Tarek and Christina’s divorce gets even uglier, thanks to rape and assault allegations

Tarek and Christina divorce update 3

The latest Tarek and Christina divorce update sees things between the Flip or Flop stars getting very ugly indeed. A pair of new tabloid reports has the El Moussas slinging insults and insinuations at each other, culminating in an alleged rape threat that had Tarek turning to social media to defend himself.

For starters, Us Weekly‘s latest take on the situation claims that Christina thinks Tarek “is an absolute pig.” The publication’s anonymous source went on to explain that tensions on set–Flip or Flop is currently filming its final episodes, which will air later in 2017-have become nearly unbearable, and that the couple apparently can’t split fast enough. “The mood differs day to day, but Christina avoids Tarek,” said the source. “He does things to piss her off, like bragging loudly about sleeping with girls.”

However, things got considerably darker when Life & Style jumped into the gossip. Their take on the situation involves an apparent eyewitness to Tarek’s “most horrifying assault” on Christina, which involves a rape threat Tarek is said to have made some years ago in the middle of filming. From their article:

In front of Flip or Flop’s crew, the HGTV star threatened to rape Christina.He intended it as a joke, says the eyewitness, but it left those who heard it appalled.

He told the mother of his two children, “‘Shut up, woman, or I’ll rape you.’ He actually joked about raping Christina on more than one occasion. Tarek thinks it’s funny,” the eyewitness shares. But no one else thought it was, and the crew did their best to shield her from him.

In fact…there was even a discussion last spring during which “the crew was asked to be efficient with takes so that there was no downtime for Tarek and Christina on set,” the source recalls. “When there’s downtime, bad things happen.”

Those allegations inspired Tarek to take a stand on Instagram…

…where, the rest of the time, both he and Christina maintain that they’re keeping things all about the two children they had together.

Dance party at grandmas #KidsGotMoves ? #BraydenJames @bee_elise

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Flip or Flop continues to air Thursday nights at 9 on HGTV.

(Photo credits: Tarek and Christina divorce update via Instagram)

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  • disqus_zXSHylOzDG

    More of the same smear campaign with her publicist I’m getting tired of them trying to cover for a cheating bimbo who wants her own show.she couldn’t even stand by her husband when he was have complications due to medicine from his cancer she is a complete joke find some real news.

    • Chicana

      There’s no excuse for the “rape” comment even if it was used in a “joking” manner but everything else I agree with; she cheated, they split because she cheated, there is no excuse for what she did and now she is trying to play the victim so she can have a show and continue making money. I never liked her and that’s why didn’t continue watching the show. I hope the network feels the same way and get’s rid of her.

    • amanda

      Hi Tarek

  • savannah

    Is anyone else weirded out by the choice of words in that IG post? The mud-slinging is so typical of a “hollywood” split, but the wording he used to describe bedtime with his daughter left me a little uneasy…”Every #night me and the #love of my #life do #storytime and I caress her to sleep!!” I think its the word caress, which he probably used in a totally innocent way, but it icks me out.

    • Drea

      It’s a super icky word, even in an appropriate situation.

      • savannah

        I don’t ever even like to hint at something like abuse or anything like that, but that word, mixed with the fact that he throws the word “rape” around as a “joke” is really unsettling for me. I’ve never watched the show, so I’m speaking as a totally unbiased commenter. But seriously, ICK!!

  • disqus_zXSHylOzDG

    I also have to wonder why he filed for divorce and not her if he is this violent monster they are making him out to be.according to these articles he has been this way for awhile and yet she went to get pregnant with a second child something doesn’t sound kocher.

    • Susan Renee Oxford Kirksey

      Why does everyone believe in all
      This gossip news? No one knows the real truth! So no one has ever gossip about You?

  • K.k

    Caressing your daughter to sleep? Yikes!

  • cookie

    Caress her to sleep? Ewwww

    • savannah

      Okay, so its not just me who took issue with that word. Its a very sexual word, not something to describe in the context of children.

      • cookie

        Not just you at all! It’s definitely not a word that should ever be used when discussing anything with a child.