Pregnant Chelsea Houska DeBoer baby bump photos and video

Pregnant Chelsea Houska DeBoer baby bump photos main

The cast and crew of Teen Mom 2 have wrapped up their Season 8 Reunion show filming, which included the actual Reunion, an “Unseen Moments” special, a celebration of the show’s 100th episode, and a new “Ask the Moms” special in which audience members asked the moms questions. Although fans will have to wait to see all of those on the small screen, we did get treated to what have been a relative rarity over the past few months in the form of LOTS of photos and videos of Chelsea Houska DeBoer’s growing baby bump!

Here is a photo and a video of Chelsea with Kail Lowry in which Kail gets her bump rub on:

Chelsea Houska baby bump Kail Lowry


A video posted by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on

(On a side note unrelated to the bun in Chelsea’s oven, dem moms is lookin’ on fleek yo! Amiright?)

And speaking of “dem moms,” here is an all-barefoot cast photo of Chelsea with Leah Messer, Kail Lowry, and Jenelle Evans, the latter of which is also showing off her quickly cooking oven bun:

Teen Mom 2 cast Chelsea Houska Jenelle Evans pregnant

Oh, and if there was a day of the week that started with “P” then Teen Mom 2 producer Mandi would most certainly get a Producer Crush shout out from us — just like Kiki! (Wait, that would be a #PCP hash tag, which could be misconstrued.) Anyways, here’s Mandi with Chelsea:

Chelsea DeBoer Teen Mom 2 producer Mandi

Although there were lots of great shots with her Teen Mom 2 co-stars and crew members, the most revealing came via Chelsea herself with this bare-bumped selfie posted earlier today:

Pregnant Chelsea Houska DeBoer baby bump

“27 weeks!” Chelsea wrote in the caption. “I cannot wait to meet this sweet little boy!”

Chelsea also shared this great profile shot on Snapchat along with the accurate text “This child is a growing machine:”

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska pregnant belly

Dad-to-be Cole DeBoer was also in attendance at all of the tapings, but just like prior seasons, he declined to be filmed. Producer Mandi was asked whether or not Cole taped on Twitter. “No he didn’t!” she responded. “But he was here supporting our girl!!”

And just so we don’t get accused of having too much of a mom bias, here’s daddy Cole with Mandi keeping it man-casual:

Cole DeBoer with Teen Mom 2 producer Mandi

Oh, and of course there’s the obligatory Chelsea DeBoer lip sync clip. Wait, what?!

Annnnnnnd more photos…

Chelsea Houska DeBoer singing Pregnant Chelsea DeBoer baby bump Kail Reunion

Thanks to Chelsea and her pals for sharing so much this weekend! We can’t wait to see more and meet that lil chunk of Cole soon!

Speaking of which, here’s a tribute to the baby via one of my favorite twangy sangers of all time singing a song by one of my favorite song writers of all time (John Anderson and Billy Joe Shaver):

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  • Ali.P

    Kailyn’s hair looks so stupid. Surely Chelsea knows what a brush is being she does hair for a living, supposedly, no? She always looks tore up. Every time I’m reminded that Jenelle is pregnant the day gets a little darker. It’s fine to watch these girls but it’s sad when you remember that that is an actual baby being born to that disgusting, neglectful waste of space and the abusive piece of trash she is with.

    • Chewy

      “Kailyns hair looks so stupid.” ???

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      Chelsea doesn’t do hair, she’s an esthetician.

      • Ali.P

        I remember her going to school for hair at some point, or just doing hair as part
        of her schooling. That’s probably what she dropped out of but she should still know how to brush her hair.

        • FR

          Chelsea’s hair looks cute to me. Ugh. Annoying comment. Reminds me of the many people who yelled at me as a child to “brush your hair!” — not all hair textures (even in white girls like Chelsea and me) can be brushed smooth without it looking like a frizzy Brillo pad or an Afro. You can loosen the curl and smooth it with product but that’s about all. The typical person who says such things has naturally straight hair that is often lacking volume and has no clue what she’s up against (by volume, I mean more actual hairs, as in 4 times the amount of hair). Hairstyles vary. Get over it.

          • LoLo

            Same here. I have the same type hair. If I brushed out my waves or curls I would look like a cotton ball. Plus, with humidity here in South Florida it’s worse.

          • Ali.P

            Lol calm down there, turbo.

        • CatesZebraHoodie

          She did but she wasn’t as into it as she thought she would be. I don’t think she went to cosmetology school very long before switching to esthetics.

    • sysmjp

      She probably has it wild to hide the weave tracks.

  • Bruja

    And.. anyone else think Leah is wearing a shirt that could be hiding something?

    Let’s pray and hope that isn’t the case…

    • Alisson Leech

      Yes!!! I originally saw three pregnant women. Lol

    • FR

      I saw her in a skin tight bandage dress at the event. She’s super tiny. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like she’s pregnant. She may still be taking those pills tho.

  • Lynn

    Leah looks the worst ..and she’s not even pregnant! Kails boobs look like theyre going to knock her out! Lol wasn’t kail the one who got plastic surgery!?? She looks no different.

  • Courtney

    I bet Jenelle got jealous of everyone’s excitement for Chelsea’s baby bump because no one is excited about her’s! Lol
    I have to say that Chelsea dresses great for her body. Leah looks absolutely horrible!!!

    • Victoria

      Yep their like oh Jenelles here

    • Guest

      You’re kidding, right? Leah looked amazing.

      • Bruja

        Amazingly pregnant and trying to hide it maybe.

  • Victoria

    Idk I think creepy David and Jenelle might last and have a great life as husband and wife with ensley Jace and Kaiser but then I woke up

    • sysmjp

      Ha, then you put down the crack pipe!

  • Lacy

    Just wanted to point out Jenelle says she is due Jan 28th and Chelsea is due Feb 14th, putting their due dates 2 weeks apart. Yes women carry different but I’m pegging Jenelle as actually being pregnant with this current pregnancy the whole time she said she was pregnant then miscarried then got pregnant again.

    • Victoria

      How many think that Jenelle is gonna finally get Jace back and handle all three of them?

      • Lacy

        The real question is how long before she loses Kaiser?

        Some of the scenes I’ll never forget because they just cross the line, like the one when David called Kaiser “A whiny little B just like you’re daddy” while knowingly being filmed. He’d prolly be better off with Babs.

    • Guest

      Or maybe it was a boy and she got an abortion.

  • Courtney

    Kail looks like she wants to be Khloe Kardashian. Lol

  • enjoythesilence

    Four for you, Chelsea CoCo. You go, Chelsea Coco. And none for Jenelle Evans’ pregnancy. BYE!

    • Candice

      *soda spewing out my nose* My thoughts exactly lol!

    • starlight02

      Yes! haha !!!

    • Regina


  • TA

    Kail’s hair looks like she rushed out of the hair chair before they were done. Like they had the last section of her hair pulled up to curl what’s underneath and she just decided she was done.

    • Bri

      lol this is actually a popular hair style right now but everytime I curl my hair I think, hmm should I leave that part.

  • Uh

    Can that producer try any harder? Desperate

  • L

    Jenelle will be like this,”Everyone is congratulating Chelsea”;”But what about me someone needs to say congrats to me.” Well, Jenelle if you didn’t do drugs. Maybe people congratulate you. You always say i’m going to Jace back. But,every single time you say that you go back to the drugs and abusing ones that are close to you. Your kids comes first before finding a new man. Congratulations To Chelsea anyways.

    • LoLo

      Everything comes before Jace: clubs, men, sleep, men, Kesha concerts,men, Springbreak, men. She then tells Jace that Barb took Jace from her & won’t give him back instead of telling him the truth or working to better her life. She goes to school & picks a field that will not hire her due to her record. What was the point? She puts her mother down for working at Walmart but at least she works. We never hear her say thank you for taking my son so he didn’t go into the system.

    • sysmjp

      It looks like Dave wasn’t there. Is it because he’s in jail for violating the restraining order from his other kid?

  • Aussie cathie

    The rose amongst the thorns

  • LoLo

    Every time I see Jenelle I think “poor Jace”. He gets to see how his mom didn’t take care of him from day one. Then how she got pregnant on purpose with Keiser & now another baby. All the while claiming she wants him back. But does nothing to get him back. I will never understand getting pregnant on purpose while you don’t have custody of your first child. Then the fathers she chooses for her kids are terrible. We will need a graph chart to keep the kids, moms & father’s straight. Jace has 1 dad. Keiser’s father Nathan has him plus a child with another woman. The new baby has another father that has a kid with someone else too. So that makes 3 dads, 5 kids & 3 different mothers. They will all have weird relationships with siblings they probably don’t see. It’s all sad.

    Chelsea on the other hand at least finally got off the couch, finished school & got a job all before having another child. Yes, her dad meddles, who cares. I would meddle too if Adam was the POS in my grandchild’s life. Chelsea can be super annoying with her baby voice but from what I’ve seen she has always put Aubree first. She didn’t jump from guy to guy.

    • sysmjp

      I believe creepy Dave has at least two other kids with two other women. The structure of their family should help them in algebra class.

      • LoLo

        So sad. All these kids that have siblings here & there, different step parents & Jenelle in their lives. The way she let Dave talk to Keiser was sad. I feel bad for that baby. Jenelle just wants him to sleep all day. He has her for a mother, Dave for a step parent & Nathan for a father. I would bet Nathan will have more kids too. Jace isn’t there much of the time but poor Keiser is.

  • Guest

    I wonder how their son’s voice is going to be like considering both of them both talk in that stupid baby voice.

  • snark shark

    Why does Cole always do that stupid hand sign

    • Pattipandi

      Yea, doesn’t it mean like “hang ten” or something? It just doesn’t seem appropriate unless there’s a surfboard involved.

  • aimsless

    Chelsea looks great. Jenelle looks like another mug shot and custody battle waiting to happen.