Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra to star in ‘Being Deb’ MTV special

Being Deb Debra Danielsen MTV special

Following in the footsteps of fellow Teen Mom franchise grandparents Babs Evans and Butch Baltierra, Farrah’s Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen is getting her own Being Deb MTV special!

Debra broke the news on Facebook over the weekend with a video of herself and her fiance Dr. David Merz playfully sporting coonskin caps. Debra captioned the video with “Filming Being Deb Special with Teen Mom OG and Farrah Abraham Sophialabraham and David Merz.” She later tweeted the same clip and tagged us for a heads up on the special:

We reached out to Debra to make sure the special was officially in the works. “Yes, I can officially confirm we are filming a Being Deb Special,” Debra tells us. “It is full of fun new things about my businesses, music launch, and friends,” she adds.

Wait…MUSIC LAUNCH?! I guess that explains this comment from Debra on Facebook about the special: “It will be fun! You will see my new rap!” So apparently we can all look forward to the debut of Debreezy yo!

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a date for when the Being Deb special will air, although I assume it will be tied in to the end of the current season of Teen Mom OG somehow — perhaps as a bridge episode between the Teen Mom OG finale and the new season of Teen Mom 2?

Until then, you can get to know Debra’s fiance Dr. David by checking out our profile on him, including details from Debra on how they met!

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  • Harper

    Pass. It’s already hard enough to stomach Farrah’s favorite punching bag when she’s part of the show…no interest in some spin-off.

  • Josie

    I have zero desire to watch this. And will someone please get her some hydro cortisone for that bee sting on her lower lip!

  • This is as lame as Amber’s boyfriend having a book written on himself. Who gives a flying F, what his “real truth” is?

    • DoogieHowser

      I guess it will help for us to know exactly what Amber believes so it can be picked apart. She will dig her heels in deeper initially but after the threshold breaks or she finally gets screwed over royally, she will have it all analyzed and picked apart for her to save her years of wondering what was and wasn’t bullsh*t. It will speed up her post break up stages for her to move on faster. Hopefully it ends sooner rather than later for Leah’s and Amber’s sake.

      • Lacy

        It’s not going end anytime soon. Amber has been shown that Matt is lying A LOT, but she’s become dependent on having him there. I’m also sure he enables her to not get out of bed, he’ll feed the dogs, or go pickup fast food for her. He’ll stick around, and keep enabling her since it’s a very comfortable life for him, plus he gets some notoriety from the show.. He’s not going push Amber to get treatment for depression, it’s probably easier for him if she’s in bed and he doesn’t have to interact with her. And this is now on Amber, now that she knows the truth. If she loses all her money, he’ll leave, but she’ll probably choose someone equally as bad.

  • starlight02

    I have a feeling Deb was pissed that Barb and Butch got their own specials and she DEMANDED her own or would quit or something. At least that’s how i see it going down haha

    • TA

      Oh god, you’re probably right. And I bet “Being Randy/Papa Randilicious” is next. ?

      • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

        Randy is like Chelsea’s unofficial 45 year old bitchy bff. I’ll pass

  • FYO

    Let me guess… It’s a full 43 minutes of her getting trashed by her disrespectful little b**ch of a daughter while pretending she’s a proud mother.

    • HLB

      Thank you for a sneak peek at the script. The End. That is the story of their life.

  • Toni

    Old folks looking foolish ?

  • Guest

    Music launch? I’d almost rather watch her getting it in the backdoor.

    • Scarlett

      BLOWIN’ part 2?

  • Liza

    Bahahaha!!! Should be called “Being farrahs Doormat “! Bring back Barbara!! ?

    • FR

      Actually Deborah has slapped and knifed Farrah. It’s a pity Babs hasn’t tried that yet bc Jenelle would be dead.

  • DoogieHowser

    Let me guess she will be drinking wine and “laying ground rules” for her fiance. She will say, “I will not be disrespected” and Farrah will chime in from across a counter or table and say, “well you know what, Mom! … [random relevant and irrelevant past event here]. you’re just immature!” The guy will look uncomfortable watching all of this because it’s the 4th take of the same convo already. We will see her Shop or show off an outfit to Farrah. They will be out to eat and talk about her business venture. A facetime with Farrah. And she will spit one lame @$$ rhyme that gives us all second hand embarrassment. And there will be a lot of wine drinking

    • DoogieHowser

      She will also refer to herself as “classy” at least twice

      • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

        Who wants to see Deb goo goo gaa gaa and get verbally lashed by Ferral for 43 minutes? I’ll pass.

    • Leasha

      Well you know what, mom.. LOLOL.. That made me laugh

  • Eli


  • TA

    Will “Deb” let the crew use her bathrooms? Or will she get a porta-potty for the driveway like her Lord and Savior, Farrah, does?

    • FR

      Ha I cannot stand Farrah but I freaking LOVE that she mistreats the MTV production teams who have inflicted this crap on society.

  • Jenn

    The difference, Debbie, is that people find Babs and Butch likeable and/or entertaining. You are neither. Maybe you can get Dr Miami to snap chat your next facelift.

  • Pattipandi

    Aww bless her sedated monotone heart!

  • Alisson Leech

    How boring!

  • FR

    No. I cannot.

    But I would pay to see Deb fight Babs or pretty much any of the TM production people but especially the horrible creator Morgan J Freeman. I bet Deb would win against Freeman any day.

  • truckproductions

    if only MTV would fire farah for good and keep her mom lol oh my god that would be the best payback if her mom became more likeable than her.

  • aimsless

    This confirms it, the world has gone to sh!t.

    • theStevieJBus

      I think that was confirmed last Tuesday night 🙁

  • Scarlett

    I am going to puke. By all means, we’re going to watch a delusional, whiny doormat, who will probably talk about what a great mother she was to Farrah and how Farrah is such a wonderful human being. I DON’T THINK SO.

  • theStevieJBus

    I’m looking forward to this. They should have done one on Debra the first time around, she is way more interesting that Butch (no offense) plus we will finally get to see her side of the story instead of listening to the delusions of her spawn of Satan daughter.

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Oh please, Farrah probably okay the footage first

      • theStevieJBus

        unfortunately you are probably right 🙁

        • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

          For some reason MTV feels they are at the mercy of her.

  • Emmy

    The Deb rap, please give me a rock to hide under or hit me on the head with it

  • cali

    I don’t understand why she lets Farrah walk all over here! Michael too, it’s frustrating watching them interact and letting Farrah have the last word and have here way.

  • twelfthnight

    That first picture of Deb looks like what I assume greets you at the gates of hell.

  • Aussie cathie

    Oh great a special on the old slapper sucking on piss …

  • Che

    Noooooooooooooo, thank you!

  • Regina

    Oh her face 😐

  • Sam

    Look out America! I predict Farrah Abrahams mom will sell a porno of her wrinkly old poopchute getting blasted. Classy ass looking lady

  • Sam


    Yeah, b**ch is going to beg vivid to make a porno of her doing some nasty shit….
    And now we wait……