Toby Willis update: Hearings in child rape trial to begin after multiple delays

Toby Willis update 1

The latest Toby Willis update brings news of movement in the legal proceedings against the former Willis Family star. Toby, who earlier this year was arrested for the alleged rape of a child, has been held in various prisons for the past two months, as a series of false starts kept his trial from moving forward.

In early September, police in Greenville KY arrested Toby and charged him with raping an underage girl around 14 years ago. (The Tennessean has since reported that the girl’s age was either nine or ten, and that she was a Willis Family relative.) The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had been looking at Toby for several weeks, following accusations apparently brought by a family member; upon learning of the investigation, Toby fled his family’s home in Tennessee, hitchhiking north until he was caught in Kentucky.

According to The Tennessean, Toby (who was initially acting as his own attorney) waived his right to a preliminary heading within 10 days of his arrest. He was transferred back to Tennessee on September 13 and, thanks to a series of unexpected postponements, has been held in the Cheatham County Jail since then. General Sessions Judge Phillip Maxey was absent for an undisclosed reason on the date of Toby’s first scheduled hearing; after that, his attorneys requested that an October 5th date be rescheduled. Finally, Judge Robert Burch, a long-serving member of the General Sessions court, died of a heart attack over the weekend of October 29th, and almost all of the court’s November 2nd business–including Toby’s preliminary hearing–had to be postponed.

Toby Willis’ preliminary hearing and bond hearing are currently scheduled for Wednesday, November 30.

In the wake of the allegations, TLC has canceled The Willis Family Season 3 and removed the show from its web site. Additionally, all Willis Family social media accounts have been erased. The family has issued no public statements since the family matriarch Brenda Willis gave via her attorney this past September:

I was shocked and devastated by the revelation of events leading to Toby Willis’ arrest. As these are very trying times for the Willis family, I kindly ask all to respect our family’s privacy. As a mother of twelve, my first priority remains with my children and helping them through this traumatic event. We are cancelling all appearances for the foreseeable future to focus on the children and their well-being. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We have, and will continue, to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials and ask that you direct all inquiries regarding Toby Willis’ case to the District Attorney’s office who have our complete support.

(Photo credit: Toby Willis update via Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office)

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  • Amy

    Interesting that his wife is siding with the prosecution and not her lowlife husband. That doesn’t happen too often in these religious nutjob families.

    • AGM MOM

      You’re right, it doesn’t happen at all! I’m impressed by Brenda Willis. This is what a non-fanatical Mother would do.

      If this were the Duggars there’s NO WAY Michelle would side with her kids over Jim Bob, even in a case of rape. Patriarchal misogynists, men & women alike in that nut job community. But America eats it up, roll on Season 20..

    • Kristy Probst

      That family is not nut jobs!! As with the the other family you are referring to,,,, they are seeking the proper way to take care of it!! These families don’t ask for this crap! But bottom line, the children of both families are talented young people!! They have a lot to overcome, but don’t call them nut jobs plz,, we have kids who won’t get off their dead asses in front of a video game, or spending every waking moment texting, snap chatting or posting selfies. These kids deserve our respect!!! Shame on you for calling them NIT JOBS. let me guess your a liberal?? Always cleaning everyone else’s closet. Worry about your own closet and leave these kids alone!! The Willis kids and the Dugger kids are talented kids. Leave them and their moms alone. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house!! I will pray for you! N

      • Rose Smith

        If your going to tell someone else off for their opinions which they are entitled to have and to speak, you might want to spell things correctly so you will taken seriously. Of course we could all just assume your just a religious nut job to. And the Duggar family did not try to deal with the situation they sought to sweep it under the rug as those cult religious families generally do, calling them Christian is seriously offensive to the real Christians out there.

  • Meme

    The wife left him?? Where’s it say that..I bet she Stays with the scumbag ..just like Anna duggar..they Think Jesus can help/save them…No, once a pervert ,Always a pervert! I feel bad for these talented children :(

    • Talk Soup

      every single article has printed her statement that he is no longer a part of their life.

    • Talk soup

      She kicked his ass out before it even reached the news. And didnt let him even have a vehicle to get anywhere. He hitchiked out of state and was picked up by a couple who contacted the police

      • Rose Smith

        Good for her, if he truly did that I hope the justice department throws the book at him.

    • KW8

      I am curious if it was one of his own children that he raped if Brenda knew about it already.

  • LoLo

    I never cared for him. Didn’t he inherit his money or get it in a lawsuit? I think that’s how he was able to move into his sizable home on land & seclude his family away from society. That way he could rule them the way he wanted to & act like he was their king. They would hang on his every word. I got the “power trip” vibe from him the very first time I saw his show. If this accusation is true & she does leave him, I hope it’s for real & not a ploy to look good. If he isn’t guilty, then why did he run? I hope there aren’t any more girls that he did this to.

    • Talk Soup

      his parents and 6 of his siblings were killed in a horrific accident that involved political corruption. he was awarded money for that. but remember our new president did the same thing.

      • LoLo

        You can inherit money but you have to make it grow & last. Who cares what Trump did. We are talking about Toby. I always got a creepy vibe from Toby & how he secluded his family. I feel bad for his children & the girl he raped if this is true.

      • Kendra Neal

        His parents were not killed in the accident. 6 siblings were, but his parents are alive and well and living in Florida.

      • Terri Wallace

        what are you talking about?..stop with the false had more corruption than the former candidate. .the foundatio..benghazi. .e mail servers..lying to everyone and everybody. .

        • Rose Smith

          He has no room to talk, he’s just as corrupt as she is only he’s been at it longer.

    • Rose Smith

      His family received a large sum of money due to a state official’s own greed. His parents got hit by a truck which was driven by a man who never should have had a commercial silence in the first place. Multiple of his younger brothers died, I can’t remember how many but it was like four or five or something. It was a horrible accident that is where the money came from that they bought their home originally.

      • LoLo

        Thank you. I couldn’t remember the details.

  • gaylar60

    So…he raped a 10 year old girl 14 years ago? And it is just now coming to light? Or am I missing something?

    • Jennifer Preston

      Apparently so (although some publications put the child’s age between 9-12, and the timeframe between 12-14 years ago). Why the question though? It’s not unusual for victims to stay quiet for a long time. If my memory serves me correctly, I think the stat is that only a third of child abuse victims speak up at the time.

      • Rose Smith

        That is the age of his eldest daughter during that time frame.

  • Talk Soup

    TLC cancelled them over an allegation that has yet to be tried, tho I’m convinced it happened, yet josh Duggar REPEATEDLY molested his siblings, used government funds to hire prostitutes and TLC not only doesn’t fire them, they give them a new show

    • Jennifer Preston

      Actually, that’s not exactly the case. Their series was already cancelled before the allegations came up, as it wasn’t as popular as they hoped. I agree that TLC have behaved ridiculously with the Duggars though, because…well, profit, naturally (!)

  • Kevin federali

    Ah I stumbled upon the real charges who’s interested

  • Sharon Foley

    My heart breaks for the family and struggles ahead. God bless these beautiful children.