BREAKING AMISH Sabrina High gave birth to 2nd daughter on Thanksgiving

Breaking Amish Sabrina High baby 2 Arianna Grace

Breaking Amish: Return To Amish star Sabrina High had quite a bit to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as she welcomed her second daughter Arianna Grace at 6:57AM on Thanksgiving morning!

Sabrina shared the news on Twitter earlier this month, along with the photos of Arianna above and below. In addition, Sabrina revealed that Oakely’s little sister weighed 6.5 pounds at birth and measured 19 inches long.

Here’s another photo of Arianna:

Breaking Amish Sabrina's second daughter Arianna

The birth of Arianna comes near the end of what has been a roller coaster year for Sabrina. Early in the year she was focused on her recovery from drug addiction and was eventually able to regain custody of her daughter Oakley in May.

Less than a month after regaining custody of Oakley, Sabrina surprised fans by announcing she was pregnant again. She revealed that the father of her new baby was the same as Oakley’s father, Harry Kreiser III, but that she was no longer with him. (Fans of the show might recall that Sabrina and Harry have a turbulent history together that includes Harry viciously assaulting Sabrina in 2012.)

The most recent season of Return To Amish premiered on July 10 and viewers got to see Sabrina and her co-stars Rebecca and Abe Schmucker have a bitter falling out after the Schmuckers were unwilling to trust her again given her history with drug addiction. In addition, Sabrina had to deal with trolls who had negative things to say about her appearance since the last time she was on the show — something Sabrina addressed on her popular recovery Facebook page in July.

In late August, Sabrina’s life took another tragic turn as a friend of hers died of a heart attack while she was giving him a ride in her car. It’s unclear exactly why, but her friend’s death led to her losing custody of Oakley again. (Many have speculated that his death may have been drug related, and that Sabrina being with a drug user was a violation of her custody arrangement — but that is just speculation.)

Sabrina shared her heartbreak on social media, adding that there was a scheduled court date about the matter on September 7. Soon after that, Sabrina all but abandoned social media. I do not know what happened in regards to Sabrina’s custody of Oakley, but I can only hope it was a positive result and she is back with her mother.

Congratulations Sabrina. I know it’s probably selfish, but I hope you do return to social media to continue to share your insights on recovery and life. I really think it was helping a lot of people — including you! :)

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  • Guest


  • Jenn

    I’m dying to know if she got Oakley back.

    • Jennifer McGee

      she did

      • Rebecca Meeke

        The episode I am watching, she lost Paternal Rights to Oakley because she let the dad have an unsupervised visit.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    hopefully she stays clean & doesnt lose this baby too. But hey…just have another baby as a replacement with the same abusive man who “viciously” attacked you & having a drug addict in your car…sounds like a solid plan

  • therealevilqueen

    Sadly it seems she has no clue had to make good choices in her life. If she was to go back and get pregnant by the guy who beat the crap out of her, the drugs, and hanging around those kind of people still……it shows she needs to do better if she wants to raise those kids of her’s. I feel for the kids in this situation more than anything. Honestly if she had half a brain she would stay off reality tv and just find a steady job to care for her kids and self.

    • Jenn

      Maybe she just wanted two babies by the same man. Either way, she should definitely start making better decisions for the sake for her children.

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  • Denise Gonzales Bessette

    i am so sorry but no one should be judged for there good or bad choices it part of life and people learn by them.but judging someone with out knowing the facts is wrong love ya Sabrina

    • http://www.iam lucky love

      No judging? Get off social media, you’re going to get hurt.

      • Denise Gonzales Bessette

        are you threatening me because that would be a big mistake

        • http://www.iam lucky love

          LOL, Run for your safe place & be careful no to poke yourself with your safety pin! The world is a hard, mean place, and people will have different opinions. Suck it up buttercup.

          • Denise Gonzales Bessette

            You don’t make no since but what ever your just a joke anyways i have better things then to argue with you on social media have a nice day good by

            • http://www.iam lucky love


            • Shirley Ujest

              You are truly illiterate.

              • Denise Bessette

                who do you think you are to judge me you don’t even know me it this what you do is going around judging people why don’t you get a life and stop judging ok

                • Shirley Ujest

                  Still illiterate.

                  • Denise Bessette

                    Yep i rather be illiterate then stupid i am not the one that has to judge everyone like you do i seen all the comments you have made about other people why don’t you just stop and leave others alone i did not say shit to you so stop with your damn comments and get a life you must be those ones that sit on your ass all day and collect welfare. por buena y no decir nada más me

                    • Lisa

                      Denise…..Fact is in this day and age if your illiterate you are stupid.

                    • Denise Bessette

                      i don’t care what you all say i just reported you and the other loser so good day and good by

                  • Patricia Murray

                    And you are an eejit

          • Chrissy Lynn Castro

            How old are you sweet pea? I’m gonna guess in your twenties or younger! All of my 37 years if there is one lesson to be learned from life it is a cruel world! Full of Assholes, just like yourself! Some of us are just smarter and we catch on quicker! It’s a hell of a lot easier to put judgement, hate, cynicism, loathing and bad vibes out in to the world and against your fellow man than it is to put out Love, Hope, Grace, Well-Wishes and Peace! I imagine it takes a lot of work for a lot of people to offer kindness rather than despair. Hopefully, you gain some wisdom before your any older! The world is hard, and mean because you choose to perpetuate those traits. I hope one day you get to see the love and compassion of humanity, maybe you will, if you start putting a little out in the universe yourself. Ignorance is bliss!

            • Denise Bessette

              thank you for say this i am sick of them say rude comments about me i have not said anything wrong to them and they are still talking trash

  • Cassiell

    I’ve always liked Sabrina, and wish her all the luck in the world to keep her beautiful babies, and get her life together. I am the mom of 3 grown kids about the age of Sabrina, and always wanted to just take her in as a daughter to me. (and now her children too, of course)

    • morningstar

      I agree with Cassiell! As for the rest of you ignorant people let me educate you on drug abuse! It is a disease not something to be harassed about and made fun of! Get your facts straight before you make ignorant comments!

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    There is still so much to the story about Sabrina losing Custody of Oakley and what is really going on in her life.

  • Emilie56

    I agree with the writer prior to myself. Sabrina has no clue how to make good choices. I watched 3 hours of the show last night that I had recorded and hear Sabrina talking about super sperm. Jesus Christ. What the heck is she talking about? At this point how will she ever be able to get herself a husband with 2 black babies, assuming she gets her first one back. I am not saying the girl is no good. I am saying she is stupid. She has no education but neither does Rebecca. Yet Rebecca does everything to attempt to better herself. I just cannot see Sabrina crawling out of the hole she dug for herself. I feel so sorry for her. But feeling sorry for a person doesn’t mean you condone their dumb behavior. Sorry Sabrina, if you want to get yourself on the right track perhaps you ought to not have sex for awhile or if you do did you ever hear of condoms? Or for Heaven’s sake, get your tubes tied. Where is the money to raise two kids supposed to come from? And is it not time to wean yourself off Methadone? I write this with the possible idiotic assumption that some parts of this show are real. However, it really may all be a script.

    • Dibaby1979

      How will she ever get a man with two black babies? What an ignorant, racist comment. Are you the bitch Rebecca talking here? Because the two most ignorant, closed off, judgmental, small minded and self righteous people on that show are Abe and Rebecca. Your comment reflects you are just as disgustingly small minded as them . First of all, Sabrina’s life isn’t determined on what man would want to be with her, and second, any man worth a thing will accept children regardless of their skin color. You disgust me!

  • Dolores Carlson

    That second photo of the new baby cannot be Harry’s baby. Harry is not Black. Is that a correct photo?

    • Judy

      ??? Sabrina is part Hispanic, remember? That baby could be that color or darker…. hmmm or even lighter and be the child of Harry…. my first baby had the same skin tone and my husband was Irish and white as the driven snow….

  • Chrissy Lynn Castro

    It’s really easy to judge and call out other peoples mistakes, huh…. (therealevilqueen) As a domestic abuse survivor/victim myself, it makes a lot of sense to blame the abuse victim, doesn’t it! You have no compassion and your a flat out bitch (I would say it to your face, not just behind a screen)! Women stay for all kinds of reasons, all races and demographics! I am and was highly educated at the time of my abuse, so ignorance has nothing to do with it in most cases. I can imagine not having the support of family and the people who should always be there for you (even when you error, we are all imperfect, excluding queenie) is quite a road to hoe. God Bless all single, struggling mom’s, my heart goes out to you. God Bless all human beings for your mistakes, don’t be so hard on yourself, we all make mistakes but it’s what you do about those mistakes that matter. Pick yourself up and try again but remember that if you have kids, you can’t afford yourself the luxury of making ridiculous mistakes. Our kids don’t have a say, so we have to always do our best and what’s in their best interest, when we are parents.