TEEN MOM 2 Chelsea Houska’s baby is kicking, Kail Lowry reportedly on strike, sneak peeks


MTV has dropped a couple of previews for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2. See Javi’s tense return home, get the latest on Kail’s angst about how her divorce is being portrayed on the show, watch as Leah Messer stresses out when she can’t get a hold of Jeremy Calvert and see an intense belly kicking video from due-any-day-now Chelsea Houska!


It’s awkward turtles  as Javi Marroquin returns home to some super excited kids and a disgruntled wife. Isaac and Lincoln greet Javi with open arms but Kail bluntly refuses his request to borrow car seats for his new truck to take them to camp.

In current Kail news, A report published this morning via Radar is claiming that Lowry is currently on strike from filming the show because of her disapproval of how the producers are handling her divorce story line. During the most recent episode of TM2, Kail is shown ignoring a call from Javi because she doesn’t want to discuss the split on camera. The show then cut immediately to a scene of Javi getting a call and discussing the divorce.

A source close to Lowry said, “She is very hurt and feels betrayed by her producers. Her and Javi at that point already knew they were done and getting a divorce, but did not want to film about it.”

Kailyn has been openly critical of the producers in recent responses to tweets from fans:



Leah gets stressed out when she can’t get a hold of Jeremy Calvert, who is out of town with their daughter Addie. When Calvert returns the call things get heated and Jeremy ends up hanging up on Leah.

Leah was complimentary of Jeremy earlier this week on Twitter and the timing has the Teen Momiverse doing some serious speculating as Calvert and fiance Brooke Wehr strongly hinted at a split via separate posts on Instagram.



There’s no preview but this Instagram video of Chelsea and Cole’s little fellar doing some womb gymnastics demanded a reshare!

Somebody’s ready to meet Grandpapa Randy y’all.


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  • Caty P. :)

    I just can’t with Kail. I get her point with regards to her divorce being ‘private,’ but come on — this show pays for your whole life, for christsakes! Take the bad with the good, girl.

    • NJJuls

      She can’t seem to handle anything showing her true colors. She only wants MTV to show her as a good, kind & amazing person who has bad things happen to them for no reason & where nothing is ever her fault. Anything showing her as less then perfect, she doesn’t want to be shown.

      • Yup, I said it

        MTV has to live together footage footage that shows kaitlyn being kind, caring, and appreciative because that is few and far between for that wench.

      • Alisson Leech

        Chelsea is the same way!

    • Michelle Kosteriva

      I absolutly agree!!!

    • Demona

      After tonight it all became crystal clear. She got knocked up while he was overseas, she had to tell him she cheated, he’s hurt. She then knocks camera over in her vehicle. She’s embarrassed. She should be. But she didn’t do anything thousands of war wives in past haven’t. Sadly.

  • Wtf

    “Head over hills” …that’s all. No comment.

    • savannah

      I was surprised it took me this long in the comments to find someone else who is dying over that…head over hills? GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND GIT YERSELF A DANGGON EDUMACATION! JesusGodLeah!

  • Jen M

    Leah, sheesh, your face screams addiction. Get it together.

    • pmo

      agreed she looks horrible.

    • Kari Kirkland

      Some of her Snaps lately have her with a fuller face but here, the way she is doing her foot, sipping the cola, and her lip, fingers…all of it is major addiction behavior. So very odd

  • Noxy

    Leah looks like a cracked out toothless Furby (the old school ones) in that pic.

    Starcasm should use that as their next banner. I love the Farrah with the stupid sunglasses tho.

    Also, Kail is a selfish, stubborn dumbass. Like why in the hell would anyone do this to their spouse while they’re deployed? My fiancé’s ex wife did the same shit while he was in Afghanistan, but way worse. She sold his house, cars, and the dogs, took all their money, and dipped. And yep, she screwed his credit allllll the way up in the process.

  • Colleen

    Kail is such a bitch. What was reasoning behind not letting Javi borrow issacs car seat? Of course she wanted to control he situation so she had to make it be more difficult and make them go separately. She’s such a bitch

    • LoLo

      She wants kids but not their fathers. She encouraged Isaac to call Javi dad even though Jo is in the picture & involved. She only wants the guys around when they can babysit for her. If she can sit with her friends & be filmed talking about Javi then he should be able to be filmed as well.

    • sysmjp

      He was even trying to work with her and said can I ride with you. Why not let him ride in the car?

    • savannah

      I couldn’t stand that either, don’t make it difficult for your kids to spend time with their Dad, just because your parents are absent in your life. Raise your boys to know that parenting is a two person job if two people are in the picture. How hard was it for her to just hand over the carseat, if Isaac wasn’t in the vehicle, why did she need it? He JUST GOT HOME FROM BEING DEPLOYED you beeyotch… omg. So annoying. I think this will be the last season I can stomach…

  • DoogieHowser

    Has Chelsea talked about the gender of the baby yet? I’m guessing it’s a boy since she referred to the baby as a “dude”

    • Miss Mandy Lynn

      Yes tbey did a gender reveal boy

  • bambiglanville

    I’m sorry, but Kailyn’s life has been broadcasted since she was “16”. Her divorce is now a part of her story. What a sh!tty human being. The dude just got home and she’s acting like a total witch.

    • savannah

      Maybe she shouldn’t have married someone for their military health benefits…

  • Beba

    Leah and her sister look stanky.

    • savannah

      Their filming schedule has to be pre-planned, how hard is it for you to at least attempt to put yourself together…at one time she was nodding off addicted, but her hair & makeup is still done…

  • Toni

    How is it possible Kail always looks like a bloated bulldog?

  • ameliaBedelia76

    why does Kail need an apology for? She got divorced, she is on a reality show…..so…

  • barbinop

    Wow!!!!Kail is in super bitc× mode. She is so cold hearted. It wouldn’t have killed her to let him borrow the boys car seats for one day. Da× Kail. That was really low down.

    • sysmjp

      Yea, car seats are annoying to get in and out but she could have had him do it. Issac’s seat should be a booster which are easy to transfer. She’s just a full-on douche.

    • barbinop

      What she fails to realise is that it’s about her son’s not her ( when he asked to borrow the car seats) Kait should be thankful that Javi is a father who loves his son and a little boy who isn’t his blood. She will end up turning the boys against her and she’ll only have herself to blame

  • enjoythesilence

    I love that you guys left Jenelle out of this article, as it should be.

  • LA79

    Kail is acting like a terrible human being. That’s why she doesn’t want the divorce “filmed” (but the rest of her life is fine? Please.)

    I am so disgusted with her that I honestly get why she doesn’t want any of this shown. What an awful selfish bitch. Javi deserves better, and I hope he finds it.

    • Yup, I said it

      The rest of her life is boring because Kailyn is a control freak

  • TrashTV

    Kail should know by now that when she ignores Javi’s calls when filming cause they don’t want their conversation filmed, MTV will create drama and tense moments with that footage and other shots.
    She knew it would be impossible for MTV not to make it a story line. Would she have been smart, she would have given them not just what they wanted but also what she wanted (to look like).
    No signing and whining.

  • twelfthnight

    Leah looks like a troll doll. Yikes.

    • FYO


    • savannah


  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    Nothing on Chinelle? Radar has a story today about how she stopped filming and threw a tantrum

    • savannah

      Please quit, please quit, please quit…

      • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

        Hey, you don’t like my name and avi?

        • savannah

          Haha nooo I’m hoping Chinelle will tantrum hard enough she quits the show… I don’t know if i can hear the phrase “Oh my god, dude!” again…ever. Lol

          • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

            She isn’t going anywhere. Trust me. Wtf else is she going to do? Be an astronaut?

            • savannah

              Well Nathan’s girlfriend RUINED that for her didn’t she…LOL “My CAREEEERRRR!!” WAHHH WAHH

            • HLB

              that was her major – Rocket Science – before she dropped out to have 3 kids. But the children required so much care she had to let the astronaut career go.

        • savannah

          I love both!! Lol

  • Christina Isaac

    Are you kidding me kailyns life is going to be so much better without javi trying to control everything im glad she is getting a divorce

  • AshleyBlack

    Kail is so selfish. I bet you’ve had such a hard time living civilian life. Meanwhile Javi is over in a foreign country just trying to stay safe. You have no idea the things he has seen, what he’s witnessed being over there. You don’t bother to even ask because all you care about is Kail. I’ve been in her situation, going over there changes a person and the last thing Javi needs is coming home to a cold hearted bit*h and having to deal with his woman leaving him after all he’s been though. I feel so bad for him.

    • ann

      Javi was not danger over where he was at all…he’d die of boredom, but was not in physical danger. Not that it makes it okay for her to act the way she did. I’m sure he isn’t without his flaws as well. They just aren’t right for each other. She’s head strong and he is jealous…doesn’t work! She should have let him use the carseat though.

      • Lauren

        I agree. Javi is now getting a taste of what Jo was dealing with. Especially a couple seasons ago when they met in the park & she was demanding more child support & Javi was all for it. Welcome to the other side Javi. That being said, she was being a petty b*tch for not letting him borrow the car seats. If my ex wanted to take the kids I would’ve jumped at the chance.

  • LoLo

    Kail doesn’t have a problem with production filming her & her friends while they talk about her relationship. So why can’t Javi’s side be shown? She only wants to be shown as a hard working mom who has her hands full. She wants to leave out anything that shows us differently.

  • Alisson Leech

    Chelsea is horribly boring.

    • Lauren

      And yet the most normal & stable castmate. I’d watch her storyline any day over the other girls.

      • savannah

        I think she’s boring because she IS normal. Still, I love watching their boring life, at least it doesn’t make me nauseous the way looking at Chinelle being pregnant again does…And at least Cole is good looking…LOL.

  • Rice

    Isn’t This season done filming?? This
    is their last season.? Have fun finding a real job! MTV doesn’t make them look bad, they do that themselves.

  • Yep

    Leah looks like Yzma from the emperors new groove lol

  • Kari

    LMAO they could not have picked a better photo for Leah.

    • Leah’s Crackhead Smile