Hilary Duff defends kissing her 4-year-old son on the lips


Actress and singer Hilary Duff has responded to those who criticized a recent photo she shared of herself kissing her 4-year-old son on the lips.

Duff posted a snap to Instagram that showed her kissing her son Luca during a trip to Disneyland. She captioned the image, “Happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest place on earth! We love you @disneyland.” All of that happiness subsided, however, as some accused the Lizzie McGuire star of being inappropriate with her kid.

For example, one person wrote, “You should not kiss your son like that. There’s other ways to show love but not that one. It’s confusing for him, it’s not healthy.”

The 29-year-old mom was having none of it as she followed up with another image that read, “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips is inappropriate go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment.

Thousands of folks then chimed in with support, including a number of moms who shared their own smooch pics:

And even this dad who did the same:

Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska was blown away by the whole thing as she tweeted, “Saw some articles about people criticizing @HilaryDuff for kissing her 4 year old son on the lips….are you serious?”

Duff and ex-husband Mike Comrie welcomed Luca Cruz Comrie on March 20, 2012.

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  • Michelle

    Why should she have to defend that? She’s kissing her son, get over it. Everyone in my family kisses on the lips. A light peck is not sexual… unless YOU make it sexual.

  • c8h10n4o2

    I kiss my 5 year old nephew that way too. People are crazy. Kids grow out of it on their own, but when they’re littles like that they do kiss on the lips because it makes sense to them. You both pucker up, so it’s the obvious target for a peck. Anyone who thinks that that picture is inappropriate needs to seriously reevaluate their own brain.

  • BabyDoll0984~

    I kiss my 5 year old son on the lips and my 12 week old son. It’s not weird unless you’re a weirdo. Anyone who sees it as wrong has issues not Hilary and the like.

  • ren24

    I honestly don’t know any parent that doesn’t kiss their own child on the lips. Including dads. I’m in my 30’s and I still kiss my parents on the lips. My husband still kisses his mom on the lips.

    If a parent doesn’t do it because they’re a germ-ophobe (sp?) fine! I’ll accept that. But don’t use the excuse that it’s “confusing” or “inappropriate”. That is just ridiculous.

    • sysmjp

      Exactly what I thought. That’s supposed to be perverted? I kiss my 4yo all the time and am never gonna stop kissing her!

  • cali

    Awww I think that’s a sweet pic

  • twelfthnight

    He’s 4. If/when he becomes uncomfortable, it will stop. Things like this happen naturally to every child. If she was forcing him and he clearly didn’t want to, that would be a story.

    It’s not open mouth kissing and nobody is using tongue. It’s not creepy. People kiss their pets on the mouth and while it may be a teeny bit gross, nobody is calling people who do that bestiality freaks.

    The second picture is a little weird because it looks like a selfie, not a candid moment caught.

  • Liz

    Some people are just sad, lonely and miserable.

  • LoLo

    I kissed all 3 of my sons like that. Not ever kiss but plenty. Anyone who read something bad from this pic needs to figure out what’s wrong with them that they would think this was inappropriate.

  • pink Glitter

    If anyone sees it as anything bit parental love they’re the sick ones!

  • Jennifer Jameson

    I myself am not a kisser, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s cute!

  • barbinop

    That’s just wrong.