LHHNY Mendeecees Harris speaks from prison, vows revenge on Erika and Samantha

Mendeecees Harris jail update 2

The latest Mendeecees Harris jail update sees the LHHNY star finally throwing up his hands at the ongoing baby mama drama and using one of his prison phone calls to set the record straight on his own behalf. Mendeecees’ two-part response began when he contacted The Shade Room to try and correct what he says are some of the lies that Samantha and (primarily) Erika have been telling about him all season long.

According to the man himself, he and Erika never dated and never lived together, and she’s only on the show “looking for a come-up.” Her appearance, he says, is disrespectful because she waited until he was in prison and “couldn’t defend [him]self. And, per Mendeecees, that appearance–which came complete with Erika flashing Mendeecees’ passport as apparent proof of their relationship–only proves that the two knew each other: “The truth is, she was never nobody…she waits ’till I’m in jail to start postin’ pictures and pullin’ out f*ckin’ passports. Where the f*ck did she even get my passport from? She stole that sh!t.”

Here’s the full clip:

Following the release of the audio above, Mendeecees to to Instagram to revise and extend his remarks. Mendeecees’ official Instagram feed, which is run by his brother while he’s serving his prison sentence, was quickly updated with a link to The Shade Room’s article, plus some pretty powerful words about his feelings regarding LHHNY Season 7. In addition to confirming that he is indeed “disgusted” with Yandy, Erika, and Samantha’s storyline, Mendeecees appeared to pledge revenge upon his two baby mamas:

From Mendeecees: I received all your letters and all your emails. Even hear about it in here from loved ones that call people here. Yes I'm Disgusted. Didn't ask nobody for anything. Just to keep my kids together like I always have. It's sad that hatred and jealousy will destroy the love and strength I built between all of my children. All I will say is this is temporary. My children and my family will be back together sooner than y'all think. They will never forget the bond and love they have for each other even when separated . Never. But they will remember who kept them apart. I will not forget any of the lies, any of the destruction nor any of their separation being caused. Til we meet again…@harrisjudy @yandysmith stay strong✊🏾 call y'all in a few

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In rather happier news, Yandy recently took to Instagram to reaffirm her love for Mendeecees. Not only did Yandy wish him the very Happiest of New Years, she reminded the world that her visits to her man remain regular and on point:

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 continues Monday nights on VH1.

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  • Che

    Never nobody…. wouldn’t that mean that she was somebody ?

  • LoLo

    Yandy, you can’t claim to love a child as your own & then refer to that same child as a “past crime” or “break baby”. You can’t claim a man as your husband if you are not married. Wearing a ring you bought yourself or that he bought with drug money is nothing to show off or brag about.

  • theStevieJBus

    Mandecees isn’t fooling anyone…well except Yandy. He was with Yandy and Erica at the same time. He is probably in prison telling his fellow inmates “I got these two h*oes fighting over me and I’m not even there” Yandy claims to be a boss bitch but is bragging about being not married to convict that she can’t see for 8 years.If she had any sense she’d move on and find a decent guy.

    • LoLo

      He said he will not forget who kept them apart. Isn’t he to blame by creating children with 3 different women all the while committing crimes? Maybe if his fake wife would stop calling the children names, the mothers might feel differently about her. I know that if they were my kids I would not want them around her after she talks so poorly about me & a judge might rule in their favor over a felon.

      • theStevieJBus

        I agree, Yandy has aggravated this situation. You would think she had married Obama the way she goes on about Mandecees. But anyway if she was really out to care for all the children she’d wouldn’t be starting beef with their moms

        • LoLo

          Exactly. If you want a child in your life you don’t call that child names to his or her mother. You don’t lock their mother out of an apartment out of spite. He had these children when she fake married him. Respect their mothers & things would be good. I don’t know the details of their lives but from what we see, I don’t see the mother’s wanting him or claiming to love Mendeecees. They have always mentioned the children & the fact that Yandy claims them as hers & does things without permission. If I were them & my ex’s new “wife” took my kids somewhere, especially a jail without my knowledge there would be HUGE issues.

          • theStevieJBus

            You make a good point, none of the other baby mamas are making a claim on Mandecees, all Erica is saying is that they were together, but Yandy wants to live in lalaa land and pretend she had the criminal all to herself even though he had an apartment with another woman.

            • LoLo

              Yes! Yandy makes it sound like these women held him down & took advantage of him. Yandy said that Mendeecees had these women put things in their name because he couldn’t. Sounds to me like he was living off of them & is now living off of Yandy (when he’s not in prison living off our or dime). I never once heard the other women say they loved him, wanted him or cared about him being with Yandy. All I have heard is them asking for respect as the birth mothers.

              • theStevieJBus

                Right, Yandy is the only one of them looking stupid right now cuz she is bragging about being fake married to a convict who was most likely cheating on her throughout their relationship.

                • LoLo

                  I agree. I remember a while back before this sentence when he was in jail & called Yandy talking about money for lawyers & to get him out. He was barking at her like she was his employee. If her money stopped tomorrow, watch how quick he would turn on her. I love how they use the word “break baby”. How would he feel if Yandy had a baby with another guy why they were on a break? She’s brainwashed by him & I don’t see what he has to offer.

  • BooBooBaby

    This reality Series is beyond Fake!