Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale ups the dramatic ante for the Kilcher family

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale 1

The Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale culminates what was probably the Kilchers’ most dramatic episodes yet–something Atz Lee and Jane both winked at with their final Season 6 social media updates.

Last week, we brought you news of the major stand Jane took on Facebook against the show’s detractors, many of whom have been predicting the demise of she and Atz Lee’s relationship since Season 6 began. With the question of whether or not Jane would make the trek out to the new house with Atz still up in the air, Jane decided to get out ahead of any premature speculation and remind haters that her love for her husband was never in doubt.

That update resulted in an outpouring of support from Alaska TLF fans, many of whom noted that the show’s producers sometimes edit things to look perhaps a bit more dramatic than they actually are. It’s a sentiment that Atz Lee appears to share, as his most recent Instagram update thanks the show’s fans for their continued support, nods toward the extra Season 6 drama–and seems to suggest that Jane will in fact make the trip out with her man:

Jane remains mum on the issue as well, though she did use a brief fan Q&A to explain why she thinks Atz felt the need to build a brand-new cabin when he and Jane already share a nice home:

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale 2

Oh–and Jane also dropped the unofficial news that Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7 is a go 🙂

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale 3

The show’s renewal isn’t a huge surprise–as we’ve noted before, Alaska The Last Frontier is one of Discovery’s two or three top-rated shows, and regularly the #1 show on the network. But it’s good to see Jane’s update regardless!

The Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale airs Sunday, January 29th on Discovery.

(Photo credits: Alaska The Last Frontier Season 6 finale via Instagram, Facebook)

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  • DeAnn S Smith

    I was wondering why nobody has time to help Shane with getting his home finished? Everyone finds time to help others in need. With Kelly being so sick one would think this would be a priority. Just wondering.Jane, I would have to side with you and not leave my home for a small cabin. If you decide to go or stay, I’m behind you 100 %. You are one ruff cookie and we all know you love atzlee, and we love you.