Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield’s mansion shade war between Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree continues

Kenya Moore vs Sheree Whitfield over Moore Mansion vs Chateau Sheree

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned last night and welcomed fan-favorite OG Sheree Whitfield back as a full-time cast member. Sheree got right to work earning her peach by fanning the flames in her ongoing feud with co-star Kenya Moore over which of their infamous mansions was better: Chateau Sheree or Moore Manor.

The shade-off spilled over to social media where Kenya and Sheree showed off their sarcastic wit as well as their epic estates in what has quickly become my favorite reality star feud of the year!

I feel any more words from me would only water down the 200 proof shade the ladies are serving up, so I will step out of the way and let you all enjoy Kenya and Sheree battling it out in the social media thunderdome, starting with some glimpses inside their abodes:

#RHOA #Mooremanor it's going down! Premiere night!!!

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#mooremanor viewing party #RHOA is baaaaccckkkk #teamtwirl

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“This whole house is the same size as my master suite.” – Sheree Whitfield on Kenya Moore’s new home in the preview clip above.

#mooremanor done baby #herscloset #kenyamoore #rhoa

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All I can say is…Welcome back Sheree!!! I think this is going to be a GREAT season!

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  • Mimz

    Kenya’s house does not look like a mansion, its just a modern house in the woods and the outside looks weird to me. As for Sheree, now that’s a mansion & i think she won this one. Different style houses different opinions. ..they should stop the bickering and congratulate each other. Story line i guess.

  • LoLo

    Who are the people she paid to sit on her couch & act like friends?

  • myself

    Butttt she got hers done in lesser period of time!

  • LT

    All of these broke Atlanta non-housewives are one payday away from poverty. They better be saving ever penny they’re making cause in a few years they’ll be struggling to survive without a job.

  • shortygrape

    If I am not mistaken, Kenya remodeled her home and maybe added an addition. Sheree had her home custom built from the ground up. That right there is a huge difference. Kenya may have been able to get a construction loan. I think Sheree paid out of pocket, little by little, slowly but surely. Maybe once she received her peach back; she was able to secure a lone from the bank (in her moms name) to finish construction. Both ladies need to grow up and learn to uplift one another. Kenya’s home maybe more than half way complete but, it’s dusty as a mug in there and it needs a serious cleaning. Kenya ought to be ashamed of herself after talking crap about Sheree with her filthy home. In addition, Kenya said she’s been living there, you mean to tell me girlfriend could not find time to wipe, dust and clean? That’s just nasty!