Is Tara Wallace pregnant again? LHHNY star teases baby bump photos

Is Tara Wallace pregnant again 3

Love & Hip Hop New York‘s Peter Gunz is known for prolific procreation, and already has three children by fellow cast member Tara Wallace. Now that Tara has taken to flaunting and hiding her tummy in intriguing measure on social media, fans are wondering: Is Tara Wallace pregnant again? Those rumors have been exacerbated by the fact that neither Tara nor Peter (nor Amina) have appeared on LHHNY Season 7 through the first few episodes.

The first Tara Wallace pregnancy rumors sparked up this past October, when Love & Hip Hop New York dropped its Season 7 supertrailer and teased the possibility that Tara and Peter would be having a fourth child together. (Tara gave birth to their most recent child, little Gunner, on February 13 of this year.) Peter dismissed the rumors at the time, and reminded fans that he reportedly had a vasectomy earlier in the year. As we reminded viewers at the time, however, vasectomies are not foolproof.

Then, a few days ago, new cast member J. Adrienne shared this photo–which may or may not capture a baby bump on Tara–and the world went wild:

Since then, it looks like Tara has had some fun with the speculation. She’s shared photos that emphasize how flat her tummy may or may not be…

…and photos like this one, taken just a few days ago at the taping for VH1’s Divas Holiday special, where her tummy is strategically obscured by Karen Gravano’s bag:

@karengravano so happy to see her tonight. Her daughter is so freaken #gorg❤️ #vh1 #DivasHoliday

A photo posted by Taranasha Wallace (@iamtarawallace) on

Here’s another, clearer shot from the same event:

? @mzgossipgirl

A photo posted by Taranasha Wallace (@iamtarawallace) on

Peter, meanwhile, is encouraging LHHNY fans to wait for he and Tara’s big entrance later this season:

Most asked question in these streets is Gunz where are you and I say stay tuned …

A photo posted by Peter Gunz (@petergunz174) on

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 airs Monday nights on VH1.

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  • LoLo

    I do not understand the mentality of these women. They create kids with men who have kids all over the place & then cry about the father not being in the kids life enough. How can a father be a real hands on father when he has 5-6 kids all in different households? I find it hard to believe that they can’t find a guy who is responsible & respectable. If I met a man & he had kids that would be ok but more than one baby mama, nope. See ya. I feel for these kids that will get a part time dad, part time siblings that they don’t really know well. Different men coming & going in the house. If she is pregnant, it can’t be Peters so that means she jumped on another man without protection so quickly after having her 3rd baby. Is she not worried about diseases? I would never jeopardize my health & safety, especially when I have kids at home. If it if Peters that means his vasectomy was just as fake as Yandi’s marriage.

    • sexybowleggs

      I am tagging on your response . Of she is pregant for the fourth time she is a dumb as a door knob . Why set yourself and your kids for failuare . Yes he might be a good dad for a week or so but kids need that. constant bonding with both mom and dad. Tara is just Sadd!!!!!

      • LoLo

        Exactly. If he’s not there for the kids you have, why create more with him? I would not know how to explain to my sons that they have siblings that were born in between their births. Parents are supposed to set examples. Peter, Tara & Amina have shown their kids that this is ok & expected. Peter then cries that he has 10 mouths to feed. Well whose fault is that?

        • SEYEBROWZ

          Peter doesn’t even support them! That’s the kicker! He has no career outside of LHHNY!

  • pmo

    just call these 3 ping pong.

  • pmo

    wow didnt realize nina parker was that big.