Jill Duggar reshares controversial stillborn photos in memory of sister Jubilee


Jill Duggar Dillard has rekindled an emotional controversy by resharing photos of her late sister Jubilee.

On December 8, 2011 Michelle Duggar learned that her expected daughter Jubilee Shalom Duggar no longer had a heartbeat. Three days later, at 18 weeks gestation, she was stillborn on December 11. In memory of Jubilee, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s daughter Jill posted photos to Instagram over the weekend that were taken of Jubilee and were included as part of her memorial service.

Shortly after her memorial in 2011, Amy Duggar tweeted out images that were widely circulated and written about which included Jubilee’s tiny hand and feet. These photos touched on such an incredibly sensitive topic for so many that we had to make the difficult decision to take them down from our original post.

Here’s what Jill had to say (Jill’s post, which includes images of Jubilee, is here):

5 years ago today my mom gave birth to my youngest little sister, Jubilee Shalom Duggar and Jesus welcomed her home to Heaven! She is a testimony to every life being beautiful; at 18 weeks gestation, she was a beautiful baby with little blue eyes, 10 fingers & 10 toes! She weighed 4 oz. and was 6 inches long. We miss you Jubilee and look forward to meeting you one day in Heaven!

A number of folks chimed in to show support for Jill and the Duggar family. “Watching your mom and the rest of your family deal with the loss of sweet Jubilee, helped me just a few months later, when I lost my baby at 10 weeks. I always remembered how your mom cried ‘the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away’ and it blessed me so much. I know how her heart feels…away I’m so sorry for that. But I wouldn’t bring my baby back if I could, as I’m sure she wouldn’t hers either…they are in the most beautiful, safe place! In the loving arms of Jesus! Hugs and love to you all,” a follower on Instagram wrote.

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  • Guest

    Jubilee? What a ridiculous name.

    • Amanda

      Says the troll who posted their name as ‘guest’. Lmao

  • Angela Bloom

    I think that was a greatname…. beautiful

  • Alisson Leech

    Everyone grieves differently.

  • Guest

    Y’all should change your name to Addams. Derick looks like death warmed over since he married you. Ben will never be his own man thanks to your morbid controlling father. Anna goes without saying. Your family destroyed her life. Now you’re revisiting pictures of a dead baby. If Jeremy is smart he’ll take his bride and RUN.

  • CatesZebraHoodie

    I’ve volunteered with am organization that does this type of photography. I’m not one to defend the Duggar clan but if they want to share these photos that’s their right. If you don’t like it don’t look.

  • jeff

    Maybe it was controversial at the time, when the family was still popular, but now no one cares. They harbor perverts and are hypocrites. Next!

  • Charla

    I really don’t see how the photos are offensive. They were mourning. They didn’t not even show the entire body. Many people lose their children, they shouldn’t not feel ashamed to share their sorrow.

    • barbinop

      Privately though. Not everything needs to be put out there.

      • Charla

        It was their IG page. I don’t follow them because I’m not interested in them. It’s very easy for the offended people to unfollow them as well. If people are uncomfortable, that’s their issue, not the Duggars.

  • Mindy Merwitzer

    My question is do Michelle and Jim Bob morn their son Caleb who died after Josh but before Jon David and Jana

  • AshleyBlack

    I see nothing wrong with the pictures. That is the families decision. It may not be for everyone.

  • jayne steiner

    Trying to have a 19th or 20th child is sick.

  • DeeDeDee

    I loathe the Duggars, but this is one thing they’ve done I don’t find controversial in the least bit. I understand that some people may not want to see these pictures for whatever reason, but regardless, the Duggars lost a child and this is their means of healing. It’s mind boggling to me that people insist that those whose children are stillborn or born before they look “appropriate” are told they have to keep those pictures to themselves. It’s actually disgusting and extremely hurtful.

  • Saved16

    How dare anyone judge (even these people) for how the mourn