LHHATL Kirk Frost doubles down on baby mama drama with alleged second season 6 side piece

Kirk Frost new baby mamas

It looks like yesterday’s report on Kirk Frost’s newest baby mama may have been just a little premature. According to a new claim, Kirk has not one, but two new baby mamas–and both of the ladies will feature on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Noted gossip blog Fameolous brought the tea, which appears to come via a friend of one member of the production team. The first baby mama, Jasmine Washington, made headlines earlier this week when she sued Kirk for paternity and child support after he cut her off. It seems that Kirk, 47, and Jasmine, 27, have a six-month-old together, but, for undisclosed reasons, he began denying paternity around Halloween.

Now, the production assistant’s friend is alleging that Kirk has a second baby mama who’s just 23. (As the article put it: “He likes them YOUNG.”) The second woman hasn’t yet given birth to her child, but is “pregnant now.” And perhaps most intriguing of all is the note that Kirk’s wife Rasheeda finds out about the affairs when Karlee tells her in the middle of a fight.

Here’s the DM exchange allegedly confirming the other-other woman:

Kirk Frost new baby mamas 2

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 is expected to premiere this spring.

(Photo credits: Kirk Frost new baby mamas via Instagram)

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  • Che

    Lol I guess they wanted to secure their check for this season.

  • theStevieJBus

    Not buying any of it, its all manufactured drama thought up by Kirk and Rasheeda. These two will do anything to stay relevant on the show.

    • Che

      Do you know if steebiej and Joseline will be back this season? Did you hear that Asa from shahs had a baby boy?

      • theStevieJBus

        I heard Stevie and Joseline will be back, they read awhile back on here or SFTA that they saw Stevie filming with Faith and Joseline was filming with Young Dro.

        • Gidget911

          kind of like the show but the Joseline drama is way tooooooo much. Joseline is the reason I stopped watching.

    • Tequila

      Same thing i was thinking ….but i read something about court papers! Aint court cases public??? Cant one of these blogs get them if so? If not im in ot buying it either. She just going to willingly go on a show with her husband’s mistress? That sound dumb as hell

  • pmo

    kirk is so foul, rasheeda’s mother must be ready to kill him.