Kylie Jenner and Tyga ring shopping, bare midriff pics spark new engagement, pregnancy rumors

Kylie Jenner flashes a huge diamond ring as she leaves La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills

Kylie Jenner and Tyga ring shopping can only mean one thing–unless, as is so often the case with the high-profile teenagers, it means more. A string of recent and intense spats has left the couple feeling raw and overexposed, and called in question Kylie’s fidelity to the promise ring she got from Tyga this past summer. Of course, that diamond promise ring is different from the huge new diamond ring she could be seen sporting just a few weeks ago–visible in the photo above–following what onlookers said was a “terse” lunch date with Tyga; it appears he slipped her the ring then.

Then, of course, there was Tyga’s alleged marriage proposal to Kylie, which apparently came at the end of November, in the middle of the gun range outing Kylie organized for the Tygster’s birthday. And, most recently, Tyga is said to have “bailed” on Kylie, following a pregnancy scare that turned out to be a false alarm. Though in the past Kylie has said she’d be happy having kids with Tyga, she reportedly “reconsidered” whether she wanted to be with him after he tried to cut and run.

Kylie Jenner covers up with boyfriend Tyga in tow as the couple leave Polachecks Jewellers while Christmas shopping in Calabasas, CA.

Which brings us to the current Kylie Jenner and Tyga ring rumors: namely, that the two were recently spotted toting a handful of brand-new bling following a jewelry splurge in Calabasas. The fact that the splurge came just a few short days after Kylie allegedly considered leaving Tyga for younger, hotter rapper 21 Savage, led observers to wonder whether Kylie and Tyga were, at long last, engaged to be married. Or whether he was simply trying to make up for an emotional mistake by digging himself an even deeper financial hole.

Those marriage rumors were further fueled by a Life & Style report, one that pointed out how “real” and “really frightening” the pregnancy scare had been. At the same time, that report did not comment on how it sure looked like Kylie did not want to be seen in public as the two left the jeweler’s.

Kylie Jenner shows off her full red attire as she and Tyga dine at Catch restaurant

Finally, a Hollywood Life article addressed the ongoing gossip regarding Kylie Jenner’s womb (but not the question of whether Kylie and Tyga have ever once looked happy in a photo together). According to their insiders, the time Kylie has recently spent with Blac Chyna’s baby daughter Dream is giving her “baby fever,” and it’s only a matter of time before she lets Tyga become, against all odds, baby daddy to two different members of the Kardashian family.

“Holding newborn Dream in her arms took her desire to be mother to new dimensions,” the source apparently said. “Kylie was mesmerized by Dream. She gazed into her eyes and started singing and gently rocking her in her arms, and they were completely connected. Kylie‘s such a natural when it comes to babies and she’s told her friends on several occasions she can’t wait to be a mother. Her relationship with Tyga is rock solid right now.”

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and Tyga ring via Chrome /, TC / Photographer Group / Splash News)

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  • Harper

    You mean Kylie shopping for her own ring. Reminds me of Farrah doing the same thing awhile back. So romantic.

  • Ali.P

    He is usually in front of her and even if they’re standing together he seems like he couldn’t care less. I definitely get the ‘in it for the money’ vibe.

  • MasqueRade

    She is always hanging on him and trying her damnedest to get him to kiss her in a sexy way in her snaps but he always avoids her, sticks out his tongue or makes a stupid face like a 12 year old boy, and just generally ignores her pawing at him. In the .0000000000001 / 1,000,000 % chance she will ever read this, I’d say this to her: Kylie, GET A CLUE, little girl. In photos after photos after photos of you pawing all over T while he appears to be ignoring you, rarely ever having even one hand on you, never being romantic with you in photos, only making goofy faces while you are trying so hard to kiss him and look all sexy (but instead you end up kissing the tip of his tongue or [eww!] his teeth because he’s making some stupid, goofy face for the camera)…..little one, sighhhh, both your ages and the vast difference in either your maturity levels or levels of romantic interest, or BOTH, reeeeeeally show. You are so clearly naive about love and grown up relationships. And, sadly, there’s probably no way you’ll ever learn since you have had no role models your life, what with a pimp of a mother who spent her the bulk of her life with a mattress strapped to her back, chasing dolllar signs (the epitome of substance); with a superslut of a sister who holds the record for screwing the most black athletes in the history of professional sports; with another sister who jumps into marriage contracts faster than the cheeseburger she ate for lunch can make its way through her bowels; with another sister, fallaciously assumed to be the most grounded but is blessed with the emotional depth of a dung beetle. And with all your money, you will never face any of the typical hardships that test most couples’ bonds and can often bring them closer, if they are paired well. Mark my words, if you have a child with this man, you are doing so selfishly. You aren’t thinking about the baby or its future at all, about what kind of genes you’ll be assigning him, what kind of father you’ll be giving him (being a good parent is more than showing up or throwing big parties). What in the world would someone like “Tyga” EVER have to offer a child in the way of wisdom or intelligence or life lessons????? For the sake of your child, if you love it, don’t rush! Step back a few years – like 10 or 15 – and just see what he ends up doing for King. You have an AWESOME, unique, perfect opportunity to “sample (vicariously) before you buy” with another woman – your nemesis! – having to suffer the consequences if/when Tyga turns out to be the loser the rest of the world already sees that he is. How awesome is that?! LOL! You get the benefit of finding out before you are tied to him forever AND your enemy gets to be the one to suffer – it’s a two-fer!!! (I can’t stand Chyna or her trashy, trailer park behavior, both toward Kylie and in general, so ta hell with any haters who will blast what I’m saying here, lol.) ???

    • Layla

      Tyga is not a ‘loser’ that u say he is, u should have not used such harsh words if u were Tyga and someone a random person u dont even know says u are a loser and that ur girlfriend doesnt should leave u. Yes it wouldnt be nice because now u the hater no one else but u lm sorry if i hurt ur feelings with this reply but it is what it is. U just cant tell them how to be in their relationship i mean u not their therapist or something dont tell them what to do they will sort it out themselves alone ALONE