VIDEO SISTER WIVES Christine explains why she wants Mykelti to put off her wedding

Will Mykelti Brown elope?

Christine Brown, star of TLC’s reality TV series Sister Wives, received quite a shock when her daughter Mykelti brought up the subject of marriage during last week’s season premiere. Mykelti, who is 19 years old, had only been dating her boyfriend Tony for five months before she told her mother that he wanted to ask for her hand in marriage. In a deleted scene from the episode, Christine explained why she didn’t think it’s a good idea for her daughter to rush her wedding.

The polygamous Brown family is still reeling from the catfish scandal Meri got caught up in last year, but Kody and his four wives are all committed helping celebrate and plan a wedding for one of his daughters, Maddie, whom Kody shares with his second wife Janelle. But Maddie’s sister Mykelti (whom Kody shares with his third wife Christine) is anxious to follow in her footsteps. Mykelti’s boyfriend Tony asked her father Kody for her hand in marriage, but Kody and the rest of his wives all agreed that the timing just wasn’t right for their dream August wedding.

“Mykelti is really holding firm to wanting to get married in August and I even spoke to her about it later and I just told her, you know, ‘August is really soon after Maddie’s wedding,’” Christine told cameras in the clip.

Christine explained that she, Kody and the rest of her fellow sister wives Janelle, Meri and Robyn are all focused on helping Maddie plan her wedding, and won’t have any time to helping Mykelti plan hers. Mykelti also wants her wedding to be in August so she could have an outdoor ceremony, but an August wedding date means that the Browns will only have two months after Maddie’s wedding to plan Mykelti’s.

“In my realistic mind, do I really think that Mykelti and Tony would elope? Yeah,” Christine said. “I know she’s really frustrated that no one’s been excited for her, she hasn’t had the reaction she was looking for and no, it’s not going to be that special of a wedding if we have two months to plan it. So here it is, we’re going to throw Maddie this beautiful, wonderful wedding and because Mykelti doesn’t have the vision to wait, she’s just gonna have this hurry, slam bam wedding that isn’t gonna be that great. And I would like her to have a really nice wedding.”

Watch the full deleted scene above and be sure to catch the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, airing Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

Photo credits: TLC, Mykelti Brown/Instagram

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  • Sabrina McPherron

    Her moron boyfriend suggested the Browns take out a loan against their house so they can pay for his wedding. Completely immature and ridiculous.

    • melinehclassy

      He did!? What a moron! He’s so gross

  • CatesZebraHoodie

    I bet they are holding out for him to shower!!!

  • jeff

    Man, that guy is a greasy creep. Plus, as mentioned by sabrina below, he has no financial knowledge or sense. Wanting to take out a loan to pay for the wedding? He just gives me the creeps, he seems to oily and disgusting. I know the Brown kids aren’t the most attractive (the girls anyway) but sh!t, she can do better.

    I wouldn’t want some dude who doesn’t respect the girl’s parents wishes to marry my (non-existant) daughter. He has no respect for Kodi or the others, the ‘asking’ isn’t an ‘asking’. to him, it’s a throw-away formality to get what he wants. He doesn’t care, and from the way he talks, he’s turning Mykelti away from her parents. Yeah, I know, it’s @#$% Kodi, who wants to respect that? But to us he’s Kodi, to Greasy Creep, he’s his future wife’s parents. The way he’s treating them, is a nice forshadowing to how he’ll treat her.

    And, yeah, ew ew ew ew that dude is gross.

    • Courtney

      Wow, you said everything I was thinking and about to write! You saved me from having to write all that! :)
      1,000% Agree!!!

    • aimsless

      When I heard him say Kody could take out a loan, I about sprang my eyes from rolling them so hard. He always seems stoned or something.

  • Courtney

    They just want to have sex… shows their immaturity.

    • twelfthnight

      Religion-induced abstinence until marriage makes for some of the worst relationships. So many people seem to rush into a marriage so they can do the dirty and then find out later that they’re not only incompatible, but plenty are stuck in what might be a loveless, abusive, or emotionally draining marriage because their religion also shuns divorce.

      • Courtney


        • Hell’s Angel

          Yup! Thinking with their instincts not their heads.

    • Alisson Leech

      What makes you think they haven’t already?

  • barbinop

    I don’t think they are a good match. He seems very immature and she’s not thinking clearly. Like her mom said shes too impulsive. He is just so different . Dont get a good vibe.

  • melinehclassy

    Hate to be mean but is he a bit slow?

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      I think they both are.

      • melinehclassy

        I’m afraid you are right

  • Anni Fetzko

    Im confused…I thought Maddie was already married.

    • Josie

      Yes, in real time she is, but the show is not in real time. I think they mentioned it was April in the show last night. I’m guessing Mykelti ends up waiting to get married though because I haven’t heard anything about her wedding taking place unless I just missed it.

  • Em

    Mykelti looks great on that first picture.
    When they are really meant to be, what’s two months on the rest of their lives? Your wedding day is not the most important day in your marriage. Those rough and tough days that you manage to get trough together and those days you are just so happy and content, enjoying your lives together are. It’s the days that don’t require a photographer so you will be able to remember it later.

  • Hell’s Angel

    The problems of having 4 “litters” of kids! smh

  • TA

    If Tony were a mature adult ready for marriage he would do two things:

    1. Have enough money saved to pay for his own damn wedding. And have his own house to mortgage.

    2. Leave an insane religion that won’t allow his soon-to-be wife to become a member because of the choices her parents have made. How is that showing the love of “god”? Not having a marriage in the temple means their marriage won’t be sealed for eternity, and they can’t be together in heaven, which is a huge deal in the mormon faith. I think it’s complete bullsh*t, but if he feels THAT strongly about his faith, he would wait until she were allowed to marry him in a temple, or denounce the LDS church.

    These two are making so many sacrifices just to be married, and it’s going to end very badly.