SISTER WIVES Meri Brown catfish update: Sam is married with a wife and two kids now

Meri Brown catfish Jackie Overton aka Sam Cooper mash up

It’s been a while since we checked in on Samuel “Sam” Cooper, the man that virtually seduced Sister Wives star Meri Brown and was later revealed to be a woman named Jacquelyn “Jackie” Overton — at least according to Meri (and common sense). But ol’ Sam isn’t about to let some reality star or a bit of common sense make him not exist! Quite the contrary — Sam is currently doing extremely well. Since getting entangled with Meri, he has published two books, adopted twins, married a (female) lawyer, and is planning to retire early from being CEO of one of the six companies that he runs.

Here are some excerpts from Sam’s “2016 Year In Review” post from the blog that he still maintains, despite not existing:

I had a great year last year. All of my dreams came true. In January I was dealing with my new book being published and released…I announced my retirement plans for SJC…Lindsay has now purchased 50% of SJC. I still retain 50% but will no longer have a CEO position after this year…I wish her all my best and I know she is going to make everything run smoothly.

My twins were born in February! Everything leading up to their birth was a learning experience. I had to figure everything out as I went. I had great advice and support. Thank goodness for Sarah. She has been such an important part of their life. I could not have made it this far without her. I also thank my other 2 nannies. They have helped Sarah recoup from all the hours she works for us. She is a part of our family now and I want to take care of her forever. She is still in school she is almost done with 2 of her certifications. I’m happy for her still keeping her own dreams going as she works for us.

Let me think. In March I turned 43…My boys pretty much took over my spring and I couldn’t have been happier. I remember my two little peanuts being so small. They were great from the beginning and allowed me to make mistakes, learn, and slowly know what they needed.

April and May were still a blur because I was in baby overload.

As for the rest of the year. Everything was a lesson. I met my wife. We became engaged. I legally adopted my boys. I had a huge family wedding. And we had our first Christmas. It was all perfect. My marriage is strong and healthy. We talk everything out. We still haven’t even had one fight.

…I am happy, healthy, and loving my life. I love my wife very much. I love Heston and Alex. And I look forward to the new year.

Go Vegan! Go Cubs! Go Thunder! and Go Bears!

Meri Brown catfish Jackie Overton Samuel Cooper

It appears as though 2017 is picking up right where 2016 left off as Sam and his instant perfect family just got back from a vacation to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Sam and Mrs. Sam were also in attendance at President Barack Obama’s farewell speech and have been spending a lot of time at their lake house.

Of course, there are no photos of Sam’s wife or his kids or Sam. One Twitter user pointed that out: “I love how there are so many posts about your wife and kids.. Yet we never see pics of her amazing body or how beautiful your kids are.” Sam responded by revealing: “They are all on my Facebook. I put the pics anywhere else and you trolls will create lies with them. It’s called protecting my family.”

And another:

Here’s another interaction, including the findings from a private investigator?!

I still don’t know how Nev Schulman and Max Joseph haven’t jumped on this yet. Ah, but perhaps that will be the next chapter in the always exciting life of one Sam Cooper!

Stay tuned.

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  • barbinop

    Enough! How much longer do we have to keep hearing about this????? Find a new story line for gosh sakes!

    • Bruja

      It’s this or Tila Tequila!

      • Derrick Hawkins

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      • Guest

        I prefer Tila Tequila.

  • jeff

    No one cares. Seriously, let’s not give this sicko woman with an obvious mental disorder any attention. That’s what they feed on.

    • Bruja

      This. 10000000x, this.

  • Alisson Leech

    This person needs to disappear.

  • Toni

    What a sad woman she is to keep it going like this. Absolutely no one believe it at this point (but they’ll follow for the train wreck!) I wonder if it’s out of loneliness or boredom?

    • Emmy

      Mommy’s approval and love, attention, feeling import and ‘being right’. Mommy taught her. She is too sick to realize sociopaths are not capable to love. Mommy has nothing to give, let alone what her ego needs.
      It is sad that our society can not prevent lives being destroyed and wasted like this.

  • Coolhip33

    This article is a joke. There was no catfish.

    • alley35

      ok Jackie ;-)! LOL!

      • Coolhip33

        Excuse me? My name is Colleen. I live in Southern California. Why in the world would you call me Jackie? That’s just weird.

    • Emily

      Hi Jackie!

      • Coolhip33

        My name is not Jackie. It is Colleen. What is the obsession with calling people Jackie? Should I call you Jackie? Is this a game?

        • imani1962

          You can’t even get the name right dumbass. The name is Jackie Overton, who goes by the alias Sam.

    • CherryLimeDean3000

      I don’t think Meri Brown has ever uttered the name Jackie Overton. Anyone have the footage? Let’s see it.

      • ayeayematey

        Mmm hmm it’s magic ya know.

  • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

    I can’t believe starcasm even printed this. Total space filler.

  • imani1962

    Sam aka Batman aka Jackie, go away. You are a really sick individual. I believe you believe you are a man. You are a Transman, a woman who morphs into a man. You started out straight. Discovered you were gay, and then further discovered you were transgender. Your lesbian side fell in love with another woman, that would be Meri and all the other women you have stalked. Including the woman Meri met up with in Atlanta. As a lesbian you developed an intense emotional relationship with Meri. This is where it becomes a cat-fishing scenario. Meri was not attracted to you as a woman so you took on a man’s persona. You thought by meeting up with her in person, that somehow she would change her sexual orientation but she didn’t because Meri is heterosexual. This type of thing played out on the reality show Catfish a few times. Lesbians would fall in love with a straight woman and pretend to be a man. Meri has moved on.. This whole catfishing incident has grown real old. Maybe where you live you have to stay in the closet. There are many places you can move in the US where you can come out as a lesbian orTransman. Move there and leave reality stars alone.

    • Em

      I don’t think this person ever loved Meri, she loved the attention, the power, the thrill, the danger and hoped to make money out of it.
      She failed, the Brown family is strong and so is Meri. Meri will be fine, she will always have nothing and be even less.

      • imani1962

        Just got your message in my inbox. You are right though. This woman knows nothing about love. She was indeed a stalker. And this has happened to a number of celebrities. It is sad that criminal charges were not placed against her. It seems like she may have gotten the point and is just saving face by talking about her new family. The Brown family is a very strong family and they stick together. So hopefully this blithering idiot will go away permanently.

  • Emily

    I do understand the point other commenters make about just forgetting about her, but this woman has been doing this for many, many years. She has also scammed a lot of money from victims. Until she stops, everyone needs to be aware of the danger. She will never give up Sam on her own.

    • TrashTV


  • ayeayematey

    Dear Jackie,
    Roses are red,
    SAM’S imaginary nether regions are blue.
    No one buys a word of Sam’s shit.
    Or Lindsay’s ish too.

    Love you snuggle bunny! #seekhelp

  • CASHmeOutsideHowBoutDah

    Sam supposedly gave his wife the name Abby and supposedly she’s now 11 weeks pregnant. Sam has a catfish-like history of killing off family and pets. What do you want to bet millionaire Sam offs the wife, the fetus, the twins, or all of them and his dog Sam Jr (no joke) in one foul swoop? Don’t worry everyone I hear Jackie is facing legal consequences including ftc and fbi reports about her hacking threats.

  • CASHmeOutsideHowBoutDah

    This is hilarious. Now Sam and his fake wife are having a baby boy and moving to Paris. I hear there’s a new book from his best friend Lindsay too, I mean from Jackie.