly baffles me. Wants to make birth control harder to access and slams abortion too. Who is supposed to take care of these unwanted babies when they arrive?

        • Amanda_56

          I think birth control should be free for everyone, and easily accessible too. I don’t care who people sleep with, I just don’t think it’s fair to condemn an innocent child.

      • kate

        what a stupid conclusion to draw. also, please tell me your source for that 97% stat

  • Josie

    Induced a miscarriage? Seriously. If they had an abortion, just call it an abortion. Good grief.