New Nathan Griffith mug shot, formally charged with domestic violence

Nathan Griffith arrest domestic violence 2016

Nathan Griffith is quickly closing the gap with his ex Jenelle Evans as far as the size of their mug shot collections go! Nathan’s latest pose in front of the booking camera comes after he was transferred to the Myrtle Beach jail where he will reside until he faces a judge tomorrow about his pending domestic violence charges against his new ex (I assume) Jessica Henry.

In case you missed it, a warrant was issued for Nathan’s arrest on Monday after he allegedly choked Jessica during a heated argument. Nathan was later picked up by police after he was found in possession of alcohol while riding in a vehicle before then lying to officers about his identity. (Click here for details from the arrest report, which says there were three bottles of vodka found in the vehicle, although two of them were “mini bottles.”)

As mentioned above, Nathan is now in the Myrtle Beach jail and he will go before a judge tomorrow for a bond hearing stemming from the domestic violence charges. According to online records, Nathan faces a 2nd degree domestic violence charge, which looks to be a misdemeanor. But, given his history with domestic violence (and numerous other legal issues), Nathan might still be in some serious trouble.

Amazingly, all of this seemed to be foretold by Jenelle, who has been on social media defending her decision to keep her son Kaiser away from his father Nathan based on concerns for Kaiser’s safety. She even argued that it would be bad if Nathan got arrested while taking care of Kaiser.

As you probably guessed, Nathan’s arrest(s) will all but certainly be a boon to Jenelle in her custody battle over Kaiser — not that it will matter too much if Nathan gets an extended prison sentence.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE – Nathan has since gotten out and he has shared his side of the story — and it’s quite the epic tale! Click here for the details!

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  • Aussie cathie

    Where does this trash woman find all these loser’s ? God help the poor innocent kids caught up in this mess!!

    • Truth

      Sh!t attracts flies. So…

    • Emmy

      She got David from Tinder I think. She met Nate on a dating website too. Cause that is were you go the minute after you become single as a single mom.
      Post under your real name and you are bound to find a loser willing to take advantage of you and your situation.

  • Courtney

    When you’re on tv for a total of maybe one minute per episode and all you talk about is what great stand up guy you are and how misunderstood you are but have multiple arrests for domestic violence you are a delusional idiot!!! Nathan is a pathetic excuse for a man, a father and a human being. No one buys your BS Nathan… We see who you truly are…a dead beat loser!

    • Guest

      Kaiser is the real loser in this situation. That poor child.

  • Addelyn

    No surprise here. He’s had incidents with both Jenelle and his ex-wife. And isn’t this the moron who went to Jenelle’s house and got in a fight with her for some reason? Ugh. Impossible to feel sorry for anyone in this situation they r all such pieces of crap.

  • Saved16

    Funny he and the women he’s accused of abusing almost filed abuse charges on Janelle.. uugg these people-vicious cycle