TEEN MOM 2 Did Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr break up?

JeremY Calvert and Brooke Wehr break up?

Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert lashed out at MTV for editing a scene to make it appear as though he said that his proposal to fiancee Brooke Wehr was “not that serious,” when he actually made that comment in reference to telling Leah about the proposal on camera. Jeremy revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that because of the scene, “Brooke’s upset, and I don’t need that drama. I would never talk to Leah about our engagement, or my relationship with Brooke!”

It seems Brooke might have been REALLY upset, because judging from posts made by both Jeremy and her on social media earlier today, the two may no longer be together.

The potential break up was STRONGLY hinted at with two separate photos referencing letting someone go. Jeremy was first with this photo illustrating that “sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.” He added the caption “This speaks so much volume to me.”

Jeremy Calvert Brooke Wehr break up Instagram photo

Brooke followed that up a few hours later with these quotes:

Brooke Wehr Jeremy Calvert break up photo

I’m letting go. You let go a long time ago, and I realize that it is time for me to do the same.

It’s hurts when the person that made you feel special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today.

The last thing we would want to do after Jeremy’s angry response to MTV editing would be to speculate on a break up based on suggestive posts, but I don’t think he can complain given what we have to work with here. Those two posts by Brooke and Jeremy CLEARLY suggest they have split. (Perhaps it could just be a joke they are playing on the media?)

I’ve always been a fan of Jeremy’s, so it saddens me that his relationship with Brooke — which seemed to bring both of them so much happiness — is over. But, they are adults, and relationships often do not work out. Aside from the passive aggressive messages, they seem to be handling it like adults — publicly anyways.

If Jeremy or Brooke confirm the split, we will update the post.

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  • TA

    “The last thing we would want to do is speculate…”
    So here’s a post speculating that Jeremy and Brooke have broken up.

    Another stellar article, Asa.

    • Slow Clap

      Another stellar article? Yet you still visit and comment.

      • TA

        Such an original reply! Slow clap to you, my friend. ??
        Anyway, I get bored on the train ride home, this place helps pass the time occasionally.
        And (thankfully!) Asa doesn’t write every article on this website.

        • jeff

          I always laugh at those ‘Well you still clicked and read the article!’ post. Like any of us here is actually invested in this site or the people they post about it. We’re here because we’re bored AF on the way home, or, like me, I’m killing time while doing my work online.

          None of us will give these people any thought ten minutes from now until we’re bored again and clicking again.

          • Bruja

            *standing ovation clap*

          • truckproductions

            oh suuuuure! you two don’t REALLY care.. not at all.. u just come on here to say.. pass the time.. u know, on ur way home from… football yeah football..

    • cali

      I wonder if they have a word count the have to meet for every article, that would explain all the extra unimportant personal opinions from the author. Seriously, why add that when the whole article is based on speculation! Lmao

      • TA

        Maybe it’s the run-on sentences that get the “writers” bonus points.
        Asa takes the cake in that department!

    • Bruja

      Lol! I thought, “who gives a shit if he thinks we’re speculating? What’s he gonna do, put on those fugly bumble bee colored, zebra patterned Hammer pants, grab his junk and give us all his lamest neener face on the Twitter? HA! Bring it! No phucks given here!

  • Alisson Leech

    They are fine

  • Hmmm

    He doesn’t follow her on instagram

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    Leah is somewhere squealing for joy. That’s is, when she rolls out of bed for the day in another hour

  • TrashTV

    Maybe Jer is just looking for money. I expect an ‘exclusive’ soon.
    The poor guy has to work out of town for four months and can’t afford to make a trip back home for three long months to see his only child from what I heard. He must be needing money. Nobody has to work 7/7 for three months straight. Even when you have to work 6/7 on a project, you should be able to negotiate a weekend off to see your family when your employer has a heart.

    • Genie

      Lol you sound like Leah, the instantly changing it to 4 months, when he clearly said 3. You’re right he should just work at the local Walmart getting paid in a year what he can get paid in a month as a pipeline worker. Also he did make plans for his mom to bring Addie to visit him. What about all those military parents that don’t see their kids for 6 months? It’s called making a sacrifice to support your family, living on love in a cardboard box doesn’t really work ya know.

  • Guest

    Oh please! They’ll be back together tomorrow.

  • LoLo

    I could care less if they are together or not. I was disappointed that during his face time with his daughter he felt the need to include his girlfriend. If I only had a few moments to speak to my child, I would want that one on one time with her. Especially, since this is a new thing for them having to skype. I felt bad that Addie thought he was home because he saw his girlfriend.

    All in all, I wish all of the moms & dads would stop getting their kids attached to temporary relationships. If you get your kids every other weekend, spend that time with the kids one on one. If you can’t go without your man or woman for one weekend to be with your child then they are not for you. Be with someone for a while before bringing your kids around.

  • Liz

    We’re not wehring any calvert anytime soon?

  • LA79

    Waiting for the angsty hate-filled tirade from Jeremy as a response to this article.

    That guy…I just can’t stand him. I used to like him when he was with Leah, but he’s such a self righteous prick now, I just can’t deal with him. Oh boo hoo MTV made you look like an asshole…which you do yourself on a daily basis. He is one of the few people on this show that actually DID know what they were getting themselves into when he approached Leah and pursued her knowing she was on this show so I have no patience for his antics.

    • Bruja