LHHNY Yandy Smith-Harris addresses fake marriage rumors for the first time: ‘Y’all some damn fools’

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LHHNY’s most controversial storyline this season has been the Yandy Smith Harris fake marriage plot, and it’s led to a host of rumors about Yandy and Mendeecees’ relationship. According to Yandy’s telling of the story, she deliberately left her name off of the marriage certificate at she and Mendeecees’ blowout Love & Hip Hop wedding in order to protect her assets should any of her husband’s baby mamas come calling. (It should be noted that, at the time, Mendeecees was already facing a trial and likely prison sentence on drug trafficking charges. Click here to read our full report on the reveal.)

Yandy insists she made the switch with Mendeecees’ full knowledge, and maintains that nothing about their relationship will change. Still, LHHNY fans have a host of questions about the controversy: How much of their time together has been faked for the cameras? Are the two actually in love? And, most importantly where their children are concerned, do they intend to stay together, now that the truth has come out? Yandy recently addressed all these questions and more in an extensive new interview with Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5, and didn’t hold back details when the mic was live. The station shared a couple of tantalizing clips on its Instagram page; you can give them a listen below.

For starters, Yandy addressed her stance on marriage and the difficulties she and Mendeecees face, given his prison sentence:

“The world doesn’t know my commitment level to that man,” Yandy said. “You think it’s a piece of paper that’s gonna do that?…That’s my baby, that’s my husband, that’s the man that I’ve waited for for thirty some-odd years.

“That’s my soul mate,” Yandy went on. “I’m here. Imma ride it out. When you have a loved one that you’re not laying with every night, and there’s a disconnect, you have to find some other way to build that love….This has just made us stronger. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and it really has. I’ve never been so connected and so in tune [with Mendeecees].”

As far as the notion that any part of her relationship with Mendeecees is fake–other than the piece of paper making their marriage legal–Yandy isn’t having any of it.

Yandy breaks her silence on "fake marriage" dispute and speaks on their bond. | #StreetzMorningTakeover @moquickatl @joclive

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“I’ve been committed to that man for a very long time [since before the marriage],” Yandy said, reminding listeners that she and Mendeecees were a couple long before their official wedding date of May 25th, 2015. “Y’all can harp on this piece of paper…y’all think that makes me committed to this man, y’all some damn fools. You’re not gonna tell me how much I love mine.”

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 continues Monday nights on VH1.

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  • Yup, I said it

    No, Yandi your the “fish eyed fool” shug.

  • LoLo

    So stupid. Why have a wedding for a fake marriage? Disgusting. I can’t stand when people call each other husband & wife & are not married. So, they go through a wedding, probably accepted gifts knowing they were not really married. She is just as messy as everyone else on the show but she tries to act like she’s above them.

  • LoLo

    I just finished Monday’s episode. Yandi referred to him as her husband & told the other mothers to look at her ring. Why call a man your husband & wear a ring if you are not married. You are still engaged. Stop making marriage vows a joke. She needs to return all her wedding gifts too. Then she calls the other mothers a sidepiece. I don’t call traveling & living with someone a side piece. Mendeecees is only with Yandi because she jumps at his every word & foots all the bills.

  • ceeceebaker

    A prenup could have cleared the baby mama come calling thing. You did not have to remove your name from the certificate. There is more to it than this. This is bigger than a baby mama. He owes money to the government and if that is your husband, you may be on the hook for it. So technically you are not married if your name is not on the certificate. So who did the preacher marry? Can you have a marriage certificate amended?