Josh Duggar now allegedly ‘creeping back’ into the family’s good graces and spotlight; Anna remains mum


After a series of unexpected and high-profile appearances, is Josh Duggar now back to normal with his family? The spotlight was all his at the family’s Thanksgiving celebration, and that presentation, coupled with his pop-in at Jinger Duggar’s wedding two weeks ago, has fueled speculation that the disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star is prepping for a comeback of some sort.

In fact, if you count Josh’s unexpected and extremely rare social media appearance back in September, when he shared the above photo with Anna to celebrate their wedding anniversary, this is actually the third time Josh Duggar has appeared in public in a matter of weeks. It’s something of a startling turn of events for Josh, who spent the final months of 2015 and beginning months of 2016 isolated in sex addiction rehab at a clinic run by a Duggar family friend. He’s hardly been seen at all since a pair of adultery and sex abuse scandals shook the Duggar family from TLC’s airwaves last summer.

Which is precisely why, according to a new Hollywood Gossip report, it seems Josh might be “creeping back” into the family’s spotlight, now that some time has passed. For one thing, he’s literally crept into the very edge of a Thanksgiving photo the Duggars’ official Facebook account shared, for which they caught royal hell:

And, for another, at least one mainstream celebrity outlet–none other than ET–made it sound like Josh’s appearance was no big deal. Their headline reads “Josh Duggar Reunites with Wife Anna And Family During Cozy Thanksgiving Getaway,” which makes it sound like Josh has been away on business for awhile and just couldn’t wait to get back home to see his wife and kids and also the sisters he molested when they were preteens. And what better setting for all of that than a “cozy” cabin in the Ozarks? Of course, that could just as easily be the setting for a horror movie, in which case the Duggars are setting us up for a very interesting 2017.

(Photo credit: Josh Duggar now via Instagram)

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  • Saved16

    This entire situation with Josh Duggar totally took away any respect a lot of people had for this family.. I started watching them “14 & Pregnant” and so on and really found actual lessons as a mom from Michelle Duggar-in Retrospect all I can say now is that she covered up the molestation of her daughters at the hand of her first born son.. mother of the year-not even close.. don’t bring her/her husband back please they as parents really shame god who trusted them by giving them the honor of being parents

    • LoLo

      I too watched since then. After reading parts of her book about how she “blanket trains” her babies, I was disgusted. It really explained why the kids were so well behaved. They were in fear. I also feel the pressure they put on the kids about the opposite sex might have led to Josh’s behavior. They make everything about the opposite sex so awkward & off limits that who knows how that messed with his head. I remember a scene where they needed to watch the tv for the weather. They wheeled the tv out of the closet & put on the news. The weather woman was talking & the younger Duggar girl ran over to the tv & put her hands over the woman’s legs on tv & said that the boys should not see her legs. They have a warped sense of the body. There is nothing wrong with modesty but seeing someone’s ankles should not be off limits. Don’t get me started on the silly side hugs.

      • Saved16

        OMG the side hugs are just lame AF(sorry to be vulgar) I don’t get so much of this anymore but the most perplexing part and WHAT I PRAY GOD does is BRINGS strength to ANNA to leave Josh with her kids.. she has girls to show strength to and boys SHE DOES NOT want to end up like Josh.. ??God forgive me but walk away Anna god knows

        • LoLo

          I don’t see her leaving. They are brainwashed (the girls). It’s sad. Their entire goal in life is to get married & pop out numerous kids.

          • Saved16

            I “googled” their exact faith and sadly that’s exactly it.. she is absolutely beautiful-she doesn’t look like a “robot” though I see a spirit in her eyes though

            • LoLo

              Yes, they are told in order to get into the kingdom they have to multiply. That is why it’s one man & numerous women to create as many children as possible. An abundance of children means a better after life. I have met a few people that used to be in this religion. They were not polygamous but followed the faith. They told me that the wives subservient & that the man makes the decisions.

              • Saved16

                I know I have heard much the same..I pray..god (the real god) gives Anna courage & shows her how much he loves her and that she’s worth more

  • CatesZebraHoodie

    Anybody else notice Jill’s baby belly? I think Anna is pregnant too.

  • truckproductions

    so why do they need to “creep back” onto this blog? why do you continue to perpetuate their story.. you’re only giving them cause for a return.

  • nancy

    Frankly I am sick of the whole family

  • nancy

    Counting on was not that good I say just take it off the air

  • Aussie cathie


  • twelfthnight

    Even if the family forgives him, other sensible people won’t. You can do a lot of despicable stuff and still remain in people’s good graces but molesting kids is usually where people like to draw the line.

  • wut

    oh god, anna is pregnant.