TEEN MOM 2 Are Adam Lind and Stasia Huber still together?

Adam Lind and Stasia Huber still together

Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind and fiancee Stasia Huber got engaged back on May 13, but in recent months the couple has been at the center of separation rumors and breakup reports in the media after Adam changed his Facebook status to “Single” and the the two stopped posting about each other on social media.

Radar Online posted an article last month stating that the couple had split and they suggested that it was mainly because Adam had cheated. “Adam just can’t stay faithful to anyone,” their insider revealed. (The site would later amend their post after speaking with Adam.)

Meanwhile, numerous Teen Mom 2 fan pages fanned the flames of a rumor that Stasia had gotten pregnant and Adam knew it wasn’t his baby because he had a vasectomy. (I think some of these folks need to leave the Teen Mom speculating behind and go write for Empire!)

Seemingly lending credence to the break up reports was the fact that Adam and Stasia stopped posting photos and videos of each other on Facebook and Instagram, which any of their followers would know was completely out of character.

So what’s the truth? Are Adam Lind and Stasia Huber still together or not? Thankfully, they have answered that questions themselves with numerous photos, videos, and comments on social media over the last week or so! The first example came from Stasia, who posted this screen cap of a text conversation between Adam and one of her would-be male suitors on November 17:

Stasia Huber direct message

“? guess this is why guys don’t try and talk to me anymore,” Stasia captioned the photo. “What was his response?!” a commenter asked. “Lol this guy never replied and got blocked ?” wrote Stasia.

On the same day, Adam posted a video of Stasia playing around with his bulldog Gemma on the couch:

A video posted by Adam Lind (@adamjoelind) on

“When gemma don’t f**k around,” Adam wrote along with the ?? emoji. “The look on her face after Stasia laughed ? gemma was like …’ ya think so huh’… sneak attack !” Unrelated to his relationship status, the video had some commenters concerned about the safety of Adam’s children around the dog. Adam responded at length:

Lol ok … ur making pounced sound like a tiger catching it’s dinner …. my puppy was simply playing … they play with my kids like this all the time… now if any dog were to knock my kid down and attack (not pounce) bet ur ass that dog would get thrown 30ft weather it was my dog or not … but if you know bulldogs they are scared of their own farts and couldn’t even hurt a fly … it’s safe to say I’d leave both my bulldogs alone in a room with my kids for hrs on end … chances are the first ones to come running out in fear or pain would be the dogs before the children lol no joke …

On November 19, Stasia posted a photo of Adam and his daughter Paislee together and she followed that up the next day with a video of Adam, Aubree, and Paislee playing together:

Posting about Paislee and Aubree is a rare thing for Stasia, and she explained why she decided to share the clip in the caption:

Lol Aubree trying to save Paislee.

These are moments to be shared. I have been with these two beautiful girls and this man for about 2 years now and it makes me sad when no one else gets to see these moments. Both of these girls have come to me when they get sad or when they need something. They will tell me about the things they like and what’s going on with them.

Regardless of any ill feelings anyone may have, this is my life and these are the most precious moments we hold onto. I have refrained from sharing anything with Aubree and Paislee in them out of respect for their mothers for a long time now. I dedicate 100% of my time and care to these 3 and my family and friends can testify to that.

This is my life and they have become a part of it. There is no reason these moments shouldn’t be shared. ?

Stasia posted a photo with a gal pal on Thanksgiving, and one commenter used the picture as an opportunity to claim that Adam was sexting with her! “For Adam supposedly loving you he sure isn’t faithful considering we’ve been sending dirty messages back and forth last couple days,” the commenter wrote, adding “sorry not sorry.”

Stasia responded: “Adam wouldn’t do that to me. He blocks and deletes all the girls and guys who send him nudes or explicit messages.” Adam also put in his two cents, and seemingly suggested there may have been some truth to what the commenter wrote, but only because he likes joking around. “Usually when I get dirty message from some wh0re looking for attention I make sure they get it :)” Adam wrote, “as in I’ll play along for about 5 min then clown the f**k out of them and make em feel like they deserve ?”

On Friday Stasia posted two side-by-side photos with Adam and he responded to the pictures by pointing out he was doing exactly what he described above:

Adam Lind Stasia Huber Snapchat

“I’m snap chatting wh0res and making fun of them,” Adam wrote.

The most recent update from the couple came via Stasia who posted the photo at the top of this post yesterday and wrote “Finally getting some time out of the house together.”

As far as their rocky road getting to where they are, Stasia seemed to address that with a text graphic she posted earlier today with this quote from C.S. Lewis: “If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it.”

Congratulations to Adam and Stasia for making it work! We’re still waiting to hear about that wedding date 😉

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  • kiki

    I was totally waiting to read she filled a domestic on him…

    • ren24

      I was kind of waiting for that too. This was a really long article with no point. I stopped reading mid-way.

  • FR

    He’s getting uglier by the day. Seems like she’s older than he is.

  • Saved16

    (Just an opinion) The way he handles other men flirting with her & other women flirting with him (from what I read in this article) seems a tad immature..why did she feel the need to say “out of respect for the mothers..” in her letter/post about their relationship update that should just be a given if she’s with a man with children (by two different women)..

  • Bruja

    WTF is the deal with the creepy “Toddlers and Tiaras” pageant looking dentures Stasia seems to be sporting…?


    That Adam, such a prince. I wonder if he ever paid up on all that owed child support or if it’s being spent on teeth and cars, lawls.

    • twelfthnight

      Something is just off about her face. It reminds me of those projects kids do in school where they clip pieces of faces out of magazines and put them together. Nothing on her face seems to go with anything else, it’s all just… one step to the left.

  • Ashley

    ““I’m snap chatting wh0res and making fun of them,” Adam wrote”

    Ugh he is so immature. What a winner, Stasia :/

    • Bruja

      I like that he says that as he comments on pictures Stasia posts of the two them.. *snickers* Yeah, sure you are, brah.

      If that was the case, she’s an idiot to be grinning about it. She should take those dentures and GTFO cause rest assured, she’s the next “wh0re” he’ll be talkin’ shit about.

      • Saved16

        Those “teeth” of hers (dentures-good guess lmao) just has always looked WRONG..sounds mean I know but the way they both act like they are “hot shit”.. like they are constantly flirted with.. uugg nooo

  • Guest

    What a doormat. They deserve each other.

  • Yup, I said it

    She looks like a character from the “Simpson’s” cartoon. Those teeth look unreal.

  • Jenn

    His dog looks aggresive and his girlfriend looks kind of odd.

  • LoLo

    How can any woman find him attractive or a catch? I’m not talking about his steroid body or balding head. Looks are in the eye of the beholder. I am referring to him as a person. I could not imagine looking at a man that has kids with 2 different mothers at his age & want to be with him. On top of him not paying for Aubrey & not really being in her life. Then add in his driving & arrest record. All people can change but he has not. Just last season we saw him not show up for his child & then when he did have her, the time spent with her was for hi to work out. I would never be with a man that didn’t take care of & was not involved with his child. I can’t remember if he did get the vasectomy. I hope so. He doesn’t need anymore kids to ignore.

  • Liz

    A simple yes or no would have worked for me.